FOF #858 – Climb Aboard the Pumpkin Boat

Oct 14, 2008 · 1985 views

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Rub-a-dub dub, three homos in a pumpkin boat! A Wisconsin resident is making news for carving a boat out of a giant pumpkin! How cute is that? Will eco-friendly pumpkin boats become the must-have lesbian […]


  1. Avatar jimberly says:

    I am dying for a Pequena Palin!

  2. McCain’s face is all messed up on the one side from a melanoma surgery. The doctor apparently had to remove a number of lymph nodes in his face, leaving it bloated.

  3. Avatar Superboy says:

    Pequena Palin! Pequena Palin! Please.

    I love Cameron, I might have to admit I have a man-crush on her.

    The sight of the three of you inside that pumpkin boat is so gosh darn cute.

  4. CNN had a medical doctor going over both candidates medical history and this doctor made it sound like McCain Dr was overly aggressive in removing Lymph Nodes during Melanoma removal, but maybe the Dr saw something he didn’t like. They showed a photo of the scar and it went from his temple area down to his cheek bone area, like 6 inches long. Some Drs are saying they need McCain to be independently tested to ensure the Melanoma hasn’t migrated to his brain, which he refuses to do. He’s had four different surgeries to remove Melanoma. On the flip side, Obama refuses to release any medical files, other than a note from his Dr saying he is in good health, but he only stopped smoking when he decided to run, and still uses nicotine gum.

  5. Yay Cameron! She’s so darn funny. I love that you guys had her on again. And, there really is nothing as cute as a pumpkin boat is there.

  6. Oh yeah, And that pumpkin boat photochop is such a great image, well done Fausto, and luv the newspaper hats…it’s so Devo like…

  7. Avatar kenner says:

    I’m going to take you to task….about your sexism. Why don’t you have obama in a speedo. Your sexist remarks are not flaturing to women at all. As a gay male I’m surprised at you downgrading women. Let use obama as a sex symbol too.

  8. Avatar Craig says:

    Cameron is wicked funny. She needs to come on more often. And where is Sal-E?

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  11. Avatar Elizabeth says:

    more Cameron!!

  12. Avatar Elizabeth says:

    now I have a profile . . . Cameron was great! Have her one again, please.

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