Kevin’s Oscar Predictions

Jan 13, 2009 · 1985 views

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The Academy Award nominations are going to be announced on January 22, 2009 and in many cases it’s anyone’s game! There was a lot of quality in 2008 films but nothing that would indicate any […]


  1. Curtis says:

    Thanks so much for your predictions Kevin. Have you seen all the films or are these predictions based on other research/reading. I know that for me an interest in film falls hand in had with reading print media and blogs, and listening to a few different podcasts) related to film. Generally speaking I largely agree with your predictions.

    I would take issue with ANgelina Jolie in that other than the Golden Globes she has received little love from other year end lists and awards, and the film got middling reviews when it was released. I don’t expect to see any nominations, other than perhaps art direction or costume design for “The Changeling” ( I enjoyed it, but thought it was just a good, not great film myself).

    I also think Kate Winslet is a very likely nominee, not an outside choice for both acting categories. On a purely personal note I think hers were the best performances of the year, and she’s suffered from the “Oh she’s young and she’ll eventually win one, I don’t need to vote for her now” syndrome that often impacts these awards where others with more showy roles or highly publicized movies or sentimental positioning (older actress whose been around forever) walks away with the awards. She’s grown into one of the two or three best actresses working, and the rare actress who hasn’t really made a performance misstep. Just as I was delighted to see her win both awards at the Globes, it would be stunning and satisfying for her to win an Oscar for either or both or her very award worthy performances this year.

    I would love to hear your thoughts on “Let the Right One In” which is one of my favorite films of the year, but is shut out of Oscar contention because it was not submitted by Sweden as their film in the Best Foreign Language Film category. Is the system broken when the country of origin officially “submits” one film as representative of the countries cinematic legacy for that year?

    Thanks again for your enthusiasm for the topic. We should catch a flick this year – I go to a couple movies every weekend….

  2. Kevin from the Hotel Mark Twain says:


    Thanks for the comments. I would LOVE to go to a movie any time – I am in the city of course for work but live in the east bay. I actually am in Berkeley quite a bit. And my predictions are only part my personal tastes. Quite frankly, I would would love if Kate Winslet won BOTH Oscars this year.

    I’ll be out of town until next week – perhaps a movie soon thereafter.

  3. Kevin rocks!
    He’s not even a wrestler and my ears are erect! Or is he?

  4. Well, I guess my dream of Kate WInslet winning 2 Oscars in one night is shattered. Surprisingly, she is nominated for Best Actress for The Reader, which most thought she’d be up for SUPPORTING actress.

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