FOF #930 – Mexican Golden Girls

Feb 12, 2009 · 1985 views

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Las Mujeres Doradas means The Golden Girls in Spanish and we feel a little bit like a Mexican version of the campy 80s sitcom when hanging out with our good friend comedian Bill Cruz. On […]


  1. Jamie says:

    I have a few beers for Bill. Send him over to me boys.

  2. Here is the song we were trying to sing at the beginning of the show:

  3. Jesse says:

    LOL! Fausto… oh my God… “Expensive produce… AND I got mugged.”
    I think I love you just a little more because of that.
    I’m glad you came out on the other side of things safe though.

    I can relate to Bill’s potential “fake gun” incident with the trannies though, because after my mugging in Boston I found out the guy had broken the tip off his knife so that it wasn’t “armed robbery”. If I had seen that at the time, I would’ve been a little more confrontational and might not have lost my phone and iPod.

  4. Nidocamen says:

    OMG This was seriously the most hilarious show ever!!!!! I kept my door closed at the office because people would have been coming by going “what the hell is wrong with you!” since I’ve been just cracking up every few minutes! Awesome show!!!!

    Fausto, I’m so sorry that you got almost-mugged!!! It sounded like just an awful experience!! But at least you got your chocolate muffins home!! I promise I won’t let that happen to you or Marc when you’re here in Phoenix! (haha, note that I use ‘when’ not ‘if’ LOL)

  5. DC_GAY_MAN says:

    I think Bill Cruz is your cultural alter-ego. I like the contrast between your views and laughed from beginning to end.

  6. RcktMan says:

    I’m STILL listening to the show (is this the longest show you’ve ever done?) and I’m STILL laughing my ASS off. You three are SO funny. I’m SOLD on the Steamworks show FO SHO!

    Fausto, I’m with Jesse… your review of Jewel had me ON. THE. FLOOR. Leave it to you to take a fairly serious situation and find the humor in it. That’s why you’re the best at what you do. I love ya.

    And Marc… well I love you too. 馃檪

    Bill, COME BACK SOON!!!!!! 馃檪

  7. I loved the show and your guest Bill. This was one of my favorite episodes.

    Sorry to hear about the mugging Fausto. That must have been scary.
    There have also been recent muggings here in Silverlake CA targeting lone men. They were committed by “opportunistic” people from out of the area seeking to make a quick buck. I agree with you Fausto, why don’t people want to help out?

  8. CharlesVer33 says:

    Glad to hear you’re in one piece Fausto! Watch out people, a lot of supermarkets worry more about people stealing their stuff than they do about their customers getting attacked in the parking lot.

    Bill Cruz is adorable and really cute!

  9. Thank you guys for all your loving, supportive comments. I really was a mess the night it happened, and Marc (of course) brought me back from a shaken state and Bill Cruz really brought a lot of joy at a time when I was feeling really sad.

    It’s those giggles!

    Love your photo Jesse, it’s really cute! Stay tuned on Tuesday, we’re trying to have a group party podcast with as many of our friends as possible.

  10. seck says:

    Fausto–so sorry to hear abotu your mugging–totally sucks–glad you are ok, though. You need to carry Mace–especially at 11PM. Or fo with your big (not fat) boyfriend.

    I live in the neighborhood that Bill mentioned where the black he/she hookers swarm. They have sex in in my alley and even on front porch on numerous occassions. I can see why he was confused because they are not necessarily drag queens or transvestites. They are black guys in wigs and hooker clothes. They prey on the drunk cubbies–and you can see a 6 foot black guy blowing a drunk cubbie frat boy in the back alley on a cubs home game day. But they will rob you blind–and run to the Belmont el–thankfully I am bigger than them and will mace thier asses. Tom Tunney does nothing of course except makes cinnamon rolls.

  11. Alfonzo says:

    I loved today’s show and was happy to hear from someone who is American, but of mexican descent (like me!). I think when people think of Mexicans, they imagine dark skinned-mestizos who wash dishes for a living and barely understand english.

    I’m grateful you had someone on the show to prove the opposite.

    Also, we’re VERY funny people who are probably the biggest jokesters you’ll ever meet.

  12. Isn’t Bill the best?

    But Alfnozo, I’m also Latino. I’m one of the most listened to Puerto Rican men in an American Audience, gay or straight. Is that bragging? 馃檪

    Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, or anyone else for that matter are just like everyone else- there are funny ones, stupid ones, smart ones, mean ones and loving ones. Sometimes all at the same time. Bill is a gem of a guy, no matter what background he is.

  13. CT says:

    Great show guys! I could not stop laughing! Bill is super-talented and I love his wit. I know someone who works at that Jewel and always has stories about the transients who are there! Glad that you came away relatively unscathed.

  14. corey says:

    So when will the Mexican Golden Girls video be up??? I think you have a winner there…

  15. Sorry to hear about the (attempted) mugging – one tip I learnt from my bf who had security training: if someone grabs your arm, always pull your arm away from their palm and towards their fingertips. That should allow you to pull free. (I practised with my much stronger bf and still managed to.) Seems sort of duh but the point is to not panic and waste energy and just start jerking your arm around willy-nilly.

    As for the ‘women can’t cum’ article – I bet it was referring to the fact that a lot of women can’t cum from simply getting fucked as, due to their specific build, the clitoris isn’t stimulated directly (it’s located too far out of the way). Straight men apparently get all insecure and offended if a woman also needs a vribrator to get off.

  16. Andy says:

    I loved this show! It made my day, could not stop laughing!

    Please invite Bill for another show, drink some beers and make a show. 馃檪

  17. I loved this show too, it was a good job I was alone in the house it had me laughing out loud. More from Bill please.

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