FOF #816 – Market Days Madness

Aug 11, 2008 · 1985 views

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What a weekend! Chicago almost busted at the seams as over 200,000 people came from all parts of the world to hang out, celebrate and enjoy the perfect weather, music and sexy people walking around […]


  1. joost says:

    i can’t believe tracy’s comment that it’s “not her job to find out what candidates policies are” … does she just want to rely on local media stations to give her an objective view? Tracy, that is the most irresponsible statement on voting that i’ve heard in a while … you might as well just say “i’m not voting”

  2. hehehe — yeah I guess you’re right !!! It’s our responsibility as citizens of the United States to find out what these bozos believe in — HOWEVER … I’m annoyed that they really don’t “seem” to be running on anything but hope and that’s what sucks! — LOL LOL — 😀

  3. Calvin F says:

    wow…that political debate between tracy and luke got really heated and intense pretty quick..I guess everybody have their own opinions and nobody is entirely right or wrong…just as no one political candidate can claim to be entirely clean or perfect. I think it’s just absurd to expect one person to do everything for a country’s health and wealth. A president is really, IMHO, a spokesperson or the “face” for the government, while the real machine that operate behind the scene, the ones who make it work, are the band of people who support this guy and carry out their duties diligently.

  4. Calvin F says:

    BTW, Tracy..i’m soo jealous of you…Being trapped under all those hot men at steamworks must be very nice…haha….if i ever meet you in person, i would like to bury my head into your boobs and inhale…:)

  5. Teddy says:

    What a fun show! The debate did get rather intense very quickly, but everyone made up after the show. 😉

    I had such a great time! Thank you so much Marc and Fausto for having us over! You guys were super sweet. I love that you can hear Rick in the background laughing a bit…cute.

    Tracy, i’m going to go eat at the buffett of hope and change. You should come with me and I’ll tell you all about Barack Obama. 😉

  6. I think the mix of people on the show was a great combo! My homegirl Tracy is ALWAYS a treat and then adding Teddy and Hot Boy Luke into the mix? RIDICULOUS! You all made political yip yap enjoyable to listen to actually…the tension and all. Not to mention that it is always nice to hear intelligence come out of beautiful people.

    p.s. I think Tracy’s comments about Teddy “packing” needs to be investigated further. I do not feel I can make an educated decision until more evidence is presented. Photographic evidence is best Tracy! Carry on!

  7. Jaycub says:

    Oh man, the middle political discussion made me cringe. I’ve been a long time fan of the show and I’ve never had that reaction to the show before.

    Good job with damage control though, Fausto. It’s just further testament that you are a great host 🙂

    (I think if it was just Fausto/Marc/Tracy then the conversation would have actually been productive. Too many guests usually end with side-conversations and distractions.

  8. Jaycub says:

    And my previous comment wasn’t to knock any of the other guests. I enjoyed everyone on today’s show; however, I think for the shows sake that it’s better to minimize the amount of guests.

  9. Pete says:

    i‘ve been commenting based on the blog posts so it’s nice to finally listen to a show.

    there are indeed some hot cabbies here and those that let you get away with a lot. i’m pretty sure everyone has had sex in a cab at least once. some people are aroused by the smell of hummus of armpits.

    i bet john edward’s affair was elizabeth’s idea. if I had cancer/chemo I wouldn’t want my husband to fuck me either. His career isn’t over. He’ll follow in the footsteps of other great democrats like the kennedys, clinton, and spitzer.

    love the political debate. It goes to prove that ya’ll are just a bunch of pretty faces, despite what anybody else says….i have to say that tracy is right on. she’s saying what everybody is thinking. obama is overhyped and calls for “change” mean nothing. I’m voting for tracy tyler.

    i love hot boy luke’s name! people need to add more appropriate adjectives to their names. I’m going by bitter drunk pete.

  10. Madness is right! I thought Tracy was gonna get up and slap somebody! OMg this was an exciting and a little scary show! I love that teddy and Fausto played the mediators!
    I think for a future show you probably shouldn’t mix politics with liquor! Love you guys!

  11. Cliff Dix says:

    That was…uh, fun. I actually enjoyed the hot porn star, the beautiful trannie, and the FOF groupie getting into a heated and intelligent debate about the issues surrounding the upcoming election. You want get that on the evening news.
    I think the Paris Hilton video was used to actually help McCain. It deflected criticism he was getting for attacking Obama. It like so many things was a shiny object dangled in our faces to take our minds of what we should really be focused on…like that man-made black hole the scientist are making under France.

  12. Teddy says:

    I suppose it’s what you get when you come home from Market Days and talk a little politics. I think it was a healthy debate and everyone had fun. Fausto did a great job of moving us on when he recognized Luke and Tracy could have went at it for hours longer…but we all had a good time.

    I know jaycub cringed…but i thought the debate was fun. 😉

  13. I love you Tracy! I found a site that you can compare how both Presidential Candidates stand on the issues.

  14. I thought the funniest part of the show was Fausto complaining about being interrupted! lol
    I love Tracy, but it was disappointing to hear what she said about Obama not standing for anything. It’s evidence that McCain’s negativity campaign is working. However, if nothing else, Tracy–you should vote for Obama because he’s not a republican–remember, republicans want to write it into the constitution that it’s illegal for gays and lesbians to get married, not to mention all the anti-tranny laws I’m sure they’d pass.

    You’ve got to help the cause–which, clearly, that means you’ve got to seduce McCain into having a hot and scandalous affair with America’s most lovable tranny. You’ve got to do this for AMERICA, Tracy! FOR LIBERTY AND TRANNIES FOR ALL.

  15. Damn it all to hell, I meant “to be”, not “that it’s” in regards to the gay marriage thing. Damn tenses and grammar….

  16. gabe says:

    have yet to listen to the show, but i have a feeling (already) that i’m siding politically with ms. tyler. 😉

  17. RcktMan says:

    So Pete, you haven’t actually listened to a show until now? Is that what you’re saying? Hm.

    Being in the room while everyone was recording was such a different experience – having been on the show a number of times, I knew how a ‘typical’ show runs, but this was, in no way, a ‘typical’ show. When we all arrived at first, we thought the show would be chaotic and hilarious like that Tracy/Michael Lehet show; but I’m actually quite glad it went the way it did. I think it’s important for this type of dialogue to occur, because it just isn’t being talked about. Tracy brought up some very valid points, and Teddy and Luke countered with some very insightful commentary. And Marc and Fausto did a wonderful job of steering the conversation and keeping the show on track.

    When Fausto reeled in the discussion at the end of Luke and Tracy’s back-and-forth (I envisioned a Rosie-Elizabeth split-screen at that moment, didn’t you?), I thought of only one thing – Bill Maher, watch your back!!!

    Great job, everyone! And congrats to Teddy and Luke on their first FoF show! 🙂

  18. Black ho? Who you calling a ho? Sorry, I had to say that. I doubt a Spiderman 2 scenario like Dr. Octopus created would actually happen in real life.

    Anyone who feels that either candidate has a “vauge” stance on the issues isn’t really listening to this show or watching the news. The point being made is that comparing Obama to Paris Hilton really is nonsense and is distracting us from comparing the candidates on Health Care, the Economy or anything else.

    Here’s a site I found, anyone know if it’s legit?

  19. pictures Teddy …. PICTURE …. … you heard Mr. HyperProne

  20. Thank you to who ever sided with me — truth be known I will vote for Obama —no way in hell will I vote for McCain LOL LOL, I just still wish Hillary was on the ballot 🙁 — but I’ll move on …

    Also , I haven’t listened to the show yet but what you don’t know is that I was smiling the whole time I was raking Luke over the coals. I just wanted to prove my point that There really isn’t a clear issue that comes to mind when you think of Obama — I’m sure things will get clearer the closer we get to election.

    Also — I would like to do my duty for my country Fructose but I have to draw the line somewhere and to have sex with McCain is where I draw it — now throw in Mit Romney in a 3-way and it’s a deal!!! although I’d have to scrub my body in a tub of bleach for 3 hours afterward but YES …I’d do it LOL LOL

  21. What a fun show, market days was indeed a blast and the Steamworks booth was definitely the center of the party. Also in response to Hot Boy Luke, I totally agree with him on the merits of the fleshlight, it is an awesome invention, besides, girls have their vibrators, boys have fleshlight : )

  22. lol! I can just imagine THAT show–“today, Tracy talks about her hot 3-way with John McCain and Mit Romney! Stay tuned!” Love ya, Tracy. 😉

  23. Been catching up a lot this summer, when I get a motorcycle with a stereo it will be blaring and annoying everyone over the engine…

    The show brings up some questions:

    Doesn’t FOF have a booth for Market Days? [ ooh the games they play]
    Does hotboyblog advertise on FOF?
    What kind of mics do you use?
    Is teddy j going to give in to the pressure?
    Anyone know how many write-ins Clinton will get?

    just curious
    – curiousmanmiloh

  24. oops, correction: “It will be blaring [FOF…] over the engine”

  25. OH! Wait…Teddy can show he is “packing” with a Fleshlight…with Hot Boy Luke! And Fausto could be moderating and Marc can be holding the mic…

    This is a great idea.

  26. Thanks for the Bill Maher comparison Rick! He’s one of my favorite all time talk show hosts, up there with Johnny Carson, Barbara Walters, Larry King and Charlie Rose.

    I want to be the first gay person to win a GLADD award! I think this can happen. I BELIVE I can fly!!!

  27. Doesn’t FOF have a booth for Market Days? No, but maybe next year.
    Does hotboyblog advertise on FOF? Hot boy Luke you mean? No, but he has bought a tshirt and given us the password to his porn site.
    What kind of mics do you use? Electrovoice RE20
    Is teddy j going to give in to the pressure? We all need to release the pressure.
    Anyone know how many write-ins Clinton will get? One, her own.

  28. oh those are great answers..
    good grits, thanks for the laughs & info.

  29. Cell says:

    I am currently listen to this podcast… I had to sign up and make a profile after hearing Hot Boy Luke. I saw some vids on x-tube. I have to say.. His voice is soooo hot and sexy. That was a heated discussion between Luke and Tracy. I have to agree with Luke about finding out about the Candidates yourself if you want to know more about them and what they are for. I agree with alot of what Luke had to say. (No, I was not under his hot sexy voice spell… wish I was tho.. LOL) Point is…. Luke was a person here… and I like that. I feel like I was able to get to know Luke as a person per say.. instead of seeing him as a piece of meat.. then again don’t mind that either.

  30. Wow, that was a show out of control for a moment. Exciting!

  31. Teddy says:

    Cell the point about finding out about the candidates yourself was made by me. It was the one point I was able to inject into that heated debate. Just clarifying 😉

  32. Cell says:

    OH… Sorry about that Teddy. Things got Heated during that discussion. I apologize! 🙂

  33. Cell says:

    Your Cool! I’m Cool! 🙂

  34. Alcohol and Politics don’t go well together.

  35. Leigh says:

    Tracy needs to learn when to shut up. Regardless of whether she’s going to vote for Obama, she’s continuing this ridiculous comparison of him and Hitler. She might as well go around telling people he’s a Muslim and likes to “terrorist fist bump” his wife. Yes, Barack has charisma. How is that a problem? Hillary clearly lacked SOMETHING, or else she would have won the primary. She’s not the Democratic candidate. You can stop the intra-party bashing now, thanks.

  36. Jimmy says:

    Tracy didn’t compare Obama to Hitler. omg lol

  37. PureeTofu says:

    Can’t wait to listen to this show!
    Teddy and I have talked on here before.
    Tracy and I need to talk more (hint hint, message me bitch, I’ll whip it out!)
    And Luke made the gayest FoF shirt to date (ha ha ha, still crack up about that).

  38. reese says:

    i can’t believe y’all are comparing Barack Obama to Hitler.

    Barack is no longer running against Hillary. He’s running against McCain! McCain is basically 4 more years of xenophonbic war and tax cuts for the rich. Just look at what 8 years of war and tax cuts for the rich have gotten us. I just got laid off. My friends and my siblings are getting laid off or taking pay cuts. Meanwhile Halliburton and Bearingpoint and other major donators to the GOP are making billions of dollars as contractors/mercenaries in Iraq. The government under the Republicans has been a giant ATM for these horrible corporations that profit off of war and death. The Clinton surplus has been completely squandered. That surplus could have gone to health care, social security, the environment. I’m sick of having these multi-billion dollar corporations pick my pockets while I can barely pay my rent.

    I think there’s a lot more to Barack than just charisma. He’s a liberal, he wants to get us out of this war, and he wants to give us universal health care. He’s going to roll back the tax cuts for the rich, implement tax cuts for the middle class. He’s a Harvard Law grad who spent years working in poor communities in Chicago. I trust his judgment in regards to working-class problems more so than McCain, who, as far as I know, is another out-of-touch Washington elitist. I think that Barack has the ability to discern the nuances in every problem, and I think that’s important right now. His energy plan is better. He’s definitely not as enthusiastic as McCain about drilling. And I think that he’ll have a better grasp of the problems in the Middle East. And he has the best chance of re-establishing ties with allies around the world, as we saw from his trip to the Middle East and Europe where he was greeted enthusiastically. Also, we just cannot afford to have any more Alitos and Roberts on the Supreme Court. A McCain presidency will likely be the nail in the coffin for women’s reproductive rights.

    I understand the frustration of having to make an educated judgment when political campaigns get dirty and waste the voters’ time with nonsense. But there wasn’t much difference in Hillary’s and Barack’s policies.

  39. You are right Reese !

    Also it was kind of inappropriate to compare Obama`s great speech abilities to Hitler`s.

    We should all educate ourselves about the parties and their candidates. If we want to make a democracy work then we also have to do our part and cannot let ourselves just influence by the media.

  40. I’ll make it simple. If you think that George Bush’s policies are right for the country, vote for John McCain. If you think we need a new direction, vote for Barack Obama. Don’t worry about charisma or speeches. John McCain’s positions are the same as George Bush and if he wins we’ll probably go to war with Iran. If you don’t like what George Bush has done you won’t like what McCain wants to do with the country.

  41. YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! REESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOWWOOWOWOW —- ok now that’s the kind of info about Obama we ALL need to put in our cap and be preaching — that is what is going to get him elected. That’s what it’s going to take to get Jane and Joe Blow in the outer reaches of America to vote for him. Thank you Reese!

    about the Hitler reference — my point is that Hitler had amazing charisma and he had a gift for speaking to the masses and engaging them. So I become very concerned when I see people judging candidates on charisma alone. YES Obama is a liberal — THANK GOD FOR THAT!! I’m as liberal as you can get , I beleive in legalized prostitution and drug use. I beleive in gay marriage, I belive in a ban of hand guns —( England does it and is a safer country why not us???) LOL those are all radical points however I really think that in America we are behind in our evolution as a country because of our puritan mentality. I think in the long run it will hold us back in the world if we don’t allow people to evolve as a community.

  42. reese says:

    I’m glad to be of any assistance to you Tracy. I hope I didn’t come across like too much of an angry liberal.

    I understand what you mean about Hitler, who was able to seduce with his charisma and rhetoric. It’s difficult for Barack supporters to hear something like that, I think, because so many of these GOP mouthpieces on Fox News are trying to put it out there that Barack is this radical muslim double-agent just because his middle name is Hussein, or because he’s engaging in “terrorist fist-jabs” with Michelle. It reeks of xenophobia and it exploits the fears of Jane and Joe Blow in middle America. It bugs me because it appeals to the very worst impulses in people, and I just find it morally reprehensible. If the FCC can make a stink about Janet Jackson’s breast or Paris Hilton’s twat, why can’t they crack down on a network that is basically spewing Propaganda and disguising it as news? Isn’t propaganda illegal in America?

    I have to say that it does piss me off that anyone would even think of voting for McCain. All you have to do is tally up the numbers. 3 trillion dollars is what they estimate the war in Iraq will cost, and you know it’s not because those soldiers are suddenly making six figure salaries; it’s because we’re paying the contractors, Blackwater, and bribing insurgents not to kill us. I mean, how is it acceptable that we can’t even providing these guys w/ decent care when they return? 4000 dead American soldiers. 600,000 to 1 million dead Iraqis, not all of whom could’ve been terrorists (we didn’t bother counting the amount of people we killed in Vietnam either). I just don’t think it’s acceptable for people to be focusing on flag pins and hair cuts when McCain clearly wants to continue Bush’s policies in Iraq. My only problem is that I don’t think the money will be there when/if Barack enters office. When Clinton became prez in ’92, he had all these plans he wanted to put into place to help people, but after 12 yrs of Reagan/Bush Sr. there was no money to do anything. All he could do was try to balance the budget. Obama might be stuck in the same predicament, unfortunately.

    Anyway, I’m going to get off my soapbox. I’m completely with you about legalizing prostitution and drugs. And of course, gay marriage. And you’re right! The puritans and their mentality have really screwed us in this country. So many people grow up scared of their own sexuality and so they hate on those of us who aren’t.

  43. Yep — wonderfully said!!! I just hope he has the experience behind him to balance the budget AND do everything he stands for. We shall see —

  44. Hope you guys saw the interview with Mitch Mitcham and his boyfriend post gold medal for diving.

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