FOF #875 – Jen Porter Plays For You

Nov 7, 2008 · 1985 views

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What a voice, what a fabulous gal! On today’s show we Jen Porter, Chicago’s soulful diva rocking the house, singing songs of celebration, acceptance and healing. Although we have much to celebrate, California, Arkansas, Florida […]


  1. Here’s a novel idea…
    Do you think the Republicans knew that they were losing the battle so got Sarah Palin in as a convenient scape goat??

  2. Big mega thanks to Jen Porter for coming on the show and singing. She has a great voice, plays a mean piano, and I know that if I say anything different, she will snap me like a Steinway. Fortuitously, I will never need to say anything different because she is a beautiful songstress. I look forward to nabbing her songs via any means possible.

    That being said, there were unfortunately parts of this episode I had to fast-forward through… namely the parts where the hosts took the opportunity given to them to be positive and happy about the new election and the hope and the dreams and the precedence of a new democratic administration and the first Black Man as president… and instead took potshots at the outgoing conservative candidates.

    Granted, I can understand a bit of making fun here and there… but it went a bit to far for me. I was a Hillary supporter and when some of the more vocal Obama supporters gloated about the nomination win and immediately started framing the Hillary supporters as bad people bent on screwing everything up… it hurt… and those parts of the podcast took me back to those times.

    I know I don’t get to command much of you or how you run your show, but I ask that you not publicly wallow in glee over people losing. It’s bad sportsmanship, it’s too soon, and I think you’re better than that.

  3. micahel j smith says:

    the show was lovely today ! the music was amazing. love jen porters speaking voice, its so hot!

  4. micahel j smith says:

    and i think that the making fun of MCPALIN was all in good fun . and really a celebration that she is not our vp, thank god!
    and guys its such a bitter sweet event in alabama. even though i am so happy that OBAMA won, the energy down here is so negative. but i believe that, “YES WE CAN!” even if there are some dumb asses in the south.
    just light a candle for the south. lol

  5. “In matters of principle, stand like a rock; in matters of taste, swim with the current.” – Thomas Jefferson.

    I remain unconvinced that it was not in poor taste. I feel there are much better things to celebrate, and even much better things to lambaste, and they are in such abundance that picking on the outgoing candidates themselves just seems that much more mean-spirited and tawdry.

    But I’ve brought up my thoughts on such things before… and I guess I am just proving to people that it’s one of those things I’m not going to get over or move on around.

  6. micahel j smith says:

    “I was trying to give Tina Fey more material. Job security for Saturday Night Live.”
    Sarah Palin


    If you say it about yourself, it can be funny.
    If someone else says it about you, it can also be funny, but it is also very mean, especially if that person doesn’t really know you at all.

    And while most people try and push the “it was said with irony and love” line… I am reasonably sure that Fausto and Marc really didn’t like or even really respect Palin at all.

    So it’s saddens me to see them yanking Palin off the happy-trails express just to run her through the dirt again.


    If you say it about yourself, it’s funny.
    If someone else says it about you, it may be funny but it will still be mean, and if they don’t know you and aren’t really associated about you, especially so.

    I can understand the whole “said with irony and love” thing… but the show’s hosts have always been outspoken on their dislike for Palin and never really showed much respect for her. Thus, I saw the whole thing as dragging her off the happy trails express just to run her through the dirt again.

  9. I hate what Sarah Palin stands for and I’m OK with it showing. What respect does she deserve? She doesn’t know Africa is continent and then wants to be VP? Screw her.

  10. People, I just woke up this morning thinking we came this close to having McCain and Palin as this Nation’s leaders. Yikes! That would have truly been awful.

    I have to pinch myself to see if I’m not dreaming! Obama really will be our new President. That’s amazing, exciting and thrilling.

    Celebrate in Obama’s victory, but don’t forget to also celebrate in the defeat in the mindset of the Bush Administration, and by proxy, the McCalin/Palin folks. These guys are really bad, not just for gay people everywhere, but also in

    Be respectful of Sarah Palin? Are you kidding me? Did you vote for this woman? Do you like her politics?

    It’s our job to make fun of her, she deserves no respect.

    I think the Republicans are tearing her apart now mostly to draw attention away from the powerful Bush family and their interests. We have always been laughing at her (and McCain) because we think that on many levels they were as bad as our current President GWB.

  11. I feel that everyone deserves some respect, and kicking people when they are down is reprehensible no matter what. I don’t see you two being elected officials of anything, and I’m sure if you ran a race and lost, you’d really resent the winners taking time to detail how much they thought you sucked.

    Furthermore, I don’t think that the outgoing administration is evil or bad, and I highly doubt anyone willing to distill them as such is going to ever convince me of that. I didn’t agree with a lot of stuff they did, but I still respect the office.

    In short, I feel you are being poops about it, and then bandying about your right to be poops about it (and while I disagree with what you say I will fight to the death your right to say it). But it doesn’t make me at all happier or prouder for voting for the same candidate as you.

    Obama pushed nicer politics with less mudslinging. So why on earth are you stepping away from that vision to make cheap-shots?

  12. Jolisa says:

    I think Epilonious has a point. I too get uncomfortable when you guys talk about her the way you do and as often as you do. You guys can calm down about her now since she’s not as big of a threat anymore.

  13. Why don’t you guys make a Chris Crocker like video “LEAVE SARAH PALIN ALONE!”

  14. It’s not a cheap shot to call someone out on their ignorance. This woman was almost the VP and may have a political future.

  15. it’s a cheap shot to call someone out on their supposed ignorance after they’ve already lost. It’s not like you thought she was some super-intelligent and highly-qualified candidate before… so it’s not like you are notifying us of any change in your position after the fact, you’re just continuing to beat a dead VP candidacy.

    The point is you should drop your vendetta against an opponent after s/he is defeated. Especially when you align yourself with the hope and high-spirits of the candidate who won, who I believe would think your antics are tacky and tasteless too.

    I called you guys out on being what I considered unnecessarily vicious to Palin weeks ago, I thought you would be done with it now that she is nowhere near the office you felt she wasn’t fit to fill and am saddened to see you are not. Enough is enough, I feel that now the election is over it’s time for you to stop focusing on how inadequate you think she is/was.

  16. You are mistaken for believing she is out of the picture.

  17. And I fully expect you to drum up all the same old and a few new insults and jibes the next time she actually makes a political play.

    Until then, I don’t think that such pokes are necessary or even particularly funny or insightful. It’s about as hilarious as all those people who kept calling Chris Crocker dramatic, Paris Hilton slutty, and Clay Aiken gay.

  18. That’s the thing about humor; it’s subjective. Now, please go stick your head back in the sand and ignore the threat.

  19. steve610 says:

    yeah this is one of those arguments, that isnt really an argument……. just a difference of opinion. no point going on about it……. might aswell keep it simple 🙂

    I fucking love Jen Porter……..and yes the fucking was necesary 🙂

    Great show guys…….luv ya!!!


    x x x x x x x x x
    x x x x x x x x x

  20. I loved the show! I listened to it while I was on the train and really enjoyed Jen’s songs. Finally something different than politics.

    Palin is a stupid, ignorant, bible basher mom. She may be entertaining but that’s it. I just want to forget about her.
    Same with Prob. 8. It passed, get over it!

    I think now it is time to concentrate on the positive things. Obama is the new president! And we have the chance really to change things. First of all the financial crisis. I am sure Obama will work well with the other countries together to fight this financial crises.

  21. This show is about Jen Porter, don’t hijack it to vent your frustration with this or that, or I will hunt you down.

    Talk about the delightful Ms. Porter, please! I love her, her voice, and sensibility- she’s a Chicago treasure.

  22. Oh yes, Marc’s comments about Dutch was hilarious. Dutch is the retarded version of English. 🙂 Actually it is something between English and German. I can understand most of written and spoken Dutch.

    I also educated myself about Münster cheese. My hometown is Münster in Germany and we have a local cheese which is really not famous. The Münster cheese which is famous comes from the French Munster, located in Haut-Rhin département, Alsace, France.

  23. Kieran says:

    The vindictively stupid cultists who participate in religions are seriously dangerous folks. Not for one minute does the veneer of Palin fool any thinking person. What was and is very clear she is not fit for public office and its very important to strongly advertise this. After 8 years of listening to this low brow uneducated rubbish it needs to be strongly put down. Palin is not funny. Like GW we need to turn the corner on them and use intelligence to firmly put those who belong to cults out of public office. There is no doubt that just as the Carl Roves’ of this world used GW they were looking at Palin as another dimwit to fool and befuddle and rule from behind.

    Religion is a personal matter and cannot be used to deny rights to others or put others down. The mormons need to be called again and again on the rubbish they endorse as do all cults. No respect just tolerance. Keep them in their place.

  24. Jen Porter is a great great performer… I really enjoyed the show!! She’s simply amazing… can’t wait for her new album. Just downloaded ep 641, I missed that out…:((((
    Hey why didn’t you let her do the Adam and eve ad? and you just pasted the one with Gigi deluxe?

  25. I approve of the new direction this thread is taking.

    See how much nicer it can be when you focus on positive things? Next time try to do it without insulting me for disagreeing with you (that goes double for you Marc).

  26. Sorry you were insulted but please understand my position: I will not relent on Palin as she will continue to be a threat and you may embrace her all you want but I will lampoon her with out mercy.

  27. RicoPablo says:

    I love Jen– I purchased a couple of her songs after the last time she was a guest. I particularly liked the song in the middle of this show– it showed us a different side of her, and I was quite moved. However, I also like Sarah Palin!! I hope that doesn’t invalidate my compliment to Jen in some peoples’ eyes!

  28. CT says:

    I loved this show, Jen was so wonderful to listen to as a singer and a humorous guest host. Please have her back for a X-mas show as you guys mentioned!

  29. Rhea says:

    I will drink Jen Porter’s bathwater. Two cups, please!

  30. I never embraced her. I just said I don’t think it’s particularly worth picking on her, at least to the point of essentially going “neener neener” and parroting Fox news.

    The fact that you equate the two demonstrates a pathology here… that I don’t share in your hatred, therefore I adore or support the thing you hate, as opposed to just thinking it’s unnecessary and somewhat disgusting.

  31. Believe me, it’s worth it and we have a new podcast award to prove it. And I’m not sure we really know who you are ; )

  32. Kieran says:

    I love the lampoons. Keep them up. Its a tradition all the way back to the Greeks. The awards prove that lampoons are hot.

  33. It is 2:51 AM Eastern time on 10 November and I have finally caught up with the show. It took over two months, but I did it.

    Fantastic show, Jen is a phenomenal singer.

  34. Xavi says:

    thanks for coming back on the show!!

    knowledgeability is up there with functionality. we already have the words knowledge and function. but what can you do? language is organic.

    come back soon!!

  35. Superboy says:

    A wonderful voice and a wonderful woman.

  36. Seige75 says:

    Thank you for bringing Jen back! I loved her music since day one when I heard her on your show last year. I immediately went and bought all three of her albums! She’s still a constant on iPod! Love her! Can’t wait for the next album to come out!

  37. Leon says:

    I Love Jen! I would love to hear Jen Porter and Eric Himan do a show together with you guys, they are so awesome!

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