FOF #960 – In the Pink with Davey Wavey

Mar 29, 2009 · 1985 views

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Web Designer David Jakes turned to video blogging to document and reflect on his life experiences. A year later as Davey Wavey, his video blog became one of the more popular channels on YouTube, in […]


  1. Mike says:

    Great Show!! I discovered Davey back in November. I’ve been waiting for this cross over all year… thanks guys. And thanks for answering my question from Facebook, very thorough answer and some wonderful insights!!

  2. Loved listening to this show, great to hear Davey Wavey also. I usually check out his blog at least once week to read the current posts.

  3. DavidMcD says:

    Great interview guys! You always bring the best qualities in your guests. I’ve seen and enjoyed Davey’s videos, but we don’t really get to hear the person behind the great body so it was really nice being able to hear this show.

  4. Ted says:

    OMG! what a sexy Pup! I feel so lecherous now. Time to have a sexy old guy so I won’t hafta feel guilty. Great show guys.

  5. I’m interested in a Davey Wavey vlog wherein Davey rubs lotion on his torso.

    Then sits on a cake.

    Perhaps we can collaborate. I’ll bake.

  6. Drew says:

    Someone get this guy a morning workout tv show!

  7. Gaby says:

    I have no idea where to send you messages, you have so many options. I’ve just finished listening to “Put on your easter bonnet” while I download the rest of March. I’m going through a rough time and I wanted you to know that you do make life a little bit better. Thanks for doing this podcast. Best wishes from Mexico

  8. ibox2000 says:

    Great show. Davey was a fun guest.

    Oh, and BTW…I play hockey 3X a week and have “hockey players’ ass and thighs”.

  9. Gestalta says:

    I’m glad SOMEONE brought up the hotness that is men walking commando in sweat pants.

  10. IBOX- please send pics of hockey butt!

  11. corey says:

    Davey has one of my favorite, infectious podcast voices.

  12. S.I.R says:

    I don’t know what to say…. there are so many positive things written about him that I feel there needs to be some balance. I mean I have to applaud him for his use of Internet experience to bolster media attention. And yes his body is tight. But, what a tool. Maybe be can be baked into the cake that Jason P. Pike is making and I can sit on it. I really hope hes getting loads of contacts that want to stick it to him in more way’s then in port can take. There I feel better, I released. Oh and Davey… go ahead and let go. I think I will enjoy watching your beauty sink below the waves. Ta Ta. XXX

  13. Jon-paul says:

    Great Interview, Marc and Fausto. You guys just get better and better. Davey Wavey is great and what a personality ( and body). He has a great blog also. You guys always have a great way of bringing out interesting things in your discussion with your guests that you have on your podcast. That is why you are the best on the Internet!

  14. DC_GAY_MAN says:

    Davey –

    Loved the Buenos Aires musings on You Tube. They were helpful when I went there last year. Much thanks for the tips.

  15. yum_davey says:

    i luv u well i mean as a fan u rock

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