FOF #863 – Tip Toeing with Tracy

Oct 22, 2008 · 1985 views

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What are you wearing for Halloween? We’re going as panda bears. On today’s show Tracy Tyler, everybody’s favorite Trannie on the internet, shares her thoughts on dressing up for Halloween and our fabulous What Not […]


  1. Michael says:

    Great show…I love Tracy (without an e) she’s got a wonderful energy.

    You are correct, there are a lot of people that feel they are stuck at dead end jobs because they are HIV+ and have health insurance and are afraid to leave or do leave and then have difficulty getting back into the workforce.

    Terrific dialog on the whole transgender transition and what the “definition” of what gay marriage really is. I have NO interest in getting married to someone (been there done that) but I AM all for the rights that go along with that association.

    I’m very excited about Halloween – I can’t wait. Maybe Tracy should dress up as a dominatrix to keep us Pandas under control. Hmmmm…I like the idea of a harness under the outfit, that and some buttless chaps!!!!!

    I think you’re right, Amanda killed Mr. Blackwell

  2. Michael says:

    You’re right, the original “Little Shop of Horrors” was Jack Nicholson’s first role…I’ve got it on DVD if you want to see it, pretty creepy.

  3. Xavi says:

    great discussion!

    tracy, here’s the difference between civil union (or gay union) and marriage: separate but equal never works. the best way to describe this is to point out that no one dreams of their civil union, no one gets on their knees and asks their partner to civil union them.

    civil marriage and religious freedom act, the bill passed by the legislature was very clear. no church can be forced to perform a marriage they don’t sanction. unfortunately you’re right. many people fear that they will have to allow gay marriages in their churches. they have nothing to fear in california but sadly fear remains a compelling argument.

    fausto and marc..thank you for continuing to discuss this topic. I can’t wait until its over. california voters under 30, we need you like never before!

    omgawd! i’m hearing tracy’s audrey as I type (one my phone, no less) hisssterical


  4. It’s okay, Tracy—it’s not like you were revealing any big secrets or anything. Next time, could mention my URL, though? hahahaha

    Seriously, great discussion today. Marc was right about Palin: She’s against any recognition of same-sex relationships apart from hospital visits—gee, thanks, Sarah! Both presidential and vice presidential candidates are opposed to same=sex marriage, but the Democrats are for civil unions. Whatever.

    Personally, I agree with Chicago Tribune columnist Eric Zorn who suggested that the only legal union for anyone should be civil unions and leave marriage to religion. They could argue all they want about who’s really married (just like they now argue about who’s really Christian or baptised, for example). No government has any business being involved in regulating a religious rite like marriage, but if they’re handing out benefits, rights and privileges, it out to done equally.

    See, Tracy? I’m STILL all about politics! lol

    Tracy was thinking of Sy Rogers, who’s still out there promoting the “ex gay” scam.

    I had to laugh when Fausto said “indoor voice, Tracy”. Does anyone actually use that phrase anymore? You wouldn’t think so by the behaviour of some kids these days!

  5. Tracy Tracy Tracy. My head hurts when you talk about politics. Can’t we get more hot sexual escape stories instead. One of the main backers of Yes on 8 is James Dobson’s Focus on the Family and they’ve really pushed their campaign by lying to people and scaring them into believing if the initiative doesn’t pass grade school children as young as 6 will be taught about homosexuality. Nothing in the CA state ed code or state law indicates this and no state curriculum has been changed since gay marriage was made legal. Its a bald faced lie meant to obscure Focus on the Family’s real purpose which is to oppress and obliterate glbtqq people. Check out the No on 8 sight it very nicely details their lies and the No on 8 campaign.

    -Love Tricky

  6. Arthur I think that’s great that you are all about politics! Just like when I used to talk about musical theater non stop you must have felt left out. —- oh well — I think I brought up some good points even if I’m not as political savvy as most. as far as gay “marriage” goes it’s all about the terminology my friends!

  7. Tracy, Domestic Partnerships are NOT the same as marriage. Domestic partnerships are just legal documents. They don’t provide the same dignity, respect, and commitment as a marriage. In a marriage, a paramedic doesn’t tell you that you cannot get into an ambulance with your spouse. Married couples can automatically make life or death decisions for each other in these crisis situations, no questions asked. (from the No on Prop 8 site)

  8. Look don’t spin this in that direction by putting words into my mouth. I NEVER said anything about domestic partnerships…

    My point was clear. In “our” fight for gay “marriage” we HAVE GOT to stop referring to it as “marriage” . The fact is that term has RELIGIOUS connotations in the eyes of the heterosexual population. By continuing to use the word”marriage” we are fighting a religious battle that we will NEVER win. If in fact we are only seeking equality of legal rights THEN we must STOP pushing this religious hot button and drop the word “marriage”.

    My other point that seems to have been misunderstood is that BOTH parties DO NOT support gay “marriage” — You heard it loud and clear on the debates. THEY DO NOT SUPPORT GAY MARRIAGE. However the democratic side supports exploring the possibilities of equal legal rights for gay couples that want to be committed to each other. But even that is sketchy what they actually believe.

  9. Kieran says:

    input your comment here…
    Simply put I don’t see any reason why gay people cannot have all the options that heteros do or people who belong to religious cults. I think Tracy has a point about keeping those cultists out of our lives and from deciding anything for other people. A nice wedding on a lawn with friends and family does not need any cultist involvement. Is it that people want a marriage AND inside a cultist center like a church? Religions don’t accept gays. Keep away from cults.

  10. Xavi says:

    tracy, you’re right on both counts. first the democtratic party gets a free ride from lgbtqetc community. i’ve said this a million times: my congressional representation would not lose their jobs if they came out fully in support of marriage equality. luckily my california legislature representation gets it.

    regarding the word marriage. in california we decided that because the state (along with churches) is in the business of marriage we had no choice. separate is not equal. what we did in california is clear. you have civil marriage (what we want) and you have religious marriage. either way you’re married. we want the same thing that non religious heteros want, marriage. I paid to see patty lupone in gypsy on broadway. do I want her understudy? its the same show, isn’t it? what if we would always get the understudy?!

    my partner and I don’t want to get married but we are both very committed to this. I refuse to be treated as a second class citizen.

    mixed race couples didn’t settle for domestic partnerships, neither should we (the exact same fear argument was used by the religious community in their fight to ban hetero marriage equality 35 years ago).

    you’ve been a great addition to the show!!!


  11. Civil union domestic partnership same thing.

  12. Tracy’s right about the word “marriage” having heavy duty religious overtones, and it’s that more than anything that drives otherwise rational christianists to oppose us (the lunatic fringe will oppose us no matter what). But I also agree that “separate but equal” is still unequal. That’s why I say we should end marriage as a government function completely. The only legally accepted uniting of couples should be a civil union, open to both opposite-sex and same-sex couples, and then let churches fight over the word “marriage” among themselves (as they will).

    Having said all that, the main point here is having the same rights and privileges regardless of what it’s called (as Marc was basically saying in the podcast). In New Zealand, we have Civil Unions that are open to any couple and that are the legal equivalent of marriage. Marriage itself is restricted to opposite sex couples, however. I find it offensive that heterosexuals alone can marry, but at least I can have the same rights and privileges, and at the end of the day, that’s what really matters. Eyes on the prize….

  13. WOW Great point Xavi!!! . Thanks for the musical theater analogy hehehehe — I laughed when I read that. I know I’m not the most politically informed person on the planet however I know there are people out there that must share my opinion and by you explaining what you just did you just explained it to everyone with my view point.

  14. Arthur I wanna sing at yours and Nigel’s Civil Union 😀

  15. GusGus says:

    Great show you guys!!! I loved it when Tracy and Fausto did their “Suddenly Seymour” duo. It was pretty darn good!! Good conversation on the whole marriage thing. I just wish we could have the exact same rights as heterosexual couples do, whether they call it marriage, civil union, domestic partnership, or eggs and ham!! It’s going to be a while before we have the same rights as heteros do, which is very unfortunate. However, we are living in interesting times…

  16. Xavi says:

    Tracy, you just made my day, mostly because i made you laugh! Seriously, all you needed was a little tug and i was happy to provide it. I’d rather have done it in person, though! 😉

  17. So tired of people accepting the back of the bus treatment with marriage. Why would you allow straight people to define your relationship as separate but equal.

    Screw them. I live in California and won’t get married at least until this Proposition 8 crap blows over. And even then – I’m not sure I want something that isn’t available on a national level.

    Seriously, fuck you America. And I really look down on countries like Great Britain who have “allowed” civil unions.

    You don’t get respect if you don’t demand your equal rights.

  18. And on a positive note (I know, you always tell me that’s lacking) – Tracy – those are some pipes you’ve got (in a good way)!

  19. hehehe SFImporter I always blush when a guy compliments my plumbing ….. LOL LOL

  20. You know, not all religions are against gay marriage, so just because some (most) are, doesn’t mean you can’t worship a higher power amongst other like-minded souls and be welcomed as a same-gender couple. Personally for me, it’s been the Quakers with whom I feel at home with, and when I do meet that someone special, I know we’ll both be welcomed and married under the care of the Meeting

  21. It doesn’t matter how you call it. Marriage or civil union…What matters is that when you marry you have the same rights like a married hetero couple.

    In Germany we have civil unions and gay marriage will give couples the same inheritance and tenants’ rights as heterosexual married couples. As foreigner you will also gain the right to citizenship when you legally joined in a gay partnership to a German. Partners will also have a responsibility to maintain and support the other if he or she is in financial difficulties. However same sex-partners don’t get the tax and welfare benefits like straight couples.

  22. mmmmm I wanna find a hot German guy to marry 😀 — do you have any bi friends like like big trannies Christian??? heheheehe

  23. I have bi friends. Come here, I introduce you to them and I am sure you will have a good time. 🙂

  24. Fausto — let’s take the show to Germany!!! 😀

  25. Let’s go! Anyone know a good contact at a travel company who would sponsor an overseas show?

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