FOF #874 – Election Hangover

Nov 6, 2008 · 1985 views

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There is much to celebrate! Barack Obama, the Senator from Illinois made history this week as the first black candidate to be elected president of the U S of A! People are thrilled! So why […]


  1. Øyvind says:

    Can’t Obama do something about this? I am confused. After hearing his great speach the first thing I thought was… ah, finally someone intelligent will do something about the prop8. Or is it too late when Obama get inserted? Hmm I feel stupid.

    Oh hey! Bad Evan sent me! 🙂

  2. BadEvan says:

    I too am hung over from a night of celebration and ending in tears and wailing…not from drinking either. Every single one of the anti-gay ballot measures passing…how can I be a proud American?

    But as a friend on Twitter (@harveymilk) told me…”setbacks keep us organizing instead of content and quiet” The thing is…after fighting all day and night for many years now…I’m tired of fighting…tired of being screwed over by our own party, DEMs. I was hoping maybe…just maybe we might get a victory.

    @Øyvind – President Elect Obama….once he’s sworn in, can do a lot for us. He could reverse “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”, push for ENDA to include gay, lesbian and transgender workers and demand passage of the Matthew Shepard Act. As far as marriage equality…well he could repeal DOMA…which would give us federal rights/benefits and it would force states to recognize ALL marriages issued in other states. Not just the hetero ones. But…he can’t make states accept/allow same-sex marriages.

  3. So The Wet Spots can’t sing “You can’t buy a dildo in Texas” anymore?!?

  4. Yes I agree whole heartedly with Curtis! You guys rock my world and you deserve to win the award. I’ve listened to some of the other gay podcasts and nobody does what you do with the same degree of excellence in production and content. I’ve voted everyday from both my computers and different emails and got my husband to do the same even though I can’t get him to listen!!!!!

  5. Kieran says:

    I jump on my husband’s computer and vote. Then on mine, then on my work computer.

    Wow. Are we at the beginning of a huge change in history and society? I think so.

  6. Yell me about it! The Bank of England has just announced and 1.5% cut in interest rates!

  7. Nidocamen says:

    LOL, love the whole section about shaving balls! haha! I, for one, shave _everything_ and it feels great!

  8. I think Curtis was a bit unfair to the No On 8 campaign. He is in the bay area which wasn’t a battleground media market for this. It would have been silly for us to waste resources in Gaytopia. Here in SoCal, South of LA, it is very conservative and the home to a number of megachurches. We built the largest organization in the history of California (outside of presidential campaigns) to fight Prop 8. The fight was grueling and has been at an intense level for months. So in that respect, I feel Curtis was incorrect.

    I will agree with Curtis that the early commercials sucked and it is inconceivable to me as to why they didn’t have us telling our own stories. Even the good commercials toward the end (Molly Ringwald, Mac ad parodies) were produced by an independent group for the Web.

    I think a major strategy error in the last days was to only focus on a democratic get-out-the-vote effort rather than to try change the minds of middle-of-the-road folks. They thought if all the Dems got out to the polls, we would have enough to defeat it. Sadly, we now know that 70% of African-Americans voted against us, and personally, I believe that the Latino community voted in a similar way.

    In terms of money, there is no way we could have matched the money that poured into this state from out-of-state Mormon and Catholic churches. I mean really, aren’t the Mormons funded by a tithe? (Tithe is 10% of all personal and business income generated by members of their congregations.) From the beginning, the Yes on 8 campaign was initiated, organized and funded by these out-of-state religious groups.

  9. BTW, the Mormon church is also the group that took over leadership of the Boy Scouts of America, causing the big issues a few years ago regarding gay and athiest members.

    At the end, the advertising by Yes on 8 was really hateful and deceptive. It seemed like they were almost saying that what we really wanted was to molest small schoolchildren in their classrooms.

  10. Now I’m really upset that voter turnout in San Fran was only 50% when it was 80% across the country. That could have been another 200,000 votes against Prop 8.

  11. Derek says:

    The Mormon Church does not exactly have a good track record when it comes to marriage themselves…

    Last night while watching news on TV about Prop-8 passing, I flipped to a channel that had an advertisement for “Girls Gone Wild” – it would have been hot to have had a no on Prop 8 advertisement that featured “Hot Lesbians Gone Wild and Getting Married” – might have gotten the attention of more straight guys….


    voter turnout has been inching up from ~49% after the election to ~53% now. I’m surprised that they are counting or validating absentee ballots two days after the election.

  13. Benjamin says:

    Well, according to LA Times and Slate, black (and to a lesser degree latinos) voters that voted for Barack also voted yes on Prop 8, but a margin to 70 to 30. If that black voter turn out did not happen, the proposition may not have pass. Think about that.

  14. Thank you Curtis and thank you boys. Laughter really is the best medicine. 🙂

  15. If you want to explore why so many African Americans voted for Prop 8 please check out Pams House Blend. She has some thoughtful insight into the situation.

    And, people’s racism isn’t validated just because the blacks voted for Prop 8

  16. CT says:

    Great show, Curtis is always great to listen to and the show provided good insight on what went wrong and what can be done in the future to fight a stronger fight. A friend mentioned that getting gay marriage legalized state by state will be a very long battle, especially if it is continually given back to the people to vote on in propositions. Hopefully with Obama in office it can be dealt with on a federal platform. Thanks guys!

  17. Xavi says:

    great show…as usual very provocative. here are my 2 on the campaign, especially in response to curtis’s criticisms, which are legitimate.

    early on we were fighting complacency more than yes on 8. the polls were in our favor and the yes campaign hadn’t attacked yet. all along eqca and the campaign leadership knew what was coming…however you can’t argue with others’ interpretation of polls…why should I get involved if obama is slated to win by a huge margin and no on 8 is up in the polls?!

    re: briggs initiative vs no on 8. the difference is clear. reagan and carter both campaigned against the initiative. where was obama? he was on the record for saying (over and over) “I don’t support marriage equality but vote no on 8”. in my opinion this confusing message is what did us in.

    re: outreach. I hear this comment all the time and it annoys me more than all other criticisms. we didn’t do enough outreach in the latin and black communities. my answer: were you invloved in the campaign? how do you know?! rick’s comments above proves my point. we did do outreach! in our own backyard we could have done more…we don’t have to do specific outreach to blacks and latins in fresno or bakersfield….we could have done outreach right here to whites west of twin peaks (more conservative areas of sf) and all people in sf to get off their as*es and vote (i’m a new american and anything under 100% is unacceptable, especially in california where you can register for permanent vote by mail).

    messaging….we can go on and on about this. my only comment is that we are not straight women on the fence on this issue. i.e. they were not intended for the choir.

    the campaign was not without issues….but look what we did. we moved california forward compared to the loss 10 years ago (notwithstanding the $, lies and deception from the other side) and more importantly we’re energizing a whole new generation of activists and tomorrow’s geoff kors, kate kendalls and john durans!!


  18. Curtis at Home Depot flipping switches: *whispers* “That turns you on, doesn’t it… Does it turn you on? Work… work it for me.”

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