FOF #864 – Gigi’s Halloween Tips and Tricks

Oct 23, 2008 · 1985 views

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Halloween is the perfect holiday for slobs. All those unraked leaves, cobwebs and dead animals rotting in your front yard almost look normal. Even though you dress like a bum everyone now everybody thinks you’re […]


  1. Jos says:

    Nice show guys and Gigy, thank you for your good haloween advices!

  2. Jamie says:

    I always enjoy GIGI when she’s on. She sounds like such a fun mother!

    and… I WON!!!!

    thanks for the Chicago Bear Movie Group plug. If anyone is interested, go to for details and to sign-up for outing updates.

  3. Jamie says:

    I WON!!!!

    I always enjoy GIGI when she’s on. She sounds like such a fun mother.

    Thanks for the Chicago Bear Movie Group plug. If anyone is interested, leave me an e-mail on here and I’ll send you the link for more information.


  4. Kris H says:

    So I have been listening for a week now just thought I would share. It is so funny because I thought that Gigi sounds just like Sarah Jessica Parker throught the whole show and THEN you all mention Sex and the City and she didn’t sound like a fan of Sarah. Kind of Odd! Great show guys! Don’t forget say no Admendment 2 here in Florida.

  5. I’ve done your bidding and voted also got my husband to vote from work. You should do a youtube video with Gigi for next Halloween showing tips for wounds and gore!

  6. Best fake blood recipe (and it washes out!)

    1 cup laundry detergent (anything blue-ish is best)
    5-10 drops red SOAP coloring



  7. Yikes! How are you going to use that fake blood though? I wouldn’t want that detergent on my skin!

  8. here’s a do it your self zombie guide, but it doesn’t give any good scars

  9. I’m with you, Marc. It’s mostly appropriate for costumes that call for blood on the clothing. You can use the regular stuff on your skin.

    In other news, I can’t get enough of Gigi!!!! She just makes me instantly excited and happy, and as a makeup artist, inspired. I love it when she’s on so much I can’t stand it.

  10. Who doesn’t want a ring-tone with Gigi’s laugh? I LOVE her laugh, it’s just this big joyful dose of giddiness that is totally infectious.

  11. I love Gigi’s positive energy and her laugh! She should be on the show more often.

  12. I LOVE Gigi! She’s my favorite satanic mom. I just love hearing stories about her kids. All moms should be as cool. Thanks for having her on again. I look forward to it!

  13. Gigi DeLuxe says:

    I love all you guys – you are all so bloody sweet! I want to say Happy Halloween to everyone-
    Be safe and be Fabulous-XOXOXO

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