FOF #870 – Shivers Down My Spine

Oct 31, 2008 · 1985 views

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Happy Halloween! What’s scariest thing happening right now? For many, it’s the 2008 U.S. Presidential Election. Intense national events like the election can push some people who are already on the verge of sanity over […]


  1. Nice to hear Jim Bennett again. Look forward to the Addams Family musical (love Anjelica Huston). Leave Nathan Lane alone! lol he made Birdcage. I agree with Jim, Eric is hot hot hot. Definately Pickard

  2. Yes Jim should keep mum about Terry on the show, I was very disappointed to learn that he’s partnered – and that you guys take so few pictures of him when he’s on compared to your other guests >:-(

  3. RcktMan says:

    I really enjoy Jim’s appearances on the show! Keep ‘im coming! 🙂 er…. well… have him on again. 😉

  4. filpmire says:

    Hey guys, Jack and I are going to the Obama Rally; hope you can get in! You should make sure that you guys are actually teaching that class at Columbia. The Tribune was saying that Columbia was canceling classes after 3pm that day. Just skip the class and you should show up at the rally as mascots in the panda costumes. They’ll welcome you with open arms! Fun show; Jim’s always fun to listen to.

  5. Thanks for the head’s up Phil. Maybe we should wear the Panda suits!

  6. Eric M says:

    Gosh what a great show. When you were talking about the German Toilet converted into an art gallery I was reminded of that fabulous german movie from the late 70’s called “Taxi Zum Klo” about the life of Frank Ripohl (probably peeled wrong. If you haven’t seen it you should. In Ohio they used to show it to demonstrate gay sexuality. It was always amusing to be on the Q&A panel after it. Those who’ve seen it will understand how funny that is. I’m thinking I might watch it tonight after the Hallowee festivities are over.

    Oak Park Adjacent

  7. Thank you for mentioning me and my crazy letter. I hope you get into the Obama rally. I got to meet him when he came down. It was the first rally after the first presidential debate. The crowd was electric to say the least. Have fun this weekend. I know I’ve got some fun pics coming from tonight’s party!

  8. What a funny show today. It made my day!

    I read in a magazine about the art gallery in the public bathroom in Munich as well. The artist said due to the success he is thinking to turn other public bathrooms into an art gallery in bigger cities too. Some of them are still in use.

    Uncut cocks are great! Jim should travel to Europe. I would teach him to appreciate clean, sexy, uncut cocks. 😉

  9. steve610 says:

    uncut cock is great!!! good luck getting laid in europe if you don’t like it!!!! As a european it’s hard for me to understand how circumcision is common practice in some countries…..
    meh…….. cock is cock!!!! luv the show guys 🙂 xxxxxxxxxx steve xxxxxxxxxxx

  10. Oscar says:

    UNCUT cock is good for you!!!

    i like a man thats 100% natural

  11. Thank you for reading my iTunes review on this show. (Yeah, my name here’s different than over there.) But I still believe that most podcasts wish they could offer the talent and professional production offered by the Feast of Fools. You’re totally awesome. Keep up the good work. And to everyone else — donate, you know it’s worth it.

  12. tristan5076 says:

    Jim Bennet makes me laugh!! Thanks for having him on the show!!

  13. zira35 says:

    Thanks for cracking the eggs on your show!!! I feel like a total celebrity since you mentioned my name! Tell Jim if he wants more eggs I would be glad to send him some OR he can come to Santa Barbara next June for the Summer Solstice parade where he can roll in waves and waves of confetti that line the streets after all the eggs get cracked.

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