FOF #840 – Frat Brothers

Sep 15, 2008 · 1985 views

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It’s rush season on the Feast of Fools people! We’ve got a whole fraternity of handsome fellas in the home studio and I’m feeling like throwing my own toga party. Whooo!!! Toga, toga toga! In […]


  1. This has nothing to do with togas (brilliant idea though) but Fausto-had to let you know that all my fabulous friends and I were practicing your method of smiling for pictures this past Saturday at our giant meat-smoking party in the Pine Barrens of Jersey. None of us can do it quite like you though…
    Hearts and Stars,

  2. You have some pretty wild friend Beverly! Love all the wild photos on your blog. Which ones are you practicing the technique on?

  3. Unfortunately none of those!!! I will post some shortly when I get my paws on ’em. Thanks for checking it out, Marc.

  4. Can we expect to see a cake-sitting video from you? You would be perfect for sploshing!

  5. You will never catch my ass doing things like that chick’s! Uh-uh, only roses and alpine freshness come out if this pretty hole. Plus, that is a yeast infection just waiting to happen.
    Sploshing, on the other hand, I adore. Currently in the process of lining some up-I’ll let you know.

  6. Ha! I didn’t mean that style- I meant more along these lines

    The best part is you and Fausto directing him on how to spank his butt with the cake.
    A fucking library book?
    I adore you both.

  8. Thanks Beverly. Spank your booty with cake for Obama!

  9. I find the same women attractive, although I admit as fully gay, and am a little more into Gwen Stefani….Fun Frat best of work….but I am all about togas and cosmos…

  10. here is a recent party in Milwaukee i recently attended…oh hell yeah..

    toga parties are hot!

  11. licoricepirate says:

    one of them goes to S.U.?
    woah me too

  12. DantheMan says:

    Toga, toga toga!! You guys are so funny.

  13. I kind of want to organize a toga party in Chicago during January, is that a good idea?

  14. I just got this press release:
    Campus Pride Announces the Nation’s First Conference
    for LGBT Fraternity Brothers and Sorority Sisters
    Registration is now open along with Call for Workshop Presenters

    CHICAGO, IL, September 16, 2008 – Campus Pride today announced the dates for the nation’s first conference designed for LGBT students involved in Greek life. Echoing the mission of Campus Pride’s Lambda 10 educational initiative, the “Out and Greek Conference” aims to bring together lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) member of fraternities and sororities in an effort to foster dialogue and create safer, more LGBT-friendly learning environments at colleges and universities.

    The conference, which will take place November 14-16 at De Paul University in Chicago, Illinois, marks the first time that a conference for LGBT Greeks has occurred. “Greek houses were once considered a primary source of homophobia on college campuses,” said conference co-chair Justin Hager, who is openly gay and a founding member of the Tau chapter of Sigma Pi Fraternity International. “but now more than ever LGBT members of the Greek system are being open and honest about who we are. This conference hopes to provide an opportunity to enhance that dialogue, share tools and create further strategies for change.”

    Featured speakers and presenters will include Shane Windmeyer, best-selling author of “Out on Fraternity Row,” “Secret Sisters” and “Brotherhood,” and founder of the Lambda 10 Project; Rev. Dr. Jamie Washington of the Washington Consulting Group; TJ Jourian of the Sundance miniseries Transgeneration; author and activist Jessica Pettitt; and TJ Sullivan, Founder of CAMPUSPEAK. The Out and Greek Conference will also provide an opportunity for students from across the country to lead and present workshops on best practices from their campus fraternity and sorority community.

    A schedule of events as well as information on registration, sponsorship, travel, or becoming a workshop presenter, may be found by visiting You may also call Campus Pride at 704-277-6710 or email

  15. Nick says:

    I was fortunate enough to get to see Equus when it was on the West End! Although I didn’t see Daniel Radcliffe in it, I did happen to catch Lilly Allen’s brother, Alife Allen, take on the lead role.

    I’d highly recommened it; it’s amazingly sexual and philosophical… it certainly left an impression with me!!!
    I’m not sure if it was just my immagination; but I got some gay understones when I saw it 😀

    Repressed sexualty?!

    Love the podcast.

    The milkybar kid is strong and tough…

  16. Kieran says:

    Test and more of the same

  17. Equus is a really good play normally i would not recomment to go see it in a large stage like they are doin it on Brodway or west end here in mexico they normally run it on circular theater and it realliworks best. But in the other side well you just wanna go see Daniel naked so why not.

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