FOF #798 – Big Secrets Revealed!

Jul 14, 2008 · 1985 views

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We can’t keep it in any longer. It’s time to release the pressure! Today we announce the juicy details of our upcoming reality tv show project and Amanda Steinstein is all over it. The producers […]


  1. CharlesVer33 says:

    OMG!!!! I love What Not to Wear and I love Feast of Fools, so this is totally my peanut butter meets chocolate moment for me. Can’t wait to see this episode.

    My heart goes out to Stacy London and Clinton Kelly, they have NO idea what they are in for!

    By the way, love the “behind the scenes” photos on flickr too! Wish I loved in Chicago.

  2. Congratulations Amanda!

    It sounds like you are having and will be having a lot of fun! Thanks for letting people record your good time to help cheer up the world!

  3. Cliff Dix says:

    I am so excited for Amanda. I can not wait to see the transformation. Although there really is no need to change our Amanda. I love her the way she is. No need to gild the lily. Also congrats to Amanda on the new condo. Wish I could be there for the big unveiling. Hope it all goes well.
    It was quite coincidental this morning as I was driving to work I drove by some anti-abortion rally just as you guys were talking about Amanda’s mother, Fanny and her pro-choice work. It made me happy there are still sane people in this world. Seeing those gruesome posters of fetuses ripped to pieces this early in the morning just wasn’t cool and across from a children’s hospital. This is the same group from Texas that was here protesting at our Gay Pride last weekend. So you guys made me happy despite the obvious crazy people of the world.

  4. Matt says:

    OMG omg omg omg omg. Shut Up!!! I am so excited for you Amanda! I am in shock! You guys got to meet my style icon, Stacy London! OMG I am so happy for you all! Good luck Amanda on becoming even more fabulous!! This sucks that I dont live in Chicago… oh well. Cant wait to hear the show, its uploading to my Matty Pod 2.0 now. Cant wait! OMG!!! *squeal!*

  5. Congratulations Amanda, Marc and Fausto!

  6. Yves says:

    So Marc, next time a guy at the gym tries to figure out what song is playing, you need to get your iPhone out!
    Yes!! There is a great (free) application that just “listen” to the song and tells you in 10 sec what it is! It is awesome!! And Amanda was talking about magic with the info swap when you shake 2 iPhone, this is even more magical.

    I mean I tested it, and it got it right every time – AMAZING!! Oh, and the app is called Shazam. There is another one (have not tested it yet – still free) called Midomi. This one you can also, hum, or sing/talk the lyrics yourself!

    Oh, and terrific job putting Amanda’s name on What not to Wear. I cannot wait seeing the damages you guys have done!!


  7. Teddy says:

    how fun is this going to be? Amanda seems like she’s going to be a hoot on that show! Can’t wait!!

  8. valhum says:

    Oh wow guys, totally awesome about the TLC show, cannot wait to see it…….in HD, so you better look super pretty, lol……..ask for a filter a la Barbra Walters lol.

    I kid i kid, you are all gorgeous :oD

  9. Matt says:

    Great show ya’ll. Look forward to seeing it on tv!! I love that show, WN2W. I cant believe it! Amanda will be awesome! I cant wait to see what catty fights or tearfull moments that could ensue between her and Stacy. This should be good. Do you know if we can use some of those apps. for our ipods? I would love to use the Banner free one for my ipod 3rd gen. Well, loved the show, love you guys, and love Amanda! Good luck girl! You’ll be fabulous I know it! Ta!

  10. Oh my god this is so exciting! Curse my roommate for not picking up our Tivo!

  11. I always thought Amanda looked good!!!! — loved the rainbow tube dress and sparkly purple tights she wore in Milwaukee. 😀 SMOOCH love you girl!!!! Those slick new yorkers may take away your clothes and replace them with new ones but don’t let them take your style away !!!

  12. Kenny says:

    OMG… Amanda, I can’t wait to see you on TLC! Hope Fausto doesn’t come off too catty.

  13. Thank you, thank you all…

    Yes, it’s an amazing, potentially life-altering time, thanks to Fausto and Marc (and my total ignorance of fashion). I’ve learned so much already. Did you know you can wear a brown purse with yellow shoes? Yes way! I had no idea. I have so much more to learn.

    They told me I’ll have internet access in my hotel in New York so I’ll be sure to check in and tell you as much as I can without giving too much away. If I can stay awake. I’m told it will be a busy, busy time.

    I can tell you that right now, there is a gaping hole in my closet where 90% of my day-to-day wardrobe used to be.

    They let me keep *most* of my Hawaiian shirts and all my purple gear, but I had to let go of one of my favorite pieces, a totally sequined multi-colored dress that I wore last New Year’s Eve to the Polkaholics show with the boys. The rainbow tube dress and purple tights were already packed for the move…whew!

    They promised my old stuff would go to a thrift store (rather than the landfill) but they won’t tell me where for fear I’ll just go buy it all back, though they’ve also assured me that after this shopping trip, I won’t want my old clothes!

    I just hope it sticks.

    As soon as I find out where the “reveal” party will be, you’re all invited.

    AND AND AND! This just in! I have a venue for the AFTER PARTY! We’re going to the Abbey Pub to see some close, personal friends of mine in a burlesque show! Yes, we’re going to celebrate my new wardrobe by watching people remove theirs!


  14. RcktMan says:

    I am so excited about this… Amanda you’re going to look amazing when it’s all done – I just know it. I will be there for your “big reveal” and I can NOT WAIT! 😀

  15. No burlesque for me unless you are doing it!

  16. Loved the show today!! Congratulations to you Amanda, Fausto and Marc!!! Can’t wait to see the episode, Amanda vs. Stacy…. who will win…. I wonder if during the reveal, it will be Stacy who comes from behind the curtain dressed in purple… ha ha
    Wish I could be there!

  17. Somebody knows where can I watch this episode of “What Not to Wear” with Amanda online ?

    I loved the intro, Mark saying with his sexy voice…mhhh, the Feast of Fools

  18. Rhea says:

    Yay Amanda!!!

    And a big hooray for Marc and Fausto for hooking her up with a new wardrobe! What would do big chested divas do without their gay boys?

    Amanda, I am so looking forward to you breaking Stacy’s brain. 😛

  19. Robbie says:

    Amanda – I’ve always wondered – do the producers go into your closets and just take everything, or do you bring it out yourself?

    What’s to stop you from just leaving certain things in your closet and not telling them about it?

  20. CharlesVer33 says:

    Okay, next reality tv series should be hosted by Fausto and Marc, and call it Hot Tranny Mess, makeovers for drag queens!

  21. Clark says:

    Haha, crazy out of order episode (sorry Fausto, all your planning gone to waste), but I loved it!

    Congrats Amanda! I always think that those hidden cam bits are staged, but I’ll believe you were actually wearing fanny packs and hawaiian shirts…Can’t wait to see the after shots!

  22. Well everybody knows Amanda has been wearing ghastly outfits for YEARS-

    Amanda Steinstein

    The Rev. Doris Green and Amanda Steinstein

    Amanda Steinstein at Disneyland.


    Amanda Steinstein is looking a little pale- find out why

    Amanda Live blogging from the Oscars!

    Amanda Steinstein is fired up!

  23. On second thought, Amanda Rocks! What HAVE I DONE!??? (crossing fingers nervously)

    She could come back looking like this:

    Jeffree Star by the pool with one of his favorite expensive purses

  24. Naw, it won’t be that bad…I’ve told them I refuse to have my hair dyed!

    As for cleaning out my closets…I was there. I had some say in the matter…like some costume pieces I refused to let them touch. Then other pieces I actually suggested they take just so I could defend them on-camera. And, to be frightfully honest, a couple of shirts I’d already considered getting rid of. I ended up using them as bargaining chips. However, I didn’t expect the wholesale dumping of my “normal” clothing! I thought we’d review at least some of it…other than my costume stuff, they mostly grabbed and dumped. I had to rescue my custom purple Feast of Fools tshirt from the pile!

    I did have a day’s warning though, between the “ambush” and the grabbing, so I put a few articles away just in case. Turns out they probably would have been safe anyway.

    The best part of the whole trip to New York is that I get to visit my parents for an afternoon when I arrive. After that, it’s just work.


  25. That’s your definition of work? Shopping for clothes? Getting your hair done?

  26. You didn’t see the whole day of shooting we did. It’s work, trust me. The only reason it was a short day (just 9 hours) was a major technical glitch. New York will be more like 12-hour days, if I’m lucky. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised by 14-hour days because that’s normal for real TV and film shoots. Even when some of that time is sitting around waiting for them to set lights or touch-up the hosts, it’s work if I can’t be on my own to see the town or do my own work.

    And yes, shopping is work for me. I suppose that’s how I got here…I don’t like to shop. I shop only by necessity, and then only in thrift stores, and then only for the one thing I need. I’m kind of like straight men in that respect, except for the thrift store part.

    And this day of hair and makeup isn’t just a day of hair and makeup. It will be a day of hair and makeup surrounded by cameras and hot lights and the pressure to smile, be interesting, say intelligent things about the process (which I’ve mostly avoided my whole life), and learn what the hell they’re doing so I can re-create it in my home lab.

    It will be fun. Face painting is fun, but it’s also work.

    The hardest part is just that I have to put my life on hold, and right now my life is not in a good place to be put on hold. In some ways, the timing couldn’t be worse. In other ways, the timing couldn’t be better.

  27. Jonzu says:

    Amanda, this is going to be so great! We can’t wait to watch the show. We wish we could be in Chicago for the party!

    Fausto, I had to laugh when you started to say “Pavel was working as a bell hop clerk….”

    The recesses of my mind started to insert Laurie Anderson’s line: “a hat check clerk at an ice rink. which, in fact, he turned out to be. and I said: oh boy. right again. let x=x.”

    He could be a great hat check clerk at a ice rink too I suspect. oh boy. right again.

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