FOF #766 – Fun with Fur

May 22, 2008 · 1985 views

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Live in Chicago? Go see Avenue Q the Musical. Now. The furry, award-winning musical conceived by Robert Lopez and Jeff Marx is now playing in Chicago at the Cadillac Palace Theater until June 7. Avenue […]


  1. SAL-E says:

    I always wonder about the puppets faces…………..but then how would I look if I had a hand up my ass? Well, I can always use mirrors! Never mind……..I was called a muppet out in San Fran by the Queens out there but I guess that was a compliment. Or maybe I just went out on a bad night? Why do they attack what is different?
    I do plan on going back for Folsom so we will just have to see. I am sure I can find some FUN things to do out there.
    I also want to hit Santa Cruz and make a pit stop over in Palm Springs again!
    You know to check out the other clothing optional clubs………..And to visit all my Sister Friends over on the West Coast. I can’t wait to see the ones that are coming up for IML.
    See you in Leather Girls.
    Love ya

  2. PureeTofu says:

    Okay, the frosty poop can is the same as the air dusters for the computer turned upside down.
    They typically liquid nitrogen inside, hence why the liquid inside bubbles away.

    Also, props to Curtis for being so honest, the only question I have to ask is, whether it the machine use unleaded or diesel? =-P

    Fausto, they have some USB powered sex toys and interactive computer software (for PC only, Mac users aren’t that weird).

  3. Matty says:

    Here is an lol catz for the real dolls.

  4. Matty says:

    hmm… it wont let me post it. 🙁

  5. What are you trying to post?

  6. Matty says:

    An lol catz picture.
    Great show guys, right after this show I went and purcased the Avenue Q soundtrack, hilarious!! I wouldn’t mind gettting screwed by a machine, I’m game for anything at least once. Snaps to for Curtis being so honest. 🙂 I’ll email my friend Soo in Korea and see if she can score me some of that poop freeze and have her mail it to me, she owes me a x-mas gift anyway. While I’m at it I’ll have her mail me one of those boob pudding things from Japan as well. Well hilarious and informative as always, love ya guys!

  7. Loved the show today. Curtis, I salute you for boldly going where no man has gone before. lol

    I think the poopie freeze can, could have come in handy for Shia Labeouf. GQ magazine next month runs a story on Shia’s admission that he used to poop in his pants until he was 12. I was laughing when he said he struck a karate pose, and it flew and hit the wall. He’s just so wacky, I’m starting to like him.

  8. trannylover says:

    I think the reason they were able to call you a muppet was because of your sexual habits, not because of your costumes Sal-E! Love ya.

    I’ve saw Avenue Q, and I loved it! They should have the Fausto and Marc play Sal-E like a marionette.

  9. Derek says:

    My partner and I saw Avenue-Q at the Fox Theater in St. Louis – the show was lots of fun!

    I love the “Bad Idea Bears” – it was fun to see my best friends on stage!!

    At all of the theater doors they listed warning that the show was for adults only – contained sexual themes and profanity….. I thought the signs were kinda dumb… but then again some old lady would try to bring her grandkids to see the puppets…

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