FOF #958 – Cameron Esposito is a Zesty Delight

Mar 25, 2009 · 1985 views

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America’s Lesbian Sweetheart, Cameron Esposito is back from Africa and the U.K! Cameron cool comedy stylings endear her to audiences everywhere- here and abroad and to broads as well. Cameron was lauded by one reviewer […]


  1. doug says:

    I love the show, Cameron is one of my favorite guests. She is hillarious! And what a hot model you had on the show yesterday, lickable.

  2. cameron says:

    why doug, how kind of you. i promise to work on my lickability before my next fof earppearance. now, to go dip myself in fluff…

  3. I know it’s an ocean of beautiful, thoughtful people.

  4. Mmm…marshmallow fluff. Nice choice, Cameron. Cam. Can I call you Cam-Cam?

    Fausto and Marc — I’m trying to remedy this multiple name problem. Your intervention is successful. 馃檪 BUT changing my display name in my profile page doesn’t change the way it’s displayed! I have been misled.

    This changes nothing about

    1. How fabulous this show was
    2. How hilarious Cam-Cam is
    3. My gratitude that you ask my questions. 馃檪

  5. CAMERON IS A DOLL ! I can relate to her feelings about Steamworks and as far as her statement that women play games I think the opposite is true. Socially, men tend to mask their emotions more so that in itself is a huge mind game they play with themselves as well as society. Women have to deal with men’s defenses and bs and I think they express themselves better as a result of dealing with our shortcomings.

    Oh and I didn’t mean to shock you dear with the Brazilian Wax question. I had just read an online poll – I think it was on or one of the health and beauty websites I occasionally log onto and it posed the same question.

  6. Cameron says:

    You can call me Cam-Cam anytime, Pashmina. Now when are you teaching me how to upgrade the arch in my eyebrows? Stunning!

  7. I love vibing with Cameron! I always enjoy hearing her on the show. She’s unbelievably funny and always has great stories. I was dying when you were talking about sending her into thousand waves undercover. And, the fish skit was hillarious!

  8. seawall says:

    Dug up this episode and enjoyed it quite a bit. LOL’d at Fausto playing Cameron’s goldfish. Also, a warning to comedians working the New Zealand circuit: Kiwi audiences are not much more vocal than British ones. I’ve been to a few shows here with my expat friends and you can always hear us over the locals. They’re quite reserved here, but light-hearted underneath it all.

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