FOF #881 – Eric Lutz is SO Gay

Nov 17, 2008 · 1985 views

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Eric Lutz is SO gay! Well, that’s the name of the new drinking game so get a glass and a bottle and play along. Why is it so much fun to tease straight men? One […]


  1. DCRyan says:

    That rap was awesome Eric and you were such a good sport.

    Really great show guys; I have a total crush on Adam, so sexy!

  2. uh…was that “I unduly thought I had herpes and got really depressed but then I found out I didn’t so I got a tattoo that meant ‘hope’ in Elvish to commemorate my ordeal” story a joke or what? Cause if not, in light of the HIV+ guests you’ve had on that was some obnoxious drama queen stuff.

  3. I wouldn’t take it that way Funnsized. Herpes isn’t fun to get – google image search for some pics. Eek.

  4. I just want to apologize for my friend Eric’s behavior. He did say some offensive things like how he wasn’t gay. Totally not true, by the way. Thanks everyone for listening and thanks Marc and Fausto for having us!

  5. “Who doesn’t want to screw a ‘tard?”

  6. “Herpes isn’t fun to get – google image search for some pics.”

    Yeah, but…he doesn’t have it. “I got this tattoo because I thought I had herpes once but then I realized I didn’t. It means ‘hope'”. How is that not the nuttiest thing you’ve ever heard?

    “I painted this to remember the time I thought my mother died when she took too long to come home one night (turns out she just stopped by Target on the way). It represents “perseverance”.

  7. Now you’re talking, Funsized! And here I thought you were just no fun.

  8. dmb says:

    Great show guys, the Jann Klose song is Walk Thorough the River on the Black Box EP not on the The Strangest Thing LP.

  9. Saulo says:

    Great show!!! You guys impress me at every show… Thank you! 🙂


    PS: Adam… Adam… you’re just something else… smart, funny and… yummy… very yummy… *sighs*

  10. What did Eric say that was so offensive? Consider renaming yourself from “Fun Sized” to “Nitpicky Sized.”

  11. DC Ryan, what’s up with that photo on your profile?

  12. More of these two! I’m all for the Feast of Fools getting me drunk in the middle of the afternoon!

  13. Blair in West HollyWeird says:

    Found this show very funny. I was on a treadmill so I thought it prudent to not play the drinking game. Did Marc admit he smokes pot? What happened to the ‘Don’t do drugs’ tagline?
    Oh, wait. I’m blonde and old, so I am a little slow. The tagline is toungue in cheeck. Right?
    Hey, did Marc admit to being really hung? The McCain condom was just too tight.

  14. DCRyan says:

    Fausto that is a picture of my leading protest chants on Saturday when we had our National March on the Mall against Prop 8. It was very emotional for me.

  15. Jake Snow says:

    Oh I loved this show! Eric and Adam were a riot. Great conversations! Eric and Adam come back on the show again!!

  16. Rhea says:

    I loved the interaction between Eric and Adam. Too funny! I wish there were more stories of mixed-sexuality BFFs– it’s good to see that not all hetero men are knuckle dragging macho types.

  17. seska says:

    One of my favorite shows! Eric and Adam were great and even made Marc and Fausto funny for once… HA!!! Love you guys.

    ps: Let’s hang again.

    — Joel Cruz

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