FOF #758 – Kennidi is Sorry

May 12, 2008 · 1985 views

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Kennidi is sorry. And she apologizes too. Kennidi told us she’s really really sorry for picking on video blogger Chris Crocker in the show comments last week. Fessing up that she was doing it all […]


  1. queerunity says:

    pot flavored candy lol? i want some

  2. Pete says:

    Kennidi, I adore you and worship at your grassy knoll but I wish you hadn’t publicly apologized for your words against Chris Cocker. Dissent doesn’t seem to be welcomed on FOF sometimes. People seem to be way too sensitive and overly altruistic.

    Your statements against Chris were only opinions, had some merit to them, and were presented in a creative way. Regardless, I found the rivalry building entertaining and was hoping you’d drag it out for a few more days at least. Chris is interesting, but you’re way more of a fun mess than he is.

    I love hearing about your Texas days, like something out of a John Waters film. I, too, grew up as a farm boy from Del Rio, where I had itty bitty tits and ginger brown hair. It’s amazing what paint and surgeons can do.… I’m glad you’re okay after being mugged. Chicago is going to hell in a hand basket. Be safe.

  3. Kennidi needs mace or a lighter and some aqua net. Fucking savages out there. I think you are holding back on the crazy a bit though Kennidi. We are only getting small glimpses with the back story that has begun to come to fruition in this show. How many commitments to psyc wards? I kid. I enjoyed the show. Thx guys

  4. Cliff Dix says:

    Kennidi, girl you need to be careful out there. Are you sure those muggers weren’t really thugs sent by Chris Crocker to pay you back? Thank goodness you weren’t hurt honey. Take care and have a great time down in Texas.

  5. kennidi says:

    Hey thats me in the pic! Now Marc where did u find that pic, I thought I hid it!!! Thank you all for the support…I appologized and its stupid but at times I know what its like to be a role model to young people and Chris is one to lots. So its all fair….

    Pete, you need to be out when Im out! Gotta hang with u!!! LOL!

    Patchuli, I know im nuts…see me in person! The boys can tell u how fucking crazy I am! LOL!

    Much Love,

  6. Does anyone else think that Chris Crocker looks exactly like Avril Lavigne?

  7. I love hearing Kennidi on the show. She has nothing to appologize for. Not everyone needs or wants to be famous, and there’s nothing wrong with not liking a celebrity. Crocker sounds like he get’s off on people not liking him, it empowers him to be a victim. At least that’s how he comes across.

  8. She’s not apologizing for her opinion of his videos, she’s apologizing for her motives on why she posted it. she posted it because she wanted the same attention Chris has gotten, which is the same thing people criticize people like Chris of. We like Kennidi and Chris, and think both of them are held to impossible standards that straight people don’t have to deal with.

  9. zira35 says:

    input your comment here… I just luv when Kennidi is on the show! She’s beautiful and funny! Gurl, there is nothing wrong with living in a trailer park, having a close relative in the big house or getting mugged on the way home from the bar. I also grew up in the country, I have a very close relative who did time for armed robbery, I almost got kidnapped from a gay bar in West Sacramento after this creepy dude saw me making out with my girlfriend, and my Dad dresses up in ladies clothes when the mood hits him, (which is hard in Phoenix as it gets hot wearing pantyhose when its 100 degrees outside). Being trailer trash is never boring. Please have Kennedi on more shows!

  10. zira35 says:

    I really am trailer trash…I forgot to take out “input your comment here”…duh!

  11. great show… Kennedi is always so much fun..

    but i don’t think she should have to apologize for anything she says about Chris Crocker hell i wouldn’t. and i think Fausto was reading too deep into Chris’s psyche.. and frankly i think comparing him to the Mona Lisa is pretty insulting to da Vinci and the painting itself.

    so Chris was bullied as a kid in high school BFD so was hundreds of other young kids, its just that not many of them make video blogs and become a internet celebrity like he did so yeah, he’s gonna look like a tragic hero. i don’t think he’s a fabulous person at all, and if there needs to be someone to help represent the bullied young gay population out there, there are definately much better people to do it than that whiny attention whore Chris.

    and that’s scary that Kennedi got mugged she’s lucky she didn’t get hurt…students at my college get mugged all the time, just the other week this one girl in my history class got mugged at gun point when she was going back to her dorm at night. scary stuff.

  12. Where would the Feast of Fools be without people who come from trailer parks or modest upbringings!?

  13. Pete says:

    if crocker is the “Mona Lisa” kennidi is the “Birth of Venus”.

    regardless of motives, kennidi can do no wrong in my book. She’s no more self-absorbed, attention seeking than anybody else. She’s not gonna suck a guest’s dick because everyone else thinks he’s a hero. She can steal my thunder and wallet any time she wants. LEAVE KENNIDI ALONE!

  14. kennidi says:

    OMG…….. u all are wonderful!

    THank you for the support!!!

  15. DCRyan says:

    Aww, just got to hear this show today b/c yesterday was my first day at the internship. I always get a little tingle when Marc and Fausto say my name on the show, but Kennidi too…well that was just enough to put a smile on my face all day.

    I guess my comments do sound a bit like commencement speeches, tee hee, it’s because i’m a big old sentimental softie.

  16. Acutally, Kennidi is one of those freaky chicks in the Hieronymus Bosch painting with a flower coming out of her ass, or the one making sweet love to a strawberry.

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