FOF #887 – Inventions Gone Wild

Nov 25, 2008 · 1985 views

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If necessity is the mother of invention, then drag queens are the children of finding a shortcut to looking fabulous! When Teri Yaki isn’t busy entertaining audiences in Chicago, she buries herself in her basement […]


  1. hakeem kazeem says:

    if you want burgers go to burgerking if you want fried chicken go to kfc.

  2. What if I want a fried turkey, THEN where do I go?

  3. Tracy and Teri Yaki in the same week! What a treat! I LOVE Teri Yaki and I can’t wait for the game shows she’ll be hosting. It sounds like so much fun. (Plus I’m filled with useless and perverted knowledge.) Teri Yaki, I love your invention ideas. The musical mousetrap would save so many trips to the basement in my house, which is not human-friendly. I really hope you get your own nightclub someday.

    And Fausto, I agree with Teri Yaki that I would have fought the rats for rights to the wig.

    As for the hairspray thing, yeah it’d be cool for peeing, but that’d just be weird for cumming on someone during homo sex, jacking someone off, or even masturbation. The strange angle the cock would have to be held, especially when jacking someone off, but that would be half the fun for me, at least, trying to figure out that angle… 😉

    Fantastic show again! I’m ordering one of your new shirts and also making a separate donation later this week. Thanks for the entertainment!

  4. Your are partly right Fausto, it is eastern european music but Marc was right it was the Funeral March by Chopin, who was born in Poland.

  5. Jimmy says:

    Teri Yaki is the bees knees

  6. fourthace says:

    I hope you weren’t referring to me requiring a larger size.. LOL. I was that listener you mentioned inquiring about a medium.

  7. Teriyaki is so gosh darn hillarious. I love that you guys have had her back. Definitely a great guest to bring back again and again. Thanks boys.

  8. Oh yeah, I was gonna share a Trannyshack story. Your talking about wanted drag queens reminded me of the time when Trannyshack had a tribute night for Ethylina Canne, Americas Most Wanted Tranny according to the wanted style posters they made. She had been arrested for passing bad checks in a shoe store where they locked her in until the cops arrived. She was actually breaking the terms of her probation by leaving her county to come host Trannyshack that night.

  9. PureeTofu says:

    Seriously Teri, I could hug you, I can’t tell you how many times as a kid I had to go out to the garage to check the mouse traps, only to find that one I missed with a puffed mouse inside.

    By the way, mice LOVE peanut butter and cigars, best thing I found to attract them.

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