FOF #793 – Podcast, American Style

Jul 6, 2008 · 1985 views

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Kaboom! On the Fourth of July, I like to make my own special fireworks with my lips and with my hips. I’m feeling just a little bit frisky after all the madness and mayhem of […]


  1. Michael says:

    Welcome home guys!!!

    Fausto, I can’t believe you broke the stripper pole….I guess that’s the reason we can’t have nice things!

  2. Matt says:

    Great show guys! I’m trying to play catch-up. iPods been at the shop due to water damage from the recent flooding here in the midwest, iPods are like silicon boob and lips they sink not float! Wow I cant believe you bent that pole Fausto, must of been made from copper cause your a tiny thing. 🙂 Good to hear you all in my ears again! Small town gays are insecure in my opinon, what with me being one and all, b/c of the risk there is for being “out” in their local, predominantly straight, community. I am out only to my parents and siblings. I wouldn’t dare tell the rest of my famly for the fear of my own family gay bashing and hurting me is to great of risk. As a former boyscout I always live by the rule, “Safety First!” WEll great show, glad to hear Tracy! I love her she is so fab-u-low-so!! Love yall!

  3. Geostud says:

    Great show! Love when Tracy’s on!! It’s interesting to hear your commentary on the gay community in small towns. I think you should have told that guy that Cleveland isn’t in Europe at all 😉

  4. RicoPablo says:

    Tracy was hilarious today! Thanks for the numerous chortles and guffaws!

  5. RcktMan says:

    Awwww!!! You guys made me blush!!! 🙂 I had so much fun with Tracy that night, and everyone was so nice. Even if they didn’t believe we were married and expecting twins. 😀

    Oh I am SO THERE this weekend at Hollywood Beach! I haven’t been there yet this year and I have a great tan already started from my weekend in Saugatuck that I simply MUST keep up now! 🙂 And I want to join you guys at Big Jones too! Let me know where and when!

    LOVED the show… like Ricopablo said, I laughed from start to finish. Tracy is, as always, a charm and I love when she’s on!

    I can’t stop watching your rowing video. That is so adorable and funny… I kept waiting for a frog to jump from one of the lily pads into your boat. Now that would have been something to see…

    Sigh… I wish it could be July 4th weekend every weekend!

  6. trannylover says:

    Oooh, that was one funny show!!!!!!!!!!

    Tracy + Fausto + Marc = FUNNY.

  7. reid says:

    the shows with tracy on it are always funny yay for ms tracy:)

  8. Great show ! Let us know Tracy when you made it to become the whore of your building, 😉

  9. Cleaveland is NOT Europe! Ha ha… I like Cleveland, I’ve done many shows there in my day.

    And Michael, I did not BREAK it, I only bent it. Hee hee.

  10. LOL whore of the building —- should I get a red light for my front window??? LOL LOL

  11. Pete says:

    i didn’t realize their was such a big tranny scene in schaumburg.

  12. Why not ? How about small blinking red hearts ?

  13. I wonder if Ikea carries those???? that would look hot

  14. Yes, get a red light but set up a Buddha shrine so it won’t be so obvious!

  15. will my life sized greek statue of the dicus thrower work Marc??? or is that too obvious ???

  16. umich11 says:

    I Looooove Bernadette in Into the Woods! Nice call Tracy 🙂

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