FOF #801 – Gay Republican

Jul 16, 2008 · 1985 views

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It’s not easy being pink, especially when you’re a gay Republican, or part of the Pink Elephant party, as I like to call it. You’re an outsider both in gay circles and in the Republican […]


  1. Matt says:

    Cant wait to hear this. My boyfriend is also a gay republican. This should be interesting… 🙂

  2. Matt says:

    Finally a man who appreciates daily make-up use like I do. No hate from me Marcus, I’ve come to love me and Gonzalo’s differences on politics. Variety is the spice of life! Great show, loved hearing another gay republican. I’ve never thought about wearing a wig as a man, very interesting. Hope to hear more of Marcus. Love ya’ll

  3. Jos says:

    In the Netherlands, with a mixed goverment — Christian-Social — I pay about 40% tax and 120 Euros a month for national health care. Not to bad I guess.

  4. Being self-employed in the UK I pay about £9.20 per month National Insurance.

  5. valhum says:

    Oh so you guys did find a HOT gay republican, lol.

  6. Gary T says:


    Since Bush is the CEO of the country, he is absolutely responsible for how things are. The buck stops in the oval office. Or does he only want to take credit when things are good. Also given that Republicans had 100% control for all branches of federal government from 2000-2006 they are completely responsible for the economy. If you like the way things are now, vote for McCain. McCain will do 95% of what Bush does. If you don’t like how things are, vote for Obama. The choice is pretty simple.


  7. Michael says:

    Great show boys. I’ve got a box full of wigs just waiting to be worn! btw, McCain is 72.

    You need to check out this site:

    Marc – I agree with you in not making a deal out of it, we got called Faggot walking down the street and my only concern was that if I did acknowledge it, it would give the name callers the “power” they’re looking for, and I didn’t want to give them that satifsaction.

    It is too bad that someones negligence caused 16 stingrays to die : -(

  8. Pete says:

    matty, do you have a boyfriend? if so, what’s his name? it would be great if you could clear that up.

    though i share some conservative beliefs with the republican party, i’ve always thought gays that label themselves as republican were just trying to be more exclusive than gays already can be. i guess marcus totally changed my opinion.

    as marcus alluded to, the ideas of the democratic party is one of the closest thing to socialism we have in the united states. in order to improve the quality of life for all americans, we have to sacrifice and re-assess where we distribute money. for people used to “every man for himself” mentality, it would prove difficult at first.

    what’s with all the south bashing lately on the show. just because people there ain’t got fancy learning or britches, doesn’t mean tain’t bright. pick up a newspaper in chicago (anywhere in america,really) and you’ll be surprised by all the idiots/crooks in office, walking the streets, or in voting booths.

  9. Matt says:

    Pete: yeah I do have a boyfriend. We met through the Feast of Fools actually. And his name is Gonzalo.

  10. valhum says:

    Just finished the show, cool one :oD

  11. Teddy says:

    To be honest, I didn’t feel like I gained any new perspective. I understand his position on universal health care and government spending, as those are recurring Republican ideals. I differ greatly in the area of health care, but I feel like Marcus and I would simply not agree in this area. But I would have loved to have heard his position on gay marriage, adoption, and the current move towards equality. How does one who is both gay and republican make peace with a party that (for the most part) has no interest in fighting for his basic rights as a citizen? I would have liked to have heard his answer to that.

    And if we’re really concerned with the spread of wealth in this country, perhaps we could do a better job at reducing corporate tax loopholes, especially that of the gas and oil industry. Of course we are spending billions on a pointless war, while the real terrorists are going unchecked…but none of that has anything to do with the economy. of course not.

    If we’re going to be fiscally responsible, as the republicans claim they want to be, it can’t just be about cutting spending down in areas of social programs. We have to hold the government responsible for all spending, which includes high bidding contracts to friends, tax cuts to the wealthiest americans, and cutting of wasteful programs (on both sides). I’ll stop ranting. 😉

  12. Um….Absinthe is ILLEGAL in the United States. Here in Salt Lake there is a club that sells “American” absinthe which is NOT “real” absinthe. I know this has like nothing to do with the show besides the advertisement, but just fyi, there either breaking the law or lying.

  13. matt says:

    I think you should have Marcus as an occasional guest during the election cycle again.

    Even if McCain stinks, there are alternatives instead of voting for Obama such as voting for Bob Baar. I know Bush basically turned America into a turd ferguson, I realised Bush was the emperor with no clothes on since 2004, and voted third party for governor of California as well twice. I did not trust Arnold either.

    Health care, with socialized medicine it gets rationed. I wonder how 80 year old seniors will react when life extending surgery gets rejected because you are not valuable to the government. Private insurance is not perfect either, but both systems should work together. We do need a national health service, but we also should have private insurance to supplement what government will not provide.

    Energy, I honestly hold the Republican line on this. We need to conserve and find new alternative fuel such as solar, hydrogen, and electric. However we still need traditional sources of energy as well. If we drill on our coastlines, we should charge a levy as a bond to help protect against any environmental issues that might happen or use the money to help promote r&d for alternative energy. Yes, Republicans were do nothing, but at least they have been proactive today.

    Iraq, I agree we have been bamboozled. We could of used the money for more productive purposes such as education, healthcare and slightly lower tax burden. As what Obama stated we need to get out of Iraq as carefully as possible unlike how we got into Iraq.

    I have severe reservations about voting for Obama, where he believes we should speak to the despots of the world without preconditions. California is so solidly for Obama where my vote does not matter anyways.

    Its sad that Republicans have to be in the closet to keep power. I hope people in the future can run openly gay as a Republican.

  14. ColJH says:

    CircuitMOM was just in Ann Arbor hosting the Boys of Summer competition at my local club, Necto. She was pretty amusing. :]

  15. kna829 says:

    Really great guest! I live in Canada and I’m fed up with all the leftist, gay or not.

    I was brainwashed thru’ school and university which were filled with leftists; socially and fiscally. Once I started working and realized 1/2 of my earnings are taxed away to pay for lazy people and the impossibly idealist dreams of lefties, I haven’t voted anything but conservatively.

    Canada may have public healthcare here, but it’s rationed. For example, it takes months or years to get an MRI. People have died here waiting for services. Entrepreneurs are not even allowed to open private clinics where patients could get life-saving tests and treatments in a timely manner. I’m not a rich man, but if I needed a test, I’d gladly pay to get tested NOW, but I’m not allowed (unless I make a trip to the US).

    Social engineering. Unions. Regulation. Pacifists. Libraries. Addict needle handouts. No thanks. People need to take more personal responsibility. Governments should focus on providing core services which individuals cannot obtain on their own (ex. roads, sewers, cops, firemen, defence, basic medical care (ex. you want a sex change? YOU pay for it.), education, disaster services, etc.) With the tax savings, I can choose to spend upon that which I care about.

    The US may not be perfect, but If I were younger and more ambitious, I’d move there.

    Gay conservatives exist. Let’s hear from them more frequently.

  16. RcktMan says:

    Matty, thanks so much for clearing that up for us again. I just wouldn’t know if you didn’t tell us every single day.

    As for today’s guest, honestly, I was turned off by him for a number reasons. First being, I found him incredibly pretentious and snobby – I mean come on, who needs that many wigs and/or pairs of shoes, especially if you’re not a drag queen or an actual queen? Second, and I don’t want to harp on someone for purely physical reasons, but he just looked odd to me. Honey, put down the tweezers with those eyebrows… please!

    But more importantly, I didn’t feel like I really understood why he felt the way he did about the issues that divide Democrats and Republicans. In fact, most of what he said proved to me he’s more liberal than he is willing to admit. So if this isn’t the case, I really want to know why he felt Bush was the best choice for not just four, but EIGHT years of rule.

    Going along with what Teddy said, I would have liked to have heard his positions on gay marriage, adoption, gays in the military, the travel ban for people with HIV/AIDS, and a host of other topics that the Republicans believe in. We didn’t get any of that. If you have him back, I would really like to have these questions answered.

    And please, tell him to leave the wigs at home.

  17. Hmm…I was over Marcus in the first twenty minutes. I kept with it, but nothin’. He strikes me as one someone I would avoid interaction with — and I’m a makeup artist, too. Really, really full of himself. Kind of made me uncomfortable, actually.

    I hate leaving less-than-stellar comments. 🙁 Oh well. He was a less-than-stellar guest, IMO.

  18. Pete says:

    “oh snap” at felix and rick. you guys probably said what everyone else was thinking.

  19. Terence Chisholm says:

    God this guy is a skank-twat.

  20. The wigs are hot! We’re all going to go out in them and tell people we are a rock band.

  21. Erick says:

    What’s wrong with socialism anyway? So you won’t be able to buy 400 pairs of shoes… it’s not like your going to wear them all anyway. Further, a resent study suggested that the happiest people in the world today are from the Netherlands… a socialist country

  22. wigs — my mom gave my ex two short hair wigs from the 60’s. loved to wear them for an emo / hipster look in San Francisco. Lost them in the divorce.

    health care:

    The state of California alone has more people than all of Canada.

    Yet the rhetoric against ‘National Healthcare’ I have heard simply compare Canada and the U.S. Sounds like a straw man. Besides, the systems aren’t comparable: One exists, and offers care to all, and the US system doesn’t exist at all.

    Stop bringing up personal anecdotes about health care failures in Canada & recognize that insurance is an actuarial science.

    You can pay for an MRI now? In as little as six months, the future value of the money you spend can pay for more than your MRI alone. And when it shows up negative or inconclusive, as the numbers bear out, then it’s a simple financial choice to triage the care and order the claims. Perhaps Canadian health care sounds flawed by not allowing you to waste extra money on MRI’s, but I think that sounds like they are trying to prevent a health care class crisis. There are mistakes and tragedies. But those are called outliers.

    If you cant live with it then reform it, don’t move. People still voting in Canada?

    Canadians are building more than just a health net, they are building a community of highly educated people who expect higher standards of living than most of the rest of the Earth. Better off with a healthy population than without. Move here and complain bitterly about how better off you were in Canada. Stay, and continue raising engineers, health care professionals and scientists that enrich the country.

  23. Marcus says:

    Hi All,

    It has been great reading all your comments so far. I actually expected more negative comments. Thanks for the support. I would love to come back and chat about topics we didn’t get a chance to talk about such as gay adoption, gay-marriage, etc. Some of ya’ll commented that I sounded arrogant and full of myself. You are right!!! J/k! When I listened back, I thought to myself that I might come across that way. But we should meet for a drink, because I really am not. I just feel strongly about what I believe in and I am confident. Yes, I have too many shoes and wigs but that is something I love. And I have every right to buy as many pairs of shoes as I want! That is what I love this country ; )

    I did want to respond to a few of comments individually.

    To Erik, what is the problem with socialism? Well, a big problem is that it subverts everything this country is based on. Opportunity and success from originality and hard-work is suppressed by socialism. Although everyone should be protected and seen as equal under the law, we are not equal. Why should people who are tenacious, hard-working and talented foot the bill for the corrupt, lazy and unmotivated? This is my issue. As to your comment about happiness and the Netherlands, I was just talking about this today. This is based on expectancy theory, which means when you don’t have a lot of expectations, you tend to not be disappointed as much. What raises expectations? Comparison.

    As I mentioned on the show, we are a very diverse society where vast comparisons are made. This breeds unhappiness unfortunately. Statistically, we are less happy because A LOT of unhappy people bring down the mean or average. There are A LOT of happy people in this country, more so than in the Netherlands. However, because the Netherlands are a VERY homogenous culture, there is less to compare, therefore, you get a more happy report.

    Hey Felix, didn’t to make you feel uncomfortable!! I am opinionated but not full of myself. Okay not totally! Where is the love?

  24. Marcus says:


    Thanks for the hot wig comment! I’m getting your wig ready! Yours too Fausto! It will be fierce!!!

  25. I’ve had a pretty awful, fever this past week, and I haven’t seen a doctor about it. Why? Because a visit to an emergency room will run me about $200-300. I’m hoping my fever will subside, but it’s when I’m on the fence about weather or not I’m REALLY sick that I’d love to have the ability to see a doctor.

    Instead I play a wait and see game. It sucks. My family in Puerto Rico all have access to healthcare and see doctors all the time. Even U.S. territories have health care!

  26. Can’t wait to put on a wig to look flawless. I’ll be a STUNNING DIVA. 😉

  27. Marcus says:

    Valhum! Thanks for the hot comment. At least someone doesn’t think I’m a ….what is it…skank-twat!??? LOL!!!

  28. valhum says:

    Well i do think you are hot hehehe…….and since english is not my main language i have no idea what a skank twat is…..i kinda know what skank means but well……lol.

    I actually was writing down the facial products you recommended :oD

  29. Aren’t ALL governments socialist organizations anyways? The well being of the members of society-
    Find me one governing power that isn’t paid for (using force or free will, or a combo of both) by it’s citizens.

    Other common socialist institutions:
    Public Schools, The Army, Department of Motor Vehicles, IRS, and so on…

    Here’s a great essay published in 1949 on why we should embrace socialist ideas by one of the greatest minds of the 20th century: Albert Einstein. His name is synonymous with genius.

    His writing is a little clumsy (his first language was German) but he was a visionary man who changed not just our views of physics, but opening up our world to be questioned with.

    The theory of relativity states there is no special vantage point in the universe.

  30. I have to say Marcus really does know his makeup.

  31. Marcus says:

    Thanks Fausto! No and no, not all governments follow socialist ideals. Yes, we do have a few areas where we are “universal” that are guaranteed by our constitution, such as law-enforcement, etc. however, take note. When you are living in a socialist society you do NOT own property as an individual, for example. In other words, the government rules your life. That is the point I was trying to make. When you asked the question about what I wanted as an ideal Republican candidate, I wanted to say that it should be someone who wants less government telling you what to do and making decisions for you NOT more. Okay, off the soap box I go!

    BTW, according to new research the theory of relativity is close to being dismantled. No doubt he was a genius though!

  32. So where does their money come from? All govt’s get their cash from peeps.

    Size is a relative issue. Where is a link to the theory of relativity being “dismantled”? I need some bibliography here.

  33. Marcus says:

    Valhum and anyone else! Look me up on myspace and I will be happy to give away all my secrets ; )

  34. Marcus says:

    Wow the Gay Republican forum under Community is brutal. The last guy said that Republicans make him want to fucking puke? Are you serious? Does he really think Democrats really care about gay rights and the fringe of society? Don’t forget that Kerry from the last election and most democrats subsequently are vocally opposed to gay marriage and most gay causes. Don’t be fooled! Take a page from the history books and realize that if it were not for Republicans the Civil Rights Act would NEVER be passed. Most Americans are egocentric not just Republicans.

    This is a freakin bloodbath! I’m going to put on Texas Chainsaw Massacre and think about the guy who just got kicked off Project Runway! Cracked me up when Nina Gracia said his outfit looked like something a killer would wear in a horror movie! AHHHHHHH!

  35. Dwyn says:

    I’ll be listening to the show in the morning, but I just saw something that made me sad here in the comments…..

    kna829- You’re against libraries? Why? I practically spent all my time growing up in the local library, reading constantly and doing all the programs that they offered. I can’t imagine why a library is anything but a wonderfully positive thing to have in the neighborhood.

  36. Everybody needs libraries. Why wouldn’t you want to have one?

  37. Superboy says:

    Great show, but Marcus is a bit crispy around the edges.

  38. Marcus says:

    Crispy around the edges? What does that mean??????

  39. Thanks for having Marcus on the show today. Although my views differ, I tried to keep an open mind and felt I learned something about gay Republicans. I still think Cindy McCain is creepy and her hair bun looks like its wrapped a little too tight. Marcus is just part of the great big tapestry that makes up the gibblets (GLBTs).

  40. matt says:

    I am glad we are unique in the sexual diversity community.

  41. Jos says:

    The Netherlands just misses out on being in the happiness top five – Denmark, Malta, Switzerland are joint winners (both scoring 8), followed by Iceland and Ireland with 7.8 points – but is way ahead some of the most miserable parts of the world (Tanzania 3.2, Zimbabwe 3.3). France scores 6.6, Germany 7.1 and Britain 7.2.

  42. Jos says:

    Veenhoven researched the correlation between happiness and welfare states in 32 countries in 1990. He calculated the percentage of national income spent by the state on welfare and – to his great surprise – found nothing to indicate that people were happier in countries with higher welfare spending.

    Ruut Veenhoven has spent 25 years studying what makes us happy

    For example, Sweden, Denmark and Holland spend over 30 percent of gross national product on social security and are all relatively happy countries as are Switzerland and Iceland which spend around one-third less (10 percent) on state welfare systems.

    There are several possible answers as to why this is the case, says Veenhoven. “It could be that the state is not necessarily the best way provider of social security. A privatised system for, say, pensions could be better. Another alternative is the Japanese system where your employer provides extensive social security. Or there’s the family-oriented approach which is popular in Mediterranean countries.”

    On top of this, says Veenhoven, a state-controlled social security system is often bureaucratic which alienates people (and thus makes them less happy) or encourages a passive approach to life (which is also not conducive to happiness). Another explanation may also be that people may need lower levels of social security to be happy than many believe.

  43. Maia says:

    Dwyn, I just wanted to send you some love for sticking up for libraries. 😉
    If we didn’t have libraries, where would we go to find hot librarians???

  44. John McCain is the creepy ghost-priest from the Poltergeist 2 movie:

  45. Superboy says:

    I don’t see Democrats trying to change the U.S. constitution to ban gay marriage. I see Republican’s always trying to cut funding to many vital community services, but LOVE to extend corporate welfare to large companies at YOUR expense.

    Our current President Bush is a typical Republican to me. What’s funny is how McCain is trying to have it both ways, stand apart from him yet at the same time benefit from whatever public support he has.

    At the end of the day, we all have to work together to get Obama elected, and not take for granted that he’s a popular candidiate at the moment. I want Obama as President. I’ve never felt like that about any Presidential candidate ever.

  46. Marcus says:

    OMG, Faustos! That so cracks me up! But you are confused, that is actually Ross Perot! Muah!

  47. Juantana says:

    Hey guys – I liked the show and I liked Marcus – we don’t always have to agree on everything, do we? Although one thing that I have noticed is alot of Republicans are very presumptuous, evident esp at the ‘Sweden has a sh%tty lifestyle and pays 80% taxes’ comment – which of course is not true at all, and he’s never visited there anyway so how would he know – Ive been all over Europe and although no system is perfect I do think there are things that should not be left to Capitalism and free mkt – such as the energy companies, (Calif companies causing blackouts on purpose to drive prices up a few years back) and healthcare. I totally agree with what Fausto said too, and yes lots of folks in both parties are realizing that we are *already* paying for emergency healthcare for everyone anyway, when folks end up in the emergency room and the bill is thru the roof and there is no ins, who do you think pays? we do – wouldnt you rather pay for a $400 physical and peeps stay well?

    and hey did you guys see this – “Also in the Pacific, Tropical Storm Fausto, a few hundred miles south-southwest of Acapulco, Mexico is moving west-northwest, slightly away from the west coast of Mexico. Fausto, while moving away, is expected to strengthen and be close enough to generated increased surf along the western Mexico Coast for the next few days.”

    rofllllll ; -) thanks guys, great show as always! Juantana in DC

  48. Marcus says:

    input your comment here…

  49. I’m with Teddy and Rcktman…I’m sure you must be a great researcher but the conversation came off as superficial and ill informed. A missed opportunity imo.

    So, instead of a redistribution of wealth through “socialist” programs we should keep the mechanisms in place that prevent access to wealth and keep it in the hands of a small few. As evidenced by the number of female CEO’s, CEO’s of color, and the fact that women earn less salary for performing the same work as their male counterparts.

    And, what about corporate welfare? Should that be disallowed as well?

    Am I detecting a bit of schizophrenia? I’ve never met a republican who wasn’t in love with the pharmacartel and big business.

    Marcus you come off sounding as though you have a great deal of material privilege. A room for your shoes and Creme de la mer at 100’s of dollars and ounce. You know.

    ps we’re still waiting for Marcus to defend his comment on the boards about Republicans being responsible for passage of the Civil Rights Act. Please and thank you.

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