FOF #872 – A New Day

Nov 4, 2008 · 1985 views

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Tonight Fausto is NYC and Marc is in Chicago. Fausto attended the 70th birthday party of Terrence McNally the playwright. He rubbed shoulders with Broadway’s best actors. Listen as we find out who was there. […]


  1. This was such a great show today. I didn’t this this was long at all. Today will be so stressful waiting for the election results, and hearing Fausto, Marc and Solitaire makes me think everything will be okay. And what a joy to hear from the fabulous Patricia (love her) and a special appearance from Florida channeling Pearl Bailey. How cool was that!!!! Yea! I am happy now 🙂

  2. Fun Fact: Black teens do not wear costumes.

  3. Jimmy says:

    Thx for the show. I wish blogtalk radio sounded better. I understand the circumstances of Fausto being out of town requiring the use of it. I am sure that Fausto being the audiophile that he is cringed at the sound quality as well. I got up early this morning and voted for both Feast of Fools in the podcast awards and Obama. Love you guys keep up the great shows.

  4. It’s black teenage BOYS do not wear costumes

  5. Generally when people phone in for the show they sound weird but you guys sound fine…today it was different, just out curiosity (for us low tech people) what was the difference?

  6. We recorded it over blogtalkradio instead of through our own system. Also, Fausto was on a cell phone which hinders sound quality.

  7. Wonderful that Dora Roberts was so gracious… as her name is DORIS… Awkward!

    If you ever want to see celebs in NYC have dinner late at Joe Allen’s. Sat at table next to M. Broderick & SJP there. And there was the awkward time when I was commenting about how there were NO celebs one night ( I wasn’t counting Sharon Lawrence) and then I realized I was sitting directly across from Stanley Tucci & Patti Lupone.

  8. I miss these call in shows. The sound quality may not be the best but I would appreciate you would have a call in show from time to time. Maybe once a month?

  9. Kieran says:

    I loved this podcast it was really edgy. Fausto’s voice was really sweet . Maybe with the regular mics his mouth is just a hair to close which creates a slight bump.

    Fausto’s account of the party was so spot on. Really precise and interesting, I wanted to hear more. And, his mother is such a star. Can’t you have her on again? She was a scream and so smart.

    I thought at first that there was a stand in for Mark. “Who is this? Is this a Halloween trick?” I thought.

    Solataires’ voice for Pearl Bailey was also great.

    I have created a panda in Second Life at Ahern in your honour.

    Well done and we are celebrating in Tokyo with a little champagne for Obama’s wonderful victory.

    Thanks you guys. Your show is the best. Love it.

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