FOF #921 – Thank Zeus for Xanadu!

Jan 30, 2009 · 1985 views

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Ding dong, the cuckoo clock has run out for Governor Blagojevich. Yesterday the Illinois senate unanimously voted to impeach the unpopular Governor on corruption charges, in their best Donald Trump impersonation- you’re fired. Meanwhile HBO […]


  1. Michael says:

    Hey guys….haven’t had a chance to listen to the show yet, but I’m going to see Xanadau next Friday…and I’m sitting in those $25 seats – which just happen to be ON THE STAGE! I’m looking forward to being extra campy too!

  2. filpmire says:

    Hey guys, Glad you liked the show. Jack, Mark, and I had a great time last week. I think it works in the Drury Lane Watertower’s space better than in NY. The cast was very fun too. Elizabeth Stanley, I believe, starred in Crybaby in NY, not Hairspray. It’s a fun show…Makes me think of how you bring back Can’t Stop the Music, and all those campy 70’s disco musicals. Could be dangerous, hmm. Talk to later…Phil

  3. Tom Goss says:

    Ted Haggard is my hero…

  4. DavidMcD says:

    Thank Zeus for Feast of Fools. Thank you guys for putting out such great programs five days a week!! I’ll be sure to check out Xanadu, it sounds like mad fun!!!

  5. Nidocamen says:

    I really don’t care much for football either, but we are pretty excited that the Cardinals actually made it to the Superbowl. They have been an awful team ever since they came here in the late 80s and it is pretty exciting!! Although I probably won’t watch the game, I’ll go find the commercials on youtube somewhere. I wonder if is going to have another commercial this year? They are based locally up in Scottsdale, AZ and are a huge employer here in the Valley.

    Great show guys, sounds like I need to make a trip to see Xanadu! I think the Regents tests are something out of NY. My family is from there and it sounds familiar.

    I totally agree with the opinion on the economy. A lot of it is based on the mood of the nation, and currently the mood isn’t that great. But some money is still being exchanged and the world is still going around…..just a bit slower. Things are going to pick up as new technologies are invested in and brought out to the consumer……specifically in clean energy and efficient devices and vehicles. 2009 will be still perhaps be a bit shaky, but the economy should stabilize and then start to recover late in the year.

    have a great weekend guys!


  6. I’ll listen to the Feast of Fools forever…or just for a day. I always forget the difference.

  7. Mikey Dee says:

    So the regents exams are not the SATs. I took the regents in high school and they are just a statewide standardized test to make sure students are know enough to pass a particular class. they are extremely easy…kinda like Tracy!

  8. Cliff Dix says:

    Jaimie, The robot from the 1980’s that used the newest technology at the time the 8-track was called 2XL. I had one as a kid and thought it was amazing just like this kid and his Paper Scissors Barrack YouTube videos.

    Here’s 2XL:

  9. Jamie says:

    Thanks Cliff! That’s right!

    I’d play with him for hours, and stare into his strobe eyes.

    I must say though, you look way too young to have played with him. I forgot how gay his voice was. Maybe that’s why I’m attracted to gay, nerd-like boys today?

    The clip brought back memories.

  10. Thanks for another great show guys! I saw “Xanadu” on Broadway, and couldn’t help but be a bit disappointed in the music. But when Fausto explained how complicated ELO’s music was to sing without vocoders, it made a lot of sense.

    But Fausto, Fausto, the movie came out in 1980, not 1979. I kept yelling this to you on the subway, didn’t you hear me?

  11. Jeff says:

    Finally have agreed with Fausto about being a little more up-beat / positive to move the nation forward. Haven’t caught up on all podcast since this one yet so I hope that you are critical of the doom and gloom Obama keeps saying every day….. this just from today 2-9-09… if Congress does not quickly pass an economic stimulus package, the nation will slip into a crisis so deep that “we may be unable to reverse” it. Enjoy the podcast but tune out the politics…… also i believe Obama is bi-racial and not black…

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