FOF #841 – The Sexiest City in America

Sep 16, 2008 · 1985 views

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What is it about Milwaukee that turns the editors of Marie Claire magazine on so much? They have proclaimed Milwaukee to be the sexiest city in America because it is “the nation’s summer-festival epicenter.” It […]


  1. Rick says:

    If you want to view Josh’s video you have to log in to Xtube first before you click on his website link. Very hot video Josh. I guess it was a very good morning!

  2. valhum says:

    And obviously everyone is just gonna watch that video HAHAHAHA forget what you were talking about, it is all about the Xtube hahaha.

  3. I’ll never view my desktop pendulum quite the same. Maybe I should put some colorful finger condoms on those naughty little steel balls.

  4. Here is the office toy equivalent of Josh’s video–

  5. was the car crash sequence the “Good Morning!” element?

  6. matt says:

    Josh’s video made me want to find two people to have a romantic encounter.

  7. Josh is a tool and represents all that is wrong with Gay America. He deserves to have McCain win and have the draft reinstituted. Oh that’s right you’re a big tucking FAG and the Republicans would rather you not serve your country. Stick to serving your tricks. It’s good to do what you do best.

  8. I was waiting for a comment like that!! Awesome!! Rock On!! Just remember Bill Clinton enacted “don’t as don’t tell” and I loved that man!

  9. DCRyan says:

    OK since I haven’t posted in a while I’m going to start by apologizing to Fausto and Marc for not being more dedicated. Now that I have gotten all of my student loan stuff figured out, money is coming shortly.

    Second – Fausto, whenever you do the Buffalo Bill impersonation from Silence of the Lambs it makes me laugh even harder than when you quote Showgirls, I LOVE IT!!

    Third – This is not directed to the sexy Josh (that’s Mr. Wolter if your nasty) so please don’t take it as a dig. You are very very sexy….very.

    If you look at my other posts on FOF you will see I generally try to be very balanced and objective in the expression of viewpoints. But voting for McCain, while everyone’s right (you know except the people that will be disenfranchised by Republican-promoted voter ID statutes and gerrymandering) is not something I can stay silent on.

    Three Reasons Why A Voter, Especially a Gay Voter Should Not Vote for McCain

    Fausto hit it right on the head when he alluded to judicial appointments. Most people in Washington I know say it is highly likely that two Supreme Court justices will likely be replaced in the next four years. Many other federal judges will be appointed during this time as well. Currently there is a majority of Republican judicial appointees already in the system. We’re talking about the same federal judges that consistently make decisions about gay rights, many of which, especially in the past 20 years, have represented a decidedly conservative shift (California doesn’t mean much when there are twenty six, TWENTY SIX states that ban gay marriage).

    So stay with me here, “experience,” though quite important, should not be the primary factor on which someone bases their vote. A Republican will vote for conservative appointees, GOT THAT, there are some things which like it or not always go on party lines. So a vote for McCain is a vote for a further retraction of gay rights.

    In regards to the states rights arguments made on the show. You see there are these little things that the FEDERAL government has passed and enforced that are, you know, kind of important to the current state of political and socio-economic rights in the United States. Oh let me see now the Civil Rights Act, Title VII, American’s with Disabilities Act…to name a few. So when people say, “Why don’t we just leave it to the states?” Well maybe it’s because states have proven time and again that they require federal intervention to ensure basic human rights. So basically a vote for states rights is…well if I have to explain it at this point then just stop reading.

    Yes, I completely agree foreign policy experience is important. A president, more than many other areas of his duties, has a substantial amount of power in this area and, as we resoundingly saw with Bush, can make choices that will forever change the history of America. But, there’s something else that has and will continue to change the immediate futures of Americans, the economy.

    No I don’t blame Republicans for the mortgage crisis, I blame the free market run amok. But in looking again at yet another reason beyond “experience” on which to base one’s vote, maybe you should look at the overall philosophy of a party. Republicans generally = Free Market (oh, except the convenient bailouts, non-interventionist? Hardly); Democrats generally = Regulatory oversight. Now I’m not going to get in an economics debate, but I think just about any remotely intelligent person can see that our current financial morass is a function of under-regulation. Somehow I doubt that Republicans are going to be the ones to come in and regulate the greedy companies that have managed to tank our economy with their untamed, speculative activity. A democrat will.

    Note, none of these arguments focused on Obama, they focused on political party affiliations. Well that’s because there are certain things for which the party alone matters. So with anyone who would switch from Hillary to McCain based on experience, it seems to me as if they have failed to recognize the way Washington and ideology generally work. IT IS NOT JUST ABOUT THE CANDIDATE, it is about the party they represent.

    So in sum, and this is perhaps where I get a bit too vitriolic and lack objectivity a bit too much, but I hope that everyone who votes for McCain gets exactly what they deserve. And I don’t think that’s being too harsh because built into the statement is a bit of relativity. I hope if you are right and I am wrong and McCain is this great experienced leader who manages to fix Bush’s mess – I hope you get that. And if instead you have a McCain to continues to hypocritcally bailout companies on taxpayers backs driving us deeper in debt, widening the gap between the middle class and the rich, and destroying our economy, and continues to appoint judges and justices who will prevent you from seeing your partner on their death bed, that will deny domestic partner benefits (check out the recent Michigan Supreme Court decision for one example) – I hope you get that too.

    Voting is a fundamental way in which you express what you want your democracy to be like. So when you are going to vote realize you are not just voting for a candidate, you are voting for the party they are attached to. What kind of democracy do you want?

  10. DCRyan says:

    OK, let me dial it back a minute now though to reiterate, Josh you are awesome. Anyone who can make a porn that funny (I mean it is f**king HILARIOUS) is alright in my book.

    In fact it seems to perfectly illustrate a phenomenon that maybe I should start a thread about in the community forums – What to do when a selfish top obviously doesn’t care whatsoever how the bottom is feeling.

    Josh dealt with it exactly how I do – with humor.

    I mean frankly I always find it funny that the top thinks he’s the one in control. What the bottom does is far more difficult than what you do honey, and if ya don’t do it right, I’m going to make fun of you for it.

    So Josh, thank you for your fearless pro-bottom activism, you are a true gentleman.

  11. DCRYAN… are a fantastic, well spoken, attractive guy……I appreciate your calm, insiteful and elegant way to argue your side of the conversation. I appreciate your insite, and will study more and more the politics and policy of both canidates. As I said on the show I am CURRENTLY supporting McCain, not to say that may not be swayed. I feel at this point I am really a “swing voter.”

    I will inevatably make my decision at 100% in November, and I can’t even guarantee what that is at this point.

    I just really wanted to say thank you for being……cordial….not hateful for my decisions.


  12. okay…..DCRYAN…..your second comment showed up after I posted my reply to your first…..

    will you “civil union” me….I will be in DC in December, a perfect time for a ceremony..LOL

    Your cracking me up, keep going pumpkin.

  13. DCRyan says:

    Ha, we do have domestic partnerships in DC actually, come on down big boy, I think Marc and Fausto can vouch for the fact that I can handle ya 🙂

    My favorite part is when you incredulously say, “I wish you were straight,” and the “straight” guy even has to laugh because he is so obviously, um, not.

  14. Odd thing is he actually was…total GFP (gay for pay) I believe I said though “I wish you weren’t straight”

    BTW we are the main commenters on teh show, LOL

  15. BASboy says:

    Well speaking of Penny Marshal, She lives about a mile from me. My former roommate use to date her live in office assistant.

    You don’t know me, so you can take what I say with a grain of sea salt. But at least as of 11 years ago (that is when I moved out of the roommates apartment and moved in with my husband) Penny only hires gay assistants. She likes them to come in and help her bathe in the bathtub (the assistant stays dressed). Scrubbing her back and such. She might suffer from depression, for unless she is working she likes to stay in bed and smoke all day, every day.

    She has a thing for black men and only dates / has sex with them. Plus she has an hour massage every day, just massaging her calves. I have seen her place once from the outside and the assistance room. It is a one level adobe looking house that is white and rather long. That is about all I know about celebrity gossip.

    You would think living in Hollywood / West Hollywood I would be all over it, but my dad worked for NBC when I was growing up and I sort of wasn’t too much into the celebrity stuff.

  16. Cliff Dix says:

    This is why porn stars should not talk.

  17. Craig says:

    It’s actually “Marie Claire” not “Mary”. I was confused while listening to the show whether you meant “Marie”, but if you follow the link, the story does indeed name the magazine as “Marie Claire”.

    I have a hard time understanding why anyone with critical thinking skills, let alone a gay person would truly vote for McCain/Palin (especially Palin). I just don’t get it. I was already afraid of what would happen when it was just McCain, but now that this crazy person Palin is on the ticket, the last thing anyone should be doing is voting in people who want to send us back into the middle ages. I mean, she wants to have creationism taught in schools, ban abortion (even in cases of rape and incest), is a blatant liar and won’t even admit it when everyone can see it. And she honestly seem not too smart based on the inteview(s) she’s done.

    I can’t even vote myself as I’m not a citizen, and that makes it even more scarier for me living in a country where I have no say as to who the leader is, even though it will directly effect my life. I do respect Josh’s opinion, but I just don’t understand it, or agree with his stated reasons why he is currently supporting McCain.

  18. I swear I wrote Marie. Maybe it got spell corrected or Fausto changed it.

  19. Bob says:

    Just because you put yourself on xtube…….does that make you a porn star?

  20. Don’t forget, it’s the MOST favorited video on that site.

    When we were out in Boystown, people actually recognized him so yes, I’d say he is a star.

  21. Here’s a suggestion on how to fuck with Sarah Palin while helping some decent people out. I actually cracked my wallet open for this one:

    Make a donation to Planned Parenthood in Sarah Palin’s name (as little as $5). When you make a donation to PP (secure site) in her name, they’ll send her a card stating the donation was made in her honor. it financially supports beleaguered PP and protests the threat to EVERYONE’S sexual rights.

    Here’s the link to Planned Parenthood’s website:

    Open ‘Donate’. Click ‘Honorary or Memorial Donations’. Fill in your info and donation, then scroll down to ‘I would like to give to’: fill in ‘Sarah Palin’ and use the McCain campaign
    headquarters address:
    1235 S. Clark Street, 1st Floor
    Arlington, VA 22202

    Viva la elección!

  22. The film wasnt put up nor made by myself, it is technically a trailer/ teaser clip placed up by the proffesional company..

  23. Fishsauce says:

    Fausto, I really appreciate your clear and very articulate differentiation between Obama vs. McCain, Democrats vs. Republicans.

    Thanks for always bringing on interesting guests, even if they do have opposing viewpoints from many of us.

  24. Thanks FishSauce! Although I strongly disagree with Josh’s viewpoints on McCain, I still enjoy him as a friend and his movies. 🙂

    Still Josh’s point of view is what many American’s feel (they prefer seeing McCain as President) so I think it’s important to look at these viewpoints upcoming to the election to hopefully persuade people to change their mind. Believe me, I live in Chicago and have seen many sleazy politicians do pretty dirty things, so corruption is not just a Republican vice.

    Obama is the real deal folks, I simply love to hear him talk, and think he would make a great president because of this trait. He’s a great communicator and his ideas are logical, sound and exciting.

  25. Superboy says:

    Well if Josh does vote for McCain, with the way things are going in the Supreme Court, he wont be able to be a porn actor anymore. So maybe this is his round about way of quitting the porn business?

  26. Interesting show…

    Maybe Josh should educate himself more about politics!

  27. George says:

    Good Morning!

    It’s not the top favorited video, it’s like the 15th.

    Ok there cowboy?!

  28. Xavi says:

    Hats off to you Josh, way to stick up for yourself and what you believe. But bigger kudos to Marc and Fausto for disagreeing with your (clearly) yet treating you with the respect we all deserve.

    Have you considered voting Libertarian? Barr, the author of DOMA, has come out against it. I need to learn more about him.

    Can’t agree with you more on marriage, state’s rights, etc…

    ***cut/paste my comments on being a log cabin republican from Amanda’s recent show***

  29. It was number one for a long time George!

  30. Thanks Fausto & Marc for your comments on the differences between both candidates. I think in the upcoming weeks towards the election, your opinions are going to be even more important because its clear and eloquent. I think you should have more guests on like Josh, because they bring to light what those differences are. I respect you both for challenging us to think.

  31. I am so happy to hear the comments on both ends of the spectrum on the political subject. It is really great to hear that people on both sides are very passionate about whatever canidate they have chosen. What truly matters in the end is that people actually get out and vote for what believe in. I would love to say that every vote counts but, I think with the proof of past elections that point has been proven invalid.

    I have also thought that it is truly time to abolish the electoral college. Since it was created in a time where there wasn’t the technology to count every vote, now it’s here. I would love to see what others opinions on this are…..

    Do you think that if the electoral college was abolished, Al Gore would currently be giving up his presidency and Hillary Clinton would actually be the nominee?

    Let’s start talking about that, I would love to hear what others think….

    (sorry to give go against the misconception that porn stars are stupid, select commenters above)

  32. Th electoral college still serves a purpose. It’s a safeguard to protect against tyranny or deception..

  33. Is it though?

    The system I have found to be outdated and ineffeciant and full of deception (ie Florida 2000, Primaries 2008)

    The technology is there to actually make “every vote count,” there are so many young voters that don’t think there vote actually counts, therefor don’t vote.

    I would rather elect a person defined on a popular vs. electoral college.

    Idealisticly letting the peoples voice actually be heard.

  34. DCRyan says:

    The electoral college system, and why it is still in place, can be a complex issue. I recommend an essay by Akil Amar, a constitutional law scholar for further reading on it:

  35. Absolutely fantastic essay referance, it still pokes at both sides, my particular favourite lines to reference my point are…

    “Even today, a state with low voter turnout gets precisely the same number of electoral votes as if it had a high turnout.”

    as well..

    “But if the electoral college makes sense in the modern era, why has every state repudiated this model for gubernatorial elections? If one person, one vote is the right way to pick California’s governor, why not the country’s president?”

    DCRYAN I am falling for ya, LOL.

  36. Xavi says:

    while we’re reforming the EC let’s give DC full congressional representation! currently they have no senators and one non voting representative.

  37. dave73 says:

    Maybe when I get the chance to return to Milwaukee, Josh could show me around the city. For what little I’ve seen of Milwaukee, I like it, but would like to see more of Milwaukee. When I first heard of This Is It in 2002, I never thought I would come across another place with that name, as there’s a general store in one building, and a clothing store in the building next door called This is It in Gary Indiana (it’s 2 stores actually with the same name). They’ve been in business for 55 years.

    To Marc & Fausto who brought up about being in a trailer during a tornado; now it couldn’t have been that bad. This is coming from someone who’s lived in 3 trailers at different times throughout my life. They might not be exactly the most glamourous type of home, or the roomiest, but most people who live in one make the most of it. At least where I’ve lived at in the past, and the place I live in now; the winds haven’t been strong enough to topple one over yet. Ironically, the trailer park I live in was spared from the storms and tornado that hit NW Indiana in July, but destroyed numerous homes away from the trailer park, including damage done to my grandmother’s 90-100 year old house. I’ve lived in houses too. I prefer a house anyday, but money dictates where I live at the moment.

    And lastly Josh; vote for who you think will be the best candidate. I have yet to decide who I’ll vote for. But personally, I don’t like either candidate. I believe regardless of who gets elected will only make the debt worse. Regardless of who I vote for; Indiana will likely go Republican, as Indiana has always gone Republican in every election since its statehood in 1816, except for the 1964 election, which went Democrat, and went for Lyndon B Johnson.

  38. PureeTofu says:

    Hey guys, love being mentioned in the show!

    Also, Patricia is amazing and a half, can I be adopted as a grand baby? Patricia is so great guys and if anybody is mean to her, I’ll hunt you down. That’s what we do in NC!

    In addition, I think I’m going to be joining the parade and getting on xTube, so I can send the photos out easier. Hmm, they’re still on ManHunt if anybody wants to see them, I use the same screen name everywhere.

  39. “Good Morning” just became my new ring-tone. Every time the phone rings, I’ll instantly be transported to that moment…

  40. Really? Really? A ringtone…..I am terribly amused by that, whats next….t-shirts? Is good morning going to replace “quarter turns” LOL thanks Jon for making me smile.

  41. Legin says:

    Josh, I really can’t see how anyone involved in the GAY porn industry can possibly think of voting Republican, especially this year. These people are dedicated to taking away our sexual rights. They want to stuff religion down our throats, beat gay people back into the closet or “convert” us with electro-shock treatment. Are you really prepared to have your rights taken away?

    The other thing I don’t understand is, if you were a Hillary supporter, what prevents you from supporting Obama? Their positions on most issues don’t differ that much. The whole thing about “experience” is just part of the Republican political strategy. What they are really saying in code is that only “certain people” have a right to run this country. Please don’t be sucked in by that sort of tripe.

  42. OH MY GOD!!!! I’ve had the HUGEST crush on the guy that was fucking Josh for about two years now!!! HOLY CRAP!!!!!

  43. Jonas says:

    I think Josh made a good point, to seek out offices of both Democrats and Republicans. I did something similar when I turned 18 and could vote – emailed all the major parties and asked them their views on different topics. I drew my conclusions from that, voted for the top candidate and have never regretted it since,

    Well, NEARLY never.

  44. What hapend to the link on XTube is it working?

  45. You have to be signed in and then hit the link. You can also just search for it.

  46. yeha i sign in but it just give me an error message. What r the keywords to serch it cause i used the ones u said on the progrma tons of videos appear

  47. I do wish to say congratulations to Obama, while I am not happy with the outcome of the election, I do fully intend on getting behind our new Commander in Chief…President-elect Barack Obama.

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