FOF #741 – Birthday Wishes

Apr 17, 2008 · 1985 views

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It’s my birthday! We’re gonna party like it’s your birthday and drink Bacardi, like it’s your birthday… Don’t you just love this cake? We went to our neighborhood Swedish Bakery to get my favorite chocolate […]


  1. Avatar jimberly says:

    Feliz cumpleanos Princesa!
    Looking forward to seeing you gals this evening at the ssssuper gay and sssssexy forum at the Center. I think it is going to be PACKED. And then slushies afterwards —– grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

  2. Work that birthday into a birthday weekend, Faustina!
    Thanks for all you do for our community – you’re precious.

  3. Does anyone else think with the placement of the leaf it looks like:
    “Do not sit on Cok”?

  4. Avatar Pete says:

    happy belated birthday, fausto!

    ¡qué fabulosa es la yayi! me encantaría si ella fuera una invitada frecuente.

    yesterday WAS amazing in chicago. i walked home along the lakefront and so many guys were out cruising. summer is a total fuck-fest in chicago.

    i’d like to check the forum out tonight, but you guys aren’t making it easy for the working man. 6 o’clock starting time and lasting 3 hours? i’m sure its worth it so i’ll try, but at the very least buying you guys a drink would be great. besos.

  5. Avatar jimberly says:

    hey pete – we won’t actually start chatting at 6 – there will be time for people to get in, settle, to schmooze and eat and all that – and we won’t chat all the way til 9…. so no worries – come on by. but we do know it is going to be FULL UP in there, so if you wanna sit, try to get there close to 6….

  6. Avatar omar XIV says:

    Happy Birthday!!
    and OMG your gonna have Jeffree Star of the FOF??!!
    ahh im so excited!

  7. Avatar Mark says:

    It was great hanging out with you guys last night, and thanks for the Big Jones mention and link! We hope to see all your delicious listeners at our place soon – brunch, tea, dinner, and cocktails every day!

    When we got home last night we sat on the back porch facing south and we saw a huge meteor flash in the sky around midnight! It was like a big firework explosion, and it was blue. Seriously! It must have been meant for your birthday. 🙂
    – Mark

  8. Avatar pepper says:

    input your comment here…”And Underneath That . . . ”
    Nice ake Fausto. Your comments on the show on ways to trick the bakery when ordering a cake reminded me of this picture, from Grammar Girl :

  9. Avatar corey says:

    Wait…I thought cakes were for sitting and not for eating!

    All cakes will be sat until the boys are back from Iraq!

  10. Oh Pepper! I just love it when birthday cakes read all sorts of crazy fun stuff. I’ve hanged out with Miss Gramma Girl Mignon Fogarty, and she is a class act! (LOVE HER)

    Marc and Mignon Fogarty (Grammar Girl)

    Sorry Corey, but I just HAD to eat my delicious birthday cake! Don’t worry, I’ll sit on a cake for you anytime.

  11. Avatar Polo Drew says:

    Happy Birthday, Fausto! This cake is for eating 🙂


  12. Avatar Rhea says:

    Yayi looks amazing! Move over, Tina Turner. I have a new role model now!

    And Happy Belated Birthday Fausto, you big stud! 🙂

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