FOF #931 – Rendez-vous with Ramen Noodles

Feb 13, 2009 · 1985 views

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You thought the last election was about change? Well in 2012, some believe a dwarf star will travel near the Earth and bring about profound spiritual transformation or an apocalypse, take your pick. We know […]


  1. The title references an Arthur C. Clark novel, Rendez-vous with Rama.

    The “Rama” of the title is an alien starship, initially mistaken for an asteroid and named after the Hindu God Rama that enters our solar system and I figure Erik’s theories about 2012 and the dwarf star are about as strong as wet noodles, so there you go- Rendez-vous with Ramen Noodles

  2. It’s true, Milwaukee is just chill, no matter what bar you go to. Boys I would be happy to hang out with you in Milwaukee, anytime. Marc and Fausto, you need to get back up here, sans weather issues.

    Talk to everyone soon!!

  3. Damn…I sound really spazy! I should learn how to summer donna!

  4. Jimmy says:

    Did Eric really say he was going to shit on your face Marc? lol

  5. Yeah he did.

    Josh, I would love to go up to the ‘Waukee anytime!

  6. Me says:

    I have been to WI in a long time…sounds like a lot has changed…might have to visit my friends/family there in the near future…

  7. EVERYONE, come on up, it’s a blast….we can have a cook-out LOL

  8. I was listening to the show while doing some drawing. When Fausto said “All you gotta do as gay dads, play a little Shakira and you’re done” I laughed so hard I had to stop whatever I was doing!

    In any case, Erik and Mark make for a very adorable couple and great guests to have for the show.

  9. matt says:

    So glad to hear from Erik. He’s so fucking entertaining.

  10. Rhea says:

    Mr and Mr Sosa-Kibby are great fun to listen to. Why are some gay dads so much more entertaining than my straight female friends who talk about their babies like they’re the Second Coming?

  11. Cliff Dix says:

    And Rhea when you say Second Coming I assume you mean Dec. 21, 2012. Sorry Erik but you are sounding a little crazy but I love you anyway. Even the end of the world is funny on the Feast of Fools.

  12. Seriously no worries..if i worried about what people thought of me…well..let’s just talk to me as if i care! HA. I seriously think when the movie 2012 come out in June..we all get a huge party and go!!!!! Fausto???? Marc????

  13. william R. Scott says:

    I think its rude that marc and fausto mock you like that. I remember in one podcast Marc says he like to hear conspiracy theories just to laugh at them or something. If Marc can believe that blagoyavich’s father in law had something to do with his impeachment or that Bush knowling told lies to get us into war with iraq, why would he not stretch his imagination to include stuff that is outside the set of knowledge were supposted to believe.

    Fausto said he believed that conspiracy theorist need conspiracies becasue they have childlike mentalities. I think this is a bit of projection on Faustos part. Only a naive person like Fausto would want to desparatley hold on the fact that people in power have only the best intentions forthe people they are supposted to take care of. Do you really think drug companies dont supress cures? do you really think insurace companies have nothing to do with us not having universal healthcare? grow up

  14. Kieran says:

    Lets have more totally wacky off the wall podcasts like this. I loved Eric’s ravings. At least 2012 won’t be boring.

  15. To be clear, I don’t think of 2012 as a conspiracy theory, it is a doomsday scenario which I think is ridiculous, worthy of mocking. I like Erik very much but I think 2012 is cacamamy, but I will be first in line with Erik to see that movie.

  16. ughhh.. truth be told… look at the news.. 2012 will be one of the hottest dates on record..this is measures bu sun spots and solar flares..2012 is not a doomsday scenerio..however, it can be viewed as such. weather patterns have been/ and will continue to be disupted. My belief is the worst of these measures are yet to come. weather its 2012 or not is not the point for me. i just want to have a plan of action should communication systems be disrupted, choas is abound. is that so wrong to be prepared?

  17. weather 2012.. i know how to spell… but no pun intended!

  18. Who made that outrageous claim? Nobody even tries to predict the weather 10 days from now, much less three years from now!

  19. Love Eric’s visits to the show he is such a giggle.

  20. I had fun listening to this episode. I can make a 2012-related prediction that NOBODY can contradict:

    In the year 2012, the citizens of United States of America will choose a person who will serve for the next four years as President. Additionally, they will choose every member of the House of Representatives, and one-third of the Senators. This event will determine the future of not only the country, but also the world. Additionally, the world will meet in London to engage in the Summer Olympic games, an event with many potential political and economic consequences.

  21. And somehow..somewhere ..people will die! HA

  22. “And I will eat all the leaves of the trees, and all the berries of the bushes, and some animals might DIE….for I am an evil giraffe.” Love you Eric, and love Eddie Izzard (hopefully you were quoting him)

  23. Here’s a good article on Doomsday cults in history-

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