FOF #848 – Teri Yaki Becomes Amanda

Sep 25, 2008 · 1985 views

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Kids, say hello to your new mommy! Teri Yaki’s been working hard to transform herself into Amanda Steinstein, for our very special What Not to Wear/Feast of Fools viewing party at Hydrate in Chicago on […]


  1. dave73 says:

    Only those closest to Regina Upright know the real reason she gave it up. I don’t know the reasons why she gave it up, as I’m not closest to her. But there’s a combination of factors to her decision of giving it up. I didn’t want to see her give it up. For the few times I’ve seen her perform (I work evenings, and that limits what shows I can see), she has stood out as being elegant, entertaining, and being one of a few drag queens that can actually look like a woman. I’m not good at words. So No out of the way comments on what I think of Regina Upright. I will say that I will miss her Cher impersonations, and the occasional Celine Dion numbers. I wish her luck at whatever she does.

  2. Teri Yaki’s pot story was outrageous and hillarious. She definitely has the kind of dominant stage prescence to give Fausto a run for the money and it was really funny listening. Please have her on again she was amazing!

  3. Jake Snow says:

    WOW!! I loved you on the show Teri Yaki!! You are so vibrant! The entire show was non-stop laughing for me! Dont distract the guest so much Fausto. Great show and one to be remembered.

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