FOF #862 – Welcome to Deven Green

Oct 21, 2008 · 1985 views

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On today’s show we’ve got the very funny Deven Green, YouTube Comedy sensation, known for her videos as “Brenda Dickson – Welcome to my Home” and Betty Bowers, America’s Best Christian. Hailing from the great […]


  1. RcktMan says:

    OK Seriously… how adorable is Deven Green?!? I just LOVED her. She’s kooky and funny and so full of energy… and of course she’s so damn funny. Thanks for the great interview guys… And I’m gonna buy me a “Face Full of Fashion” T-shirt so she can call me too! 🙂

    Deven, please come back again soon!

  2. Michael says:

    Deven was HILARIOUS!!!! I’d love to meet her in real life or meet her hot husband (in a dark alley). I’ve seen Betty Bowers before but not Deven….so now I’ve got to run off and watch all of her videos.

    @Fausto – you’re a fountain of knowledge, I went out and grabbed my URL’s before someone else sucks them up!!!!

  3. Young says:

    OMG she is so hysterical. My new favorite catch phrase: “Hey Buddy, want a fistin’?”

  4. Jeromie Williams says:

    Well hello! I thought I would muck up this place with a shameless plug for Part 2 of Welcome To My Home 🙂 You can find it on Youtube at:

    Compliments of The Deven Green Fan Club on Facebook 🙂

  5. I can’t stop saying “vagine.”

  6. Jamie says:

    GREAT SHOW. love her!

  7. Ric says:

    Great interview with Deven! I was fortunate enough to meet her and Joel when they came to Las Vegas, and they are two of the nicest, funniest, and best looking people I have ever met! Thanks for allowing everyone the chance to get to know her more on your show.

  8. Geostud says:

    Terrific guest! Her videos are so hysterical… “Welcome to My Home” is my favorite. “This is my fashion face!”

  9. RcktMan says:

    It’s a face FULL of fashion!

  10. Kieran says:

    I thought you three had marvelous intercourse. I checked out her videos, her homepage and her husband. Excellent.

  11. Deven’s delivery, voice, and vocab are wonderfully delicious. I laughed thru the entire show. She’s really really hillarous. The deconstructing Brenda Dickson conversation was amazing as is the talking vagine 70’s talk show. Thank you guys for having such a talented and fun guest. I cant wait to turn my friends on to all her brill videos.

  12. Thank you. I love it when people compliment me on my intercourse.

  13. Kieran says:

    intercourse is a great word to throw into a conversation as in…

    My auntie went to Kenya and said the intercourse with the local people was wonderful.

    Most heterosexuals are really flumoxed but gays scream. Its a deliciously underused word. Try it. There is confusion too among our inteligent friends between intercourse and discourse.

    People say to me…Kieran, how is life in Japan. And I say well the intercourse is rather hard but I am still trying.

    I am sure Deven could slip that word into her wonderful videos. Even the Christians would love it. It sounds so decent.

  14. Cliff Dix says:

    Devin is delicious. I love her. She is flawless and fearless. Thank you FOF for introducing me to Devin, Betty Bowers, and her Brenda Dickson.

  15. Nelly Olson from Texas says:

    Touché pussycat! thx for the shoutout.
    Loved the show.

  16. Deven Green says:

    Marc and Fausto are the only two who could possibly get away with asking if I possessed a penis…of my own.
    xo deven ox

    PS: Truly, thank you so much for all of your positive comments…OMG I sound like a fucken pilgrim LOL

  17. Todd says:

    Deven is a genius. My friends and I became obsessed with her Brenda Dickson and I stalked her down. Thinking she lived in some far off place where people are full of quirks and funny as hell. Turns out she lives in my neighborhood.

    Now I’m the luckiest guy in the world having Deven’s brilliant mind and amazing wit just around the corner.

  18. Joel says:

    OK…you read this and you might be thinking that I’m a little biased being her husband and all, but: I love Deven Green! Not a day goes by that she doesn’t make me laugh – which is why I grabbed a hold of her.
    And I LOVE the fact that you all laugh along with her – she’s brilliant!

    And I’m happy to share my love of her and her laughs with all of you fans….but I will not share her vajeene….

    To the FOF crew: Thanks for having Dev on and running an amazing podcast and the most brilliant interview! Truly a class-act podcast and you can consider me one of your newest fans and friends!

    This three-way love affair has lit a fire that the ocean couldn’t put out!!!!

    You rock!

    And so does Dev!!!

  19. She’s so awesome! I’m so happy she was on the show. Hopefully she’ll be on again sometime soon!

  20. Jonas says:

    God, this woman is utterly fantastic – and I haven’t even seen her YouTube videos. I just subscribed via iTunes though.

    I must have looked really silly riding my bicycle and laughing like a maniac… in the pouring rain… and wind… and with my pants drenched – but she is just THAT funny. I’d love to have her and Tracy talk dirty on a show once. Or several times.


  21. Oscar says:

    this show got me through 1 hour of traffic at 1 in the morning. i LOVED IT

    ps. post more pictures of joel!!

  22. Mike says:

    Great job, guys, the word is getting out and it won’t be long before everyone gets to experience the brilliant mind and fiery wit of Deven Green. Kudos for keeping pace with her random silliness because I never know what the woman is going say from one moment to the next and with Deven all you can do is try to grab onto something solid, like you dick, and hold on for dear life.

    I’m from Canada so I’ve been following her rise since before she was doing prison shows and believe me, if your audence loved her videos they will want to run, crawl or slide to the nearest venue and catch the live show because Joel and Deven never disappoint. Oh… I’m such a fan!

  23. Tallguy says:

    This was a good interview. I was more aware of her man, I have seen most of the movies he has been in. I have seen his website, but just checked his stuff out, not hers. But she was funny on your show, so I will have to go back and check her out now.

  24. brian says:

    Great interview guys! Deven was really a great guest on the show. This may have been the funniest interview you’ve done. It was an absolutely hysterical episode. People, if you’re not familiar with Deven, now’s the time. Thanks Deven!!

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