FOF #805 – Jackie’s Party Tips

Jul 23, 2008 · 1985 views

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So now that you’ve fought for your right to party, and earned that right, what are you going to do? On today’s show- party planner extraordinaire Jackie Jager, co-owner of the events and dining company […]


  1. Ashbear2.0 says:

    Amazizing as per usual guys! But, on the whole Japanese girls wearing skirts on subways that’s mainly because of their school uniforms. So, basically they get in trouble at school if they don’t wear those lovely skirts, and they get sexually harassed if they wear the skirts. *shrug* i think that it’s a lose lose situation, either way it sucks. You’ll notice that a lot of grown Japanese women who are apart of the work force tend to wear pencil skirts because of this. So, now that I’ve showed off my inner nerd I’ll just go skulk off into lurkerdom, have a great day y’all.

  2. Katers says:

    On the topic of the Alien thing, in one of the Alien movies, Sigourney Weaver’s character has that alien thing removed by the scientists and studied 😛 I think it was the last official Alien movie.. Not the Alien vs. Predator ones. So I guess it was possible for them to live 😛 I feel so nerdy 😀

  3. Mateo says:

    I loved this show! Jackie was great! You should definitely have her on the show more!!!!
    She was a real breath of fresh air. And all the aprty chat was fun to listen to. I;ve never been to a party like those before, it sounded fun! I love show like these totally great the whole way through!

  4. Teddy says:

    great show, Jackie was super cute.

    For the record, and I have no problem admitting this, all three Hanson brothers are married and have children now. They still make music, and i’m a big fan 😉 In face i have tickets to see them at the House of Blues in Chicago in November. Jealous?

    See you tonight!

  5. Matt says:

    Loved this show! I absolutely adore Jackie. She is my Martha Stewart, b/c I hate the real one. I just hate her for some reason, I always have. I love the idea of using games at a party. Some other classics you could use are a 3 legged race, or potato sac race. One of my favorites is a simple piggy back race, sexy and innocent. 😉 Great show boys and I loved Jackie!! Chao!

  6. Matt says:

    OMG! I almost forgot to comment on the birthday gift thingy. I went to a friend’s 40th B-day party a month or so ago, his family, his friends, and his husbands family and friends were all there. And I was the only one who actually gave a gift with a card. Everyone else gave a card with cash inside. I was sorta embarassed for giving him an actual gift and not cash. Dont know if anyone else has had this happen but it werided me out a bit. I mean what has happend to real gifts? Do we really just not have the time any more? Are we that busy as a society today that we can’t take an hour or so to pick out a real gift, wrap or bag the damn thing, sign a card and add a bow? I get giving kids cash, I loved that when I was younger, I felt like Mr. Money Bags. But now that I’m older, I preffer a real gift rather then cash, to me a real gift just seems like it came more from the heart and not an ATM. Dont get me wrong, I give cash when its for someone who is hard to shop for. But when its family and close friends giving me a gift I hope they would know me enough to get me something that wasn’t green, smells like dirty hands and is made from cotton. Ok, I’ll get off the soap box. lol Love you guys!

  7. ooh this episode was educational! Normally when I have a party on facebook, and i don’t want everyone to come, i hide the contact info and make them call me, the ppl i don’t want coming i don’t answer for. Facebook also has this great option “closed event” so only ppl you directly invite can rsvp!

  8. jimberly says:

    Jackie girlfriend! Can I say how delighted my little baby LifeLube sponsored this show with you as starlet?! It’s so great to see you doing cool things – and to think we met way back when in the late 80″s – YIKES – at Hotel 21, slinging expensive crab hash and getting drunk after at Mustards! You work it lady!

  9. Jackie is coming to the event at Green Dolphin Street tonight so you guys can have a little reunion!

  10. jimberly says:

    That would be a great idea if I didn’t have to work til the end of time tonight…. I am going to be in the office til at least 8p tonight – and it will be all I can do to drag my tired ass home…. Say hi to JJ for me!

  11. Jackie was a fabulous guest. Really enjoyed this show.

    The Chinese have a great system for inviting someone to dinner. If you really want someone to show up you have to ask them three times and they can say yes on the third request. If you dont really want someone to show just ask them twice.

  12. Jon-paul says:

    Jackie really contributed to the discussion. I love all the remarks on the proper ways to invite guests of differing levels. I have agonized over that a couple of times. Half-inviting is a real skill set!

  13. Jackie says:

    Hi all- Jackie from Voon de Var here! It was great to read your comments (blush blush). I would love to be back on Feast of Fools world class and hilariously funny podcast any time. I had a great time doing it and also at the What Not To Wear reveal party, where it was fun to meet so many listeners.
    You are all welcome to contact me anytime at (or call) with any of your party questions or special event needs. Voon de Var…any way you spell it, it means wonderful. PARTY ON! Jackie

  14. Leon says:

    Hi guys, I loved the show, Jackie was awesome! I know I’m commenting on a really old show, I’m catching up…. 100 more shows to go lol

    by the way, I know you listed Katey as the song featured, but it wasn’t her (cause I don’t like Katey), and I was wondering if you have the exact information for the one you actually played? 🙂

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