FOF #789 – The Rainbow Connection

Jun 27, 2008 · 1985 views

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Taste the rainbow and we don’t mean Skittles! Gay Season reaches it’s apex this Sunday as cities across the U.S. and abroad celebrate the modern gay rights movement by holding a Pride Parade. Some may […]


  1. trannylover says:

    First comment! Whoooo

  2. This might be what the float could look like. It’s Zazoo and Satori’s float from Cincinnati Pride just a couple of weeks ago!

  3. Will Sal-E look like this?

    Sal-E might possibly dress like Kermit in the Chicago Pride Parade

  4. When I wrote this on this entry,

    O’Connell also shares with us his personal experience of growing up Mormon and the various ways they tried to change his and other people’s behaviors through such torturous methods as electroshock, vomit aversion, and exorcisms.

    it originally read:
    ….of growing up Mormon and the various ways they tried to “cure” his and other people’s homosexuality through such torturous “therapies” as…..

    It just didn’t seem right to me. Even though we put words like “cure” and “therapy” into quotes to signify what “those people” mean by using them, we need to stop and call it for what it is. Don't even give them a hint that what they are doing is correct or just or in any way medically sound.

  5. How about-

    they tried to stop their sexual desire through torture and abuse?

  6. Dan-X ! says:

    Joke for Sal-E…

    Q: What’s green and smells like bacon?
    A: Kermit The Frog’s dick.

  7. jimberly says:

    Hey boys, thanks for getting the word out on our forum on alcohol at Sidetrack. I am soooo psyched for this event – I don’t know when if ever we have had a community-wide discussion about the role of alcohol in our lives… and certainly not in a BAR! This should be good. This is for all the beautiful letters of the rainbow – so LGBTQIAs and ev everyone else is welcome. The only proviso – you need to be 21 with an ID. Due to the purple slushies…..

  8. Pete says:

    halsted at pride is insane and so amateur. everyone knows broadway is the place to be. i’ll be at my friend’s apartment right in front of the jewel, getting wasted and molested.

    pridefest should be fun too. check out the band, 16 candles, and tiffany!

  9. Michael says:

    A Shopping Montage would be hilarious – just think of all those clothes changes you could do!

    I have several friends who are Mormans and still struggle with their church and their families.

    Ooohhh Fausto & Sal-E as strippers – HOTT!

    Fausto, I always knew that you were a fighter, too bad I wasn’t there becuase I would have totally chanted along with you. Nothing like a good drag queen fight.

  10. Teddy says:

    i’ll be marching with barack obama’s contingent, so if you’re at pride say hi to me!

    oh and the drag queen drama was hilarious. that girl was a mess! The fight chanting was funny, but I wasn’t going to say shit when i saw Mercedes!

  11. elotrolado says:

    Poor Connell, throughout much of the interviewer, the hosts trivialize his experience and the marriage amendment issue by joking away much of his horrible experiences, and constantly interrupting him. So glib, so “nothing can hurt me, i’m too fabulous”, trying sooo hard to be “entertaining”….Yes, gay life is difficult and challenging and much much more, but you don’t have to reflexively react because you don’t want to allow any acknowledgement of the pain. You can choose to respond humanely, yes, with humor, but also with compassion.

  12. CharlesVer33 says:

    I thought it was funny! Elotrolado- the show is under the “COMEDY” category, not under “deep thoughts.”

    I like how Fausto and Marc can go from serious to silly on the turn of a dime, and I also appreciate their ability to get up to the minute cutting edge guests like Connell. Where else are you going to get a free, quality show like this one? I don’t see Logo interviewing the guy. I don’t read about him in any gay papers. So be thankful that you got a glimse of this wonderful humanitarian.

  13. I did the best I could, trying to keep it relevant and entertaining. There are some very good political podcasts like “Democracy Now” you might enjoy listening to Elotrolado, but the Feast of FOOLS is about raising awareness through entertainment, not by solemn discourse.

    Vomit aversion therapy? That’s pretty funny, considering so many gay men find vomiting a kinky thing. In 2008 considering how visible gay people are, it’s pretty insane that any religion could reasonably even suggest torture as a means of stopping someone’s sexual desires, but that’s the reality of the situation.

    Of course things can “hurt” us, and I’m very sure there are many gay mormons out there today who struggle and suffer from dealing with their sexuality.

    I hope to continue to hear your thoughts on this important topic.

  14. shane says:

    I want to thank you guys for bringing this subject up. As a gay Mormon, growing up in a town too small to contain all this fabulousness, I used to feel pretty bad about my youth. But, listening to what Connell had to go through, I consider myself very lucky. I’m so tired of hearing about what the church has to say about homosexuality. People don’t really care, they just believe whatever someone tells you from a pulpit. Maybe someday I’ll be able to put my pathetic hangups away and be lucky enough to find someone that will love me, and when I do, I’m going to marry him, and fuck you if you’re going to try to stand in my way!!!

  15. Thanks for the love Shane! We are all very lucky indeed.

    The sad thing is that a lot of this torture usually happens at the hands of parents who just don’t know better and are sincerely struggling to help their children.

    I hope that as the veil of sexual diversity gets lifted with the internet and it’s impact on traditional media (and mass entertainment) that people will finally see gay love as a beautiful pink shade of the rainbow of human experience.

  16. Dear elotrolado-
    It was never my intent to trivialize anything that Connell had to say. If you read the show notes and our previous comments you’ll see that we have some inkling into the breath of the situation.

    We were under the gun to get this show out before the June 29th proclamation and to be frank, I don’t want to focus on every single horrible thing that happens to gays. But, I will gladly revisit this topic at another time and keep the conversation going.

  17. Curtis says:

    I know Connell and he has a very strong sense of humor about his experiences and would absolutely be an advocate of the unique intersection of humor and seriousness on the FOF. I think that intersection and instinct (at the risk of being accused of generalizing) is one the aspects of a “Queer sensibility” that I treasure most. Finding humor in our pain, in the blacker side of humanity is to me a very real part of a highly developed Queer identity.

    I did feel like his story was rushed a bit. Connell has so many interesting things to tell about his own personal story and about the whacked out, ugly and yes sometimes darkly funny story of the Mormon Church and it’s long interest in homosexuality. I hope that Connell will be invited back to tell us more. He is a font of knowledge.

  18. YAY! Sal-E’s back loved it. You should do a Boy George on him and tie him up so that he is always on LOL
    We do have National Health dentists here but they are so over subscribed that a lot of people have to go private. All school age kids get free dental care as do expectant mothers. I think it has a lot to do with genes though, my eldest brother is very lax with his dental care and hasn’t got a single filling but the brother between us is very much more careful about brushing and flossing but he has had to have all sorts of work done – I guess it’s the luck of the draw. Still, I can’t complain I have the sexiest ex rugby player dentist who flirts outrageously with me, is a facebook friend and has invited me clubbing with him 😀

  19. kennidi says:

    NO DO NOT MIX MY SONG WITH TRACY’S SONG I WILL KILL YOU ALL!!!! I DON’T WANT A DEPRESSING SONG WITH MY SONG!!!! I Agreed to have Sal-e mix it to go on my single release don’t want other artist on my album!!! I HOPE THAT WAS A HUGE JOKE!!!

    As for the fight it was fun…but the drag mess is over!!! Thanks for playing DIVA!!! Love SAL, we had a blast on the Pride float!!!

    Much Love, Kennidi

  20. SAL-E says:

    Zazoo and Satori have more muppets then I do!
    Love them both!
    They are moving to New York and so JOJO BABY and I will be planning a little Field trip you know to promote our movie and all that but mostly to hit the Clubs and be “Scene Stealers” as they like to call us.
    It is not our fault that we tend to stand out.
    I put pictures up from the Pride parade on my Flickr Account.

    Love ya

  21. Ben Consoli says:

    YEAH.. SAL-E is on the show! I was laughing so hard listening to the ‘drag queens attack’ story. wish i was there…

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