FOF #810 – Glenn Knows Better

Aug 1, 2008 · 1985 views

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“On a scale from one to ten, just HOW GAY are you?” Imagine hearing this question from your roommate’s father, only he happens to be a famous and physically intimidating wrestler. On today’s show choreographer […]


  1. Yay Sal-E, I love it when your on the show, Now i’m gonna come in on Monday with a picture of you and I from Amanda’s event, i’ll bring in your card too! See you at the Boom Boom Room!

    Is it just me or did Glenn look a bit chunkier in the picture than he does on the show? Well not chunkier, he just has a fuller face. Good show, I can’t wait to see the new video project!

  2. Michael says:

    Funny show boys, Sal-E is fabulous – you’re a good friend for lending clothes, I won’t even lend my DVD’s out to my friends.

    Enjoyed Glenn – I heard that one of the Gladiators is Gay and that he’s done porn….anyone else heard that?

  3. Cliff Dix says:

    Yes I did see one of the Gladiator’s has a gay porn past. Michael, if I find it again, I’ll send you the link.

    I also saw on the news that Princess Chunk is actually a male and the owner has come forward saying he put the cat out due to home foreclosure.

    Sal-E I love you as always. Another fun and funny show and great interview with Glenn. Have a great weekend all!

  4. John says:

    Great show guys! Tee Hee!

  5. Matt says:

    Greaat show! I loved the fat cat that was mentioned. When you asked how could it be lost, I instantly pictured the fat cat rolling down a huge hill away from its owner. Hilarious! Glenn was great! He was just a bundle of laughs!! Loved Sal-E on for a second time, how lovely. 🙂

  6. Dave says:

    Poor kitty! Great show guys! Love Glenn, he’s really sexy, smart and fun. From a scale of one to ten in sexyness, he’s an 11!

  7. Michael says:

    ***DROOL**** Thank you Fausto! And here the only Elian I knew before this was that kid they pulled out of that closet all those years ago.

  8. SAL-E says:

    Where my Friends and I get all painted up and hang out with Hot Hunka Hunka MEN with raging hardons……and glitter too!
    Almost naked, club music and PORN! I would be in Heaven.
    You would so have to be way over 21 for this show.

    I remember watching them Wrestling shows and picking out my “Fantasy Daddys” and “play friends”……..and then you hear them speak and it is like: Shut up and just stand there!
    Don’t talk you will ruin it all.

    Love ya

  9. Jimmy says:

    Sal-E is my hero

  10. Stephen says:

    Sal-E you got to meet the Ashton twins from Varekai!!! I am so incredibly jealous!!! I have the DVD of the series they did about creating the show and I always thought they might be family. You say only one of them though, I’ll have to re-watch and see if I can pick which one.

  11. Not sure shrooms should qualify as soft drugs – we recently had a couple of tourists jumping out of windows after having used them. They are probably less addictive but seem to be harder to dose right, leading to people using them wrong and hurting themselves.

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