FOF #800 – We Are All Hussein

Jul 16, 2008 · 1985 views

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Happy 800 shows everyone! Love to watch that odometer of podcasting turn. Today we’re thrilled to have our good friend, writer and health advocate Jim Pickett joining us to dispel some rumors, conspiracies and misconception […]


  1. I’m semi-married to a Magic Negro and I have been rubbing up against his skin for 13 years but I still get colds and such. What gives? This calls for more research by evil pharmaceutical companies.

  2. jimberly says:

    i think it requires more hands on experience stevenvanl

  3. Possibly – maybe we need to swap ours around and see if that gives a different effect. All in the name of science.

  4. Oscar says:

    i think the cover is just like sherly phelps
    its soo radical that mainstream america will just see how close minded people really are and move away from them
    so technically this can actually help, in a weird kinda way

  5. Maybe so Oscar! I just want Obama for Prez REALLY bad. Not Paris Hilton, not John McLame.

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