FOFA #783 – Fanfare

Dec 28, 2008 · 1985 views

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Cheerleaders, a studly viking and a ukele playing guy from New York join us on today’s overstuffed burrito of podcasting fun. Sometimes when you overbook your guests, you get a whole new exciting taste combination […]


  1. Mark In Chicago says:

    Fausto – you look SO damn cute smiling with your ‘ice cream creation’ – I love it when you’re proud of yourself like that 馃檪

  2. warning says:

    a crueller and a scoop of ice cream is 100% of your daily recommended fat intake.
    it also lacks fibre

  3. reid says:

    a crueller and ice creams taste great-who cares if it has lots of fat and no fiber,yay for fausto coming up with a very tasty desert:)

  4. Michael D says:

    aw, jonas was so cute in this episode – albeit a bit quiet.

  5. Todd says:

    Happy New Year. Uncle Jay sums it up well on this Youtube video

  6. Zoomer says:

    Ben has an adorable personality and his music always makes me smile (or sometimes snicker)!

  7. Zoomer says:

    P.S. Fausto, you’re looking mighty trim — it must be your new ice cream/doughnut diet. It’s so unfair.

  8. JtothemuthafuckinC says:

    Fausto, my friend, Krispy Kreme bete you to this a long time ago. Still, kudos for your independent discovery. Trust the fat guy- you could take it to a whole other level with a scoop of Jamocha Almond Fudge on a chocolate-coated cruller. And some chocolate syrup. And some whipped cream. And some jimmies. And, why the fuck not, a cherry.

  9. Krispy Kreme serves ice cream now? I’m there!

  10. Jaycub says:

    Excellent show, you guys!

    My next paycheck I vowe to donate 10 percent of it to FOF. I work part time at Bath and Body works (how gay, lol) so it won’t be much. But I need to do my part to support FOF!!

    Keep it up cuties.

  11. Thanks in advance Jaycub!

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