FOF #920 – Deven Green Stimulates Your Economy

Jan 29, 2009 · 1985 views

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Deven Green takes no prisoners. On today’s show we’ve got the very funny Deven Green, the queen of YouTube talking about how to stimulate the economy and turn garbage into gold. Deven cuts through the […]


  1. says:

    1. I like Deven, but a little Deven sometimes goes a very long way.
    2. About the reading of peoples horoscopes… Stephen Pastis who does the comic strip Pearls Before Swine states in one of his books he likes to read people their horoscopes, then after the person says “Wow, that is so me” he informs them he read them the wrong Astrological Sign.

  2. Nidocamen says:

    This was HILARIOUS! Love ya Deven! And Fausto………..the whole bit with Stephen Hawking………….OMG I was seriously cracking up! Great show!!! Marc, maybe I will send you a new shirt for your birthday…….what is your size??

  3. Why do I think of wild feral cats and dogs when I think of Deven!? 🙂

  4. Funkiness at the show opening…what happened?

  5. ronnie75 says:

    Deven is crazy, kooky and fun!

    Deven mentioned that her husband grew up being raised by a gay dad. I have a son and step-son and would like to know how growing up with a gay father has shaped his life.

  6. HatM says:

    Most of the Hollywood actors and other big international stars don’t have MySpace pages nor other self managed personal sites and stick to the offline old ways PR channels because it would be too humiliating and not enough posh!
    “Stars” with a big “S” don’t use the internet, they don’t e-mail. They read old fashionned magazines and newspapers, and write letters with expensive ink. Internet is too cheap for them, it hasn’t enough class!
    And they are too old, too busy, too lazy and too used to be being served. And after all, they have staff working for them: “Work on providing me work! don’t use simple ways like the internet and e-mail to get me a job! I pay You too much for that!”

  7. CT says:

    Love Deven! It’s always a treat to listen to her! I am buying one of her shirts and she better call me like she says she does!

  8. Mr Bungee says:

    Love the shows with Deven! Her sense of humor and delivery remind me so much of Judy Tenuta. Outrageous!

  9. RcktMan says:

    Hoot! Hoooooot! I want to come up for the Hoot Owl Festival. It sounds like a… well… hoot. 🙂 How cool to have Deven on again! She’s so much fun, and I can speak from personal experience that she will, indeed, call you if you buy and wear her T-shirts. 🙂

    Fausto, I loooooove it when you do that Stephen Hawking/Fred voice. I almost ran off the road today when I heard you.

    Deven, you definitely need to come to Chicago sometime soon!!

  10. I am totally going to state the obvious: I love Deven Green..! And I need more Brenda Dickson parody videos. Vageene… *snort* Haha!

  11. Pikkle says:

    I love Deven Green! Deven + FoF makes a GREAT COMBO for relaxing after a long day of work

  12. corey says:

    Yay for more Deven! She couldn’t be more fabulous if she peed champagne!

  13. Joel says:

    Effin’ hilarious show once again guys!!!!
    (And I gotta tell you, I’m blushing just a bit…..).

    If you’ll excuse me, I gotta go call my agent and get her working on that gay crippled Nazi retard script – brilliant!!!!

    Kudos once again fellas…….!

  14. DavidMcD says:

    Fausto + Marc + Deven = COMEDY GOLD. Nuff said.

  15. Thank you guys for turning us on to Deven. She is simply amazing. No other guest makes me laugh and laugh from start to finish. You three were chemistry magic! Thanks for having Deven on again and please bring her back.

  16. We got on offer to film the pilot!

  17. PureeTofu says:

    Ha ha ha, Deven is great, the dynamics between you guys is amazing. Hope she starts becoming a regular guest *wink wink*.

    Deven is actually the only person that has tempted me to go back and visit *whispers* Hollywood.

  18. Zoomer says:

    “Gay is the new retard.” LOL!!! 🙂 OMG, where do you come up with this stuff?!
    Stephen H. should be a new regular too.

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