FOF #912 – Hot Gay Comic

Jan 18, 2009 · 1985 views

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Just because you’re attractive doesn’t mean you can’t be funny. Writer and comedian Keith Ecker just broke up with his boyfriend six months ago and has worked hard to get in shape and pursue his […]


  1. David says:

    Is it possible to be hot and funny? I think Marc and Fausto have answered the question with a resounding YES! David’s really cute and funny too though. Nice work guys.

    I dated a guy who looks just like the ugly baby here! lolol.

  2. PedroG says:

    Keith is just to HOT ;-p

  3. Mark In Chicago says:

    Brilliant idea, Fausto! A shirtless vlog will definately get hits (an Keith, you look good…)

  4. Hey I seldom give bad advice! I was just observing that a lot of popular video bloggers usually do it wearing next to nothing. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you can work it and want to work it, why not do it?

  5. matt says:

    When I lived on North LSD, I went over to Humboldt Park a few times to get laid. I still remember every trip, albeit a long cab ride each time. If you’re in need of latin-love, it’s worth the trip. And it’s true, after you’re done, you are fed some good food before you’re sent on your way.

  6. Thanks for the compliments, boys. All this flattery is just stroking and stroking and stroking my ego. God my ego is hard right now.

  7. About the softcore thing, you should search youtube for college wrestling. Not only will you see taut athletes pinning each other in singlets, but you’ll discover the phenomenon of dorm room wrestling, an apparent tendency for burly guys to get into impromptu amateur tussles (sometimes shirtless), videotaped and uploaded without any irony. Its like the real life version of the mythical college girl pillow fights made just for gay men.

    What’s funny about them is that as a rule any time a girl is around she gets jealous and shouts something homophobic (“this is so brokeback guys, lol!”)

  8. I went to the wrong college.

  9. Seige75 says:

    Great show! Hilarious!

  10. You can check out my second attempt at shirtless vlogging here! Now with more pillow fighting.

  11. Zoomer says:

    Cute and funny…AND musical. No fair.

  12. PureeTofu says:

    Great show guys! Hope to hear Keith again….. and see more of him! (LOSE the shirt then get the FoF shirt!)

    Seriously though Keith, “read the articles”? That’s like saying I buy Penthouse for the men’s fashion tips!

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