FOF #948 – George St. George Slays It

Mar 12, 2009 · 1985 views

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“Take My Picture Now! Do I look ugly? I demand you destroy all the copies of those photos.” These are the expressions that a lot of photographers endure when taking pictures out at nightclubs or […]


  1. Good show guys, I liked the video segment where you could see George too!

  2. I’m halfway through the show, and this guest is already on my nerves. It sounds like you’re both having fun with George, which counts for a lot — but the “I don’t kiss and tell” thing was spot on: “Why would you bring it as a talking point” if you’re going to avoid the question?

    Not my favorite show so far. More Gigi. 🙂

  3. Okay, done 🙂 Prior comments aside, this show turned out to be interesting. Beautiful job again, Marc and Fausto.

  4. Rhea says:

    George may be a tease, but he is brilliant. Love him!

  5. Rhea says:

    Ooh, sweeties, I think you’ve miscounted the podcasts again– this is technically # 948. The quadruple digits are a-comin’!

  6. Erik Peterson says:

    GSG can surely spin a yarn of the highest quality which he then weaves into the most supple and luxurious of sonic sweaters that keeps the airwaves broiling like a Victorian toaster oven. Being a close f(r)iend of mine, I must make one correction for the stalkers – I mean listeners – George does not have a mohawk. He has a bang weave. “Gotta give ’em something to hold onto!” he says. Art Basel indeed! Oh! My favorite internet code for meth: Anyone interested in participating in a glass-blowing workshop tonight? …Call me!

  7. @Rhea- I switched it up.

  8. DC_GAY_MAN says:

    Re: Meth injections, there is a great german documentary on the american gay porn scene – where there is a demo. Obviously, it’s painful to watch and sex is more preparation than pleasure for porn stars.

    Glad to hear George St. George’s perspective on what night life is about over the long-term. Also, it’s insightful to hear his perspective on why people opt to proceed with longterm drug use. He is matter of fact about that which is refreshing to hear.

  9. DC, I agree with what you say about long-term drug use with one exception. Addiction is an illness from which one is never cured. Addicts struggle one day at a time with their addictions whether it’s alcohol or hardcore drugs. No one makes this choice for themselves. There are numerous psychological reasons one is addicted and that makes an addict unable to be cured. Any therapist will tell someone recovering from drug use this. An addict can be successful in staying sober but they are never really cured.

  10. Erik Peterson says:

    GSG: I am shocked that you of all people use that master-slave, Establishment, anti-drug propoganda language. I think the true reason that one is never really cured is because one is never really ill. I refuse to subscribe to the belief system that if I occassionally enjoy blowing some rails, popping E’s or pot-smoking (an herb, NOT a narcotic), that I am totally out of control, have to surrender my soul to a “higher power” (who is actually a councilor or shrink rather than any sort of divine entity) and demonstrate how willingly I can foresake my identity as an individual, my free will and the personal community of peers I have worked a lifetime to assemble in favor of alligning myself with a giant shame-based, pearl-clutching Super Ego that is “Recovery”. Self-loathing/depricating and bigotry against like-minded folks via submission to the modern American semiotext of “addiction” which is constructed upon concepts of maintaining collective fear, helplessness, distrust and hate of Self, love of the safety and comfort of being a member of the herd rather than leader, outlaw, or lone wolf. Anyone catch my drift?

  11. Drug and alcohol abuse are complex issues and there is no “one size fits all” solution. You have to find what’s right for you.

  12. George St. George:

    I hear what you are saying. My point is that you are a stand-out guest of the show who captured, lived, and continues to experience an era where I grew up too. I loved what the night life offered in the 1990’s forward. To boot, I am a dead head which should signal some common ground about understanding addiction.

    I just wish you could figure out how to make use of your experience in the form of a product (photo journal, book, something that brings your expression forward). I certainly would be a customer for what you might offer – given the parallels of a decade and the moments of nightlife gone by. Similar to Annie Leibovitz’s book about how to be a photographer, there is voyeur perspective on how to be a successful nightlife photographer. I’ve not seen someone really capture that topic.

  13. Erik:

    I haven’t a clue as to what you are writing. Plain english is always helpful. 🙂

  14. kieran says:

    its really refreshing to hear drugs discussed by people who know what they are really like and can handle such a discussion without freaking out or apologising. drugs are so much a part of society like alcohol so we need to have them addressed. there is no shame to doing any drug. but honest comments on their ramifications are really important. people whacked out on drugs are a drag and drunks are also a real drag unless we are in the same condition. some people manage their addictions remarkably well.

  15. Drake NYC says:

    Great ShOW! Can’t wait for part Two or THREE or FOUR… I”m sure he’s got a ton of unique and cool stories. Very interesting part on ‘oh you get to sleep w/ sexy guys you shoot’. George completely cracked that myth open.
    Plus the Michael Jackson stuff was insane!

  16. WillG says:

    Bring George back for more (insightful) chat!!!

  17. Hi guys! Please understand that we have people on the show who we believe in and we think contribute to the show so please don’t feel the need to demand someone to come back, it’s not necessary. Please trust us to curate the show.

    Instead, comment on what they have to say, ask question or express your love.

    I have George scheduled later this month though because I like what he has to say.

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