FOF #903 – Jackie Beat Speaks

Dec 22, 2008 · 1985 views

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Good drag queens are just like Christmas- loud, tacky and over the top! We’re so happy to have the award-winning drag queen, comedian and all around dirty bird- Jackie Beat for a very late night […]


  1. I wanna be Jackie Beat when I grow up!!!! LOVE YOU GIRL!!!

  2. KLB says:

    Hey guys, great show! I really liked the music especially the breeder hating xmas carol! The only thing that I didn’t like was when Marc said that Madonna lip-syncs. I have all of her concert dvds and she never lip-syncs and she’s always in tune. Maybe she lip-syncs when she performs on award shows, but who cares about those. She brings it when it counts in concert! Okay, Madonna fag rant complete.

  3. So Madonna lip synchs – there you go.

  4. KLB says:

    Marc, she does not! Except maybe her pussy lips.

  5. KLB says:

    What would Madonna’s pussy say if it could lip-synch? That should be one of the profile questions! I think it would say “Fuck me A-Rod” or “Fuck you Guy”.

  6. I know one person who’s not a fan of Madonna- Guy Ritchie!

  7. Lee says:

    What a song. Oh god how I wish I could listen to that over the department store loadspeakers in stead of the incesent drivel that is playing at the moement.

  8. KLB is right , Madonna usually sings live. It’s Britney, JLo and the BIG one … CHER that are the culprits!!!!!! And there’s someone else ( that will remain nameless) that for some odd reason lip synchs eventhough the song is nothing but mindless banter. LOL LOL LOL … but that person will remain nameless…

  9. DavidMcD says:

    Santa’s baby is really funnny. Priceless! I keep chuckling to myself. HAHA HAHAHAH. Thank you guys for getting her on the show.

  10. DavidMcD says:

    Tracy hasn’t grown up yet?

  11. RicoPablo says:

    Jackie’s songs are fantastic– I had to spit out my toothpaste during “Jingle Bell Cock” in a spasm of laughter! Her sardonic sass is the perfect antidote to the saccharine holiday B.S. Having said that, Merry Christmas Marc and Fausto! (Tracy too!).

  12. No, obviously Tracy still has yet to grow up!

  13. Cliff Dix says:

    LOVE Jackie Beat! The Santa’s baby video is hilarious. I suppose Fausto and Marc’s neighbors are used to seeing things like Jackie Beat outside their building. That would just blow my mind. By the way all I know about Kwanza I just learned from a Jackie Beat song. Thank you and Happy Holidays to all the FOF family.

  14. Marc is right , I’m still going through puberty “we must , we must build our busts” 😀 — Happy Holidays to you too Cliff and to all the listeners!!!! Thanks for making this Feast of Fools Year so wonderful!!!

  15. The bigger the better, the boys depend on us!

  16. Kieran says:

    This was a fabulous podcast. I love the way Jackie just seemed to be on another planet, it must be the same when you meet the queen of England.

  17. ibox2000 says:

    I loaded this show onto my Blackberry then listened while driving home for Christmas. Loved it. Those songs were just the release I needed for traffic induced stress.

  18. SpaulT says:

    I listened to the show at work, and I was laughing so hard during her Silver Bells re-write that all the girls had to come and see what was so funny. As of now most of the people in my department have now heard the song. My favorite part was the baby mama asking to take the cab. I may have passed out for a few moments I laughed so hard.

  19. I’m ashamed to say I’ve only just listened to this show but it really is one of my favourite FoF shows – well done to all involved and please have Jackie back on the show soon!

  20. What an awesome show!!!!!! Jackie Beat rules!!!!!! I used to love seeing her perform in NYC in the 1990s!!!!! Your show brought back lots of memories and planted some new ones. I wanna hang out w/ J.B. and those dogs of hers in that fancy house she says she has in L.A.! And the naughty X-mas songs were, well…. very naughty!!!! Wish I could have seen her perform at Berlin!!!! You didn’t even tell her they have Madonnarama at Berlin… I saved a Canadian boy who lost his wallet there once! (Well, he put his bag down, and his wallet got stolen!). It was Market Days… THANKS JACKIE BEAT!!!!! YOU ARE THE REAL THING. –Larry

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