FOF #946 – Gigi’s New Bouncy Clothes

Mar 10, 2009 · 113266 views

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Boing boing! Gigi Deluxe, Chicago’s glamor-puss is here to talk about her new collaboration with House of Bias, a fashion forward clothing line specializing in clothes made out of rubber latex. Think it’s too kinky […]


  1. xmaryx says:

    gigi is so gorgeous. can’t wait to listen to this while going to bed. i was waiting for it to be uploaded to do so. and i’m not into watchmen (more into x-men and iron man) and i’ve heard bad reviews about it. so you guys are going to be my determining factor on whether to spend $20 to see this or not.

  2. I want her laugh to be my ringtone. Love that woman.

  3. Jamie says:

    Her laugh is a wonderful thing to hear in the morning.

  4. I’ve said it before, I’m saying it again: Gigi is such a stellar guest. What a driven, genuine, intelligent, lovely individual. Can’t get enough. 馃檪

  5. Andy says:

    Love Gigi. That woman has so much energy and her laugh is really contagious.

  6. Rhea says:

    But what about the poor sods who are allergic to latex? I hope you go into vinyl as well, Gigi! 馃檪

    Ms. Deluxe is such a renaissance woman– artist, performer, model, businessperson, teacher, mother… how does she find the energy?!

  7. garyc says:

    I don’t know what it is about Gigi, but I see her pic and I know I’m going to fave the show in my itunes playlists. 馃檪 x

  8. Gary, you have a sistermance for Gigi!

    I think Gigi’s secret is she’s actually a sexy robot from the future, like those cylons from Battlestar Galactica.

  9. Gigi_Deluxe says:

    All of you are so so sweet and so kind-Thank you. This is why I love doing the Feast of Fools, not only do I love and respect Marc and Fausto for the passion that they have for their craft and work, but they have such a wonderful audience, their listeners are the absolute BEST!
    It’s always such and honour and pleasure for me to be on show. I hope to keep doing more in the future. Big kisses to all of you -MUWAH!!!!!
    Gigi D.

  10. Gigi_Deluxe says:

    Don’t forget- I left some “Gigi” stickers for Mark and Fausto to give to some lucky listener- so don’t forget to ask for one! XOXO

  11. Gigi_Deluxe says:

    Also, if Fausto wants to make my goofy-ass laugh into a ringtone, that’s perfectly alright with me -lol!

  12. CT says:

    Great show! I was scammed by Nu U Medspa also…I was upset that they closed the Wicker Park location after I bought a package of microderm services and had only done one. They didn’t give me a courtesy call letting me know I had to inconveniently go to the Lincoln Park location and so far I’ve been given the runaround from everyone there and corporate for a refund! Now they’re saying they don’t have a record of my payment. Plus their customer service is the worst I’ve ever experienced! I wish I knew about all this before I went there. Needless to day I’m a big fan as a result. Everyone check out the trunk show on the 27th! Gigi’s great on the show but even better in person! =)

  13. Kevin Thomas says:

    I love Miss Coco Peru!

  14. TrickyToro says:

    Gigi sounds like an incredibly vibrant and dynamic person but the best thing about her is that she’s so open and willing to share. I love that each time she’s visited she’s revealed more of her personal life and talked about being a mom. I really value her smart and pragmatic advice on everything from raising childrent to personal relationships. She’s pretty inspirational and I love and look forward to the times she’s on the show. Thanks!

  15. Gigi_Deluxe says:

    Fausto-I told my kid’s that you take the frosting off the cupcakes before you eat and they think it’s the craziest thing that they ever heard!!

  16. Gigi_Deluxe says:

    Thank you TrickyToro! XOXO

  17. Gigi_Deluxe says:

    By the way- I have a SayNow account so if anyone would like to call and leave a message-
    I’d love to hear from you!
    – and take a minute to subscribe for updates!

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