FOF #827 – Hard to Say Goodbye

Aug 26, 2008 · 1985 views

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We couldn’t stay away from the City By the Bay, so we stayed one more day with Kevin who is fabulous! And gay. So gay he makes a rainbow flag seem modest. Being in San […]


  1. Matt says:

    YaY! Now Daphne wont get taken down! Cant wait to listen in on this one!
    Matty/Daphne 😉

  2. RcktMan says:

    What a delightful show this was! Kevin was so much fun… I woke up early today and put this show on, and you guys were just what I needed to get the day started. I loved hearing from Patricia and Kevin’s mom… that was just too funny.

    Glad to have you guys home again! Chicago just wasn’t the same without you!

  3. Xavi says:

    You know it’s a great show when my partner gives me the “shutup” look on the train on the way to work. I lost count the number of times I laughed (loudly).

    Kevin, I live near Primo Patio Cafe and have never been. You forgot to mention its only open for lunch. 🙁 Will definitely keep trying. Hope to have you back soon!

  4. Cliff Dix says:

    I love Kevin. He should definitely be on more. Makes me want to pack my bags and check in to the Hotel Mark Twain and stay in the Feast Suite or was it the Fools Suite.
    I have had those chicken feet in Chinatown Chicago and they were rubbery. Yuck!

    I also want to tell you guys I met the guy who started the Miss Klingon Empire Beauty Contest. He is gay and came up with the idea years ago. It started out as a Star Trek beauty contest but it was a bomb. He did it again a few years later and restricted it to Klingons only. It was a smash and is now one of the highlights of DragonCon which is this weekend!

  5. Renata T. says:

    ohhh! I loved Mr. Kevin Thomas so much, he is such a sweet dedicated guy!

  6. Kevin is all that and a bag of chips! He was such a joyful, funny guy- def. one of my favorite people we met on this trip!

  7. You guys turned up the volume on this entire trip. EVERY SINGLE episode was fun, funny, interesting, and exciting! The guests were the most dynamic I’ve heard in a while. You should be so proud of the work you accomplished in the last week. Bravo!!!

  8. I’m glad you enjoyed all these “out of town” shows. Believe me it was a big deal to produce, both financially, technically and physically.

    Wish you could have seen Marc and I lugging around our entire recording studio and suitcases at the airport! We looked like gypsies carrying our entire lives around.

    I miss Kevin already, he was such a great guest.

  9. Matt says:

    I love Kevin!!! He is just fabulous! Great show, I loved all the tips on the city. Cant wait to visit the city and when I do, I know where I am staying! Loved Kevin, great guest!

  10. Jon-paul says:

    I enjoyed listening to Kevin and you guys talk about his great city that I love. Gary and I enjoyed meeting you at the meet and greet at the Pilsner Inn. We also enjoyed meeting the other FOF fans. It was nice actually talking to them face to face and just not posting back and forth on the community forums. We wished we could have made it to the Trannyshack send off but we had a prior commitment 🙁 Thanks for all you do for your fans, Fausto and Marc!

  11. The perfect cap to an absolutely stellar week of programming. Kevin is a total doll and hillarious too. He didn’t mention bearciti which imo is the most beautifully designed of the bear sites but sadly its underattended. Glad he broached on the bear411 issues. You can read more about it on And, I believe you can buy Song of the South on Ebay. I used to have a copy made in Japan that had uncolored sections and Japanese subtitling. Believe it or not the old founder/owner of Blow Buddies gave it to me when I worked there as a doorman. He was a big Disney freak and he modelled the club on Disney in every aspect imagineable. We even had to use Disney-speak when we were “hosting a party” or speaking with “guests.” The funniest script we had to recite was the free pass to come back spiel. We only gave them out to super hot guys. When someone would say but I didn’t get a pass. We were to respond, a pass is a gift, and smile while directing (never pointing) them into the club with a wave of our arm.

  12. Kevin from the Hotel Mark Twain says:

    Thank you so much everyone for the great comments! I will be back on – I loved working with my favorite fools, Fausto and Marc.

    And Xavi, I’d love to meet you (and your partner but feel free to bring a single bear lover) at Primo Patio Cafe. And about them serving dinner, they usually do during baseball season. For dinner, it’s best to call and see if they’re open.

  13. Xavi is really cute Kevin! I would hang with them anytime.

    WE MISS U already!!!

  14. Kevin from the Hotel Mark Twain says:

    F, it doesn’t matter if Xavi is cute as he has a partner!

  15. Another funny, great show with Kevin! He is a sweet guy!

    From the picture, Xavi looks really cute. Kevin might be lucky and he and his partner are ready for new adventures. 😉

  16. Michael says:

    Love Kevin, he’s hilarious!

    So glad to hear that I can continue doing my lip dubs and not worry about getting busted by da man!

  17. Xavi says:

    Tricky T said it so well I’ll steal it from him and say it again:

    The perfect cap to an absolutely stellar week of programming.

    M&F thank you for all your hard work!

    ps… (re: previous comments)

  18. Xavi says:

    let’s try this again…

    re: previous comments:


  19. Xavi says:

    ok…3rd time’s a charm.

    Insert “blush” inside the brackets (kept getting deleted)

  20. The week isn’t over yet! Sorry to confuse everyone, but we still have three more days to go!

    If you guys like the shows from Las Vegas and San Francsico, that is directly a result of our ability to be in those cities and tape with these important folks face to face.

    So thank you all for your generous contributions and to Steamworks and the Hotel Mark Twain for being sponsors for the trip!

  21. Mark says:

    All the shows from your trip were great!

  22. Leon says:

    Kevin was so delightful and so handsome.

    as for chicken feet, they can be made several ways, but you don’t eat the bones, it’s really about the sauce on the skin and sucking on them, much like chicken wings. Yes, I know wings have meat, but the majority of the sauce you suck on is on the skin. 🙂

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