FOFA #658 – Alexyss Power

Apr 6, 2008 · 1985 views

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Alexyss K. Tylor is a woman on a mission. Having been kicked out of her home as a teenager by her mom for being in a lesbian relationship, she’s made it her calling to help […]


  1. Robert Tucker says:

    It was fun to re listen to this older cast.
    I still find it amazing that she is NOT selling T-shirts with ” Dick”ll Make You Slap Somebody” on them.

  2. SAL-E says:

    He she is again for those of you that missed it last time.
    and the WANTING OF THE PENIS and the Crazy things that it makes us do……………….
    I said Penis…………….and yes it makes me giggle……..PENIS!
    The Penis, a Beautiful thing it is.
    I am so happy that I have one of my very own.
    Love ya

  3. SAL-E says:

    I love her pose in her Feast of Fools Star…
    One hand up saying……………Yes, Penis…………….I will take one.
    Love ya

  4. Pete says:

    thanks to alexyss, i figured out why i kept getting slapped during sex. i now know the true power of the penis, the nuts, sperm, anus, and on rare occasion the vagina…preach it, girl!

    i love this show, a true classic…alexyss is a total Being In Total Control of Herself. she should replace sherri shepherd on the view.

  5. SAL-E says:

    But only if she can bring her mom with too……her just sitting there as a side kick is all that is needed to make that show REAL!
    I can just see it now………….No tip toe around anything….straight to the point action.
    Love her!

  6. Wesley says:

    Yay, what a classic; thanks for reposting!

  7. Tallguynb says:

    You know, I gotta say. I used to hear about this woman on another podcast, who made her seem like she was a nutjob who sniffed too much glue in the 80’s, but after I heard the interview here It really opened to my eyes to just what an amazing woman she really is.
    All of the stereotypes and judgements I had made about her washed away. Here’s to you Alexyss, vagina power all the way!

  8. Shkotz says:

    This woman is a delightful speaker in that she can speak in any necessary dialect to get the message across and I like her pleasant voice. Dis sistah be tellin it lak it ‘posed to be told and dat be ……with honesty. Today no one is honest in what they are saying , everything must be “politically correct” and I am disgusted listening to that type of talk show host/ess. Give ’em hell Alexyss….oh, and one more thing, I like the name Alexyss.

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