FOF #898 – Christmas Stalkings

Dec 15, 2008 · 1985 views

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Christmas is the season for stalking hot men! Tracy loves to seek hunky men from her past on the internet, and sometimes it gets her into trouble. Some call it cruising, some call it social […]


  1. Mad Aria says:

    Great Show y’all ( yeah I live in the south, I am allowed to use that)
    Fausto, sometimes I swear I listen to what you say and go WTF, how does Mark deal with him 馃檪 Then again you really do show how intelligent and rounded you are. Tracy, you sounded incredible !

  2. reid says:

    Your shows are always great but when Tracy is on they are always better,You need to make sure Tracy does at least one show a week:)You should do a show on early Tracy when she was still a boy and how naughty she was.I could tell you storys you would not believe:)Happy holidays to all the great feast of fools fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. You mean when Tracy was a little boy and you were robbing the cradle Reid?

  4. reid says:

    Tracy should put on a Santa Suit and have all these hot men sit on her lap and tell her what they want for Christmas:)

  5. reid says:

    Tracy was 22 when we met but i know all her storys of how naughty she was when she was just a young teen.Tracy was a expert at seducing hot men from a young age and still is.Tracy is so special and should give a class on how to seduce men:)

  6. welling1 says:


    You are the best!

  7. Now why would Tracy want to educate her own competition? A girl’s gotta get what she can get!

  8. Reid?????????? WTF???????? ain’t no way I’m putting on a santa suit LOL LOL you are too funny sometimes!

  9. man that note was high LOL LOL LOL LOL

  10. Mikey Dee says:

    mmmhmmm. Okay this podcast was good.

    Tracey your song made me cry…it was so beautiful!

    and if I had the money, I would pay 49.95 for Fausto’s skiddies!!!

  11. reid says:

    Tracy is such a great singer.We need Tracy back in a band very soon so all her fans can hear her sing in person in a nice club setting:)

  12. I’d love to see Tracy in a band again. You’ll have to put it together for her though Reid. She won’t do it by herself. We’ve been begging her for a year now.

  13. Kieran says:

    Tracey knows her Shortbus. Her comments were spot on. I’d like to hear her reviews of other movies. Her take on things (once she stops giggling) is really interesting.

    Did she say she took a dump on a man at a drunk stop? I couldn’t hear that bit too well.

    This show was kind of fiesty. What happens if you have a few drinks?

  14. DCRyan says:

    I have to say I never quite understood why Fausto had it out for Shortbus. I definitely do get the fact that it can go over the themes can go over the heads of a lot of people, but frankly I find that the people that actually “get” the movie tend to be the friends that “get” me. And if I ever met a guy that didn’t “get” Shortbus, I would seriously question dating him. So you might say I am a very big fan of the movie.

    As for everyone being attractive in the movie, I really disagree. I mean obviously Ceth is really hot and the gay couple has a sexy lower East side look to them, but I frankly found very few of the people in the movie to be drop dead gorgeous. Most of them are pretty average. Certainly edge toward the more attractive side of “average,” but average nonetheless.

    But that’s neither here nor there, because if I watched it with Marc and Fausto there would certainly be a reenactment of the daisy chain 馃檪

  15. I enjoyed the show with Tracy as always! Beautiful song!

    Loved the comment about Harry Potter, the story of Satan. 馃檪

    And I have a similar experience with my dead cat. When I visit my family, I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night and have the feeling my cat jumped on the bed and is lying next to me, as it used to do it.

  16. I have to say, I take Tracy’s vinegar beauty tips, with a pinch of salt!

  17. Literally or figuratively?

  18. you mean with a “grain” of salt Kilo??? what are you really trying to say??? LOL LOL 馃榾

  19. Tracy.

    You Rock.

    That is all.

    Marc and Fausto, I guess you rock too 馃槈

  20. Comedically of course Marc!
    I know, if I want advice on facials, Tracy’s my girl! lol.

    Incidentally, is the saying in the States, ‘Take that with a grain of salt’? We always say ‘pinch’.

  21. you can take a “pinch” from me anytime Kilo 馃榾

  22. corey says:

    I loved Tracy’s rendition of “O Holy Night!”

  23. Lvlee says:

    I agree with everyones comments regarding Tracy’s song, i’ve listened to it three times already. Love you guys….

  24. Legin says:

    I swear that Tracy has a problem with black people. During the campaign she had a problem with Obama but could never say what it was. On this show, she suddenly comes up with Jesse Jackson Jr as someone who she dislikes. What’s the issue here? Did she have a prblem with black men when she was growing up.

    On another issue, Tracy should be careful about leading on str8 men…she may end up doing it once too often and with unfortunate consequences.

  25. reid says:

    I have known Tracy for almost 20 years so i know when she dislikes someone it has nothing to do with them being black.Lots of people do not like the Jackson family including many blacks.As for the other issue Tracy is a big flirt and so what:)Tracy is good at what she does and we could all learn from her:)Yay for Tracy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. LOL Thanks for the advice Legin!

    As far as me being racist LOL LOL I’m one of the most NOT racists people you’d ever meet. You should know for the record that I NEVER said I didn’t like Obama, what I said is that he is very charismatic. That seems like a compliment to him doesn’t it? . I was unsure about voting for him ONLY because I didn’t feel he has the experience needed to get this country out of the mess it’s in.

    As for the Jacksons, (Jesse and his son) have built a fallowing based on spewing hate across the country against so called “racists”. Nurturing a culture of “If this person doesn’t get what they want in life then it MUST be because everyone is RACIST” — if someone doesn’t get what they want out of life it’s thier own fault. Having Obama for president now is proff that race isn’t a factor. If you work hard enough and you’re the right man for the job you will get it.

  27. Obama’s election to the presidency is an anomaly, and not empirical proof that race isn’t a factor in our society.

  28. Legin says:

    Tracy, thanks for the reply. I have listened to a lot of gay podcasts and the view you expressed about Obama (I do recall you saying that you didn’t like him…in those words) were similar to many Hillary supporters who tried to find every reason not to vote for him. The “experience” excuse was the most prevalent. But the fact is that Hillary didn’t have that much more experience than Obama, and their positions on most issues were almost identical. The reluctance of some GBLT people like yourself to support the only candidate (despite his flaws) who could possibly bring some change to our community was something I found very shocking. To even think of voting Republican is something I could not understand. I may be wrong that your views are racially tinged but that’s the only conclusion I can come to after having heard you several times.

    And no, I don’t think that your calling Obama “charismatic” was meant as a compliment, it was a put down. In other words, you were saying that he was an empty suit…the very charge that Republicans were making.

  29. Look, a lot of gay people supported Hillary. You may never understand why they supported her, but they did. Certainly, Obama thinks she’s qualified to be the Sec. of Sate.

    It was right to question Obama’s experience as it’s right to question anyone’s motives or abilities when they run for office. No one gets a free pass, except for Caroline Kennedy!

    And please realize that if we were just a bunch of Obama worshiper’s we wouldn’t have much of a show.

  30. look that’s why there’s a vote and I’m entitled to MY opinion. What I’m shocked and irritated with at is how many gay people won’t LET me have MY opinion and try to intimidate me into agreeing with THEIR opinion, it’s really strange when you think about it. I never said that I was even considering voting Republician I was actually considering not voting at all LOL , if you REALLY want to know since it’s so important to you , I voted for OBAMA!!! And I’m not some dumb blonde bimbo that was supporting Hilliary because she was simply a white woman , she supported gay marriage UNLIKE Obama. So it boggles my mind that so many gay people are fighting for him EVEN after the dog gone election LOL LOL — come on now… The dude is going to be president now let it be. He will have a chance to prove if he’s a good president or not so let it rest. geeeze!

  31. Kieran says:

    I have never heard any knee-jerk comments or opinions from Tracy. She challenges everything and I am always very interested in her point of view. On politics, gay high schools etc. I really look forward to her views on all controversial topics. And, isn’t the Obama Hilary divide over?

  32. thanks Kieran — SMOOCH

  33. Legin says:

    I’ll let it rest but please note that, contrary to what you say Tracy, Obama and Hillary had the exact same position on gay marriage — both of them opposed marriage but supported civil unions.

  34. dillgrok says:

    I’m just catching up on the podcasts after a long absence for the holidays.

    Tracy, you have an amazing voice. I was in tears at the end of this podcast listening to you sing. What a gift!

    Thank You.

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