FOF #971 – California vs. Hilton

Apr 21, 2009 · 1985 views

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On today’s Feast of Fun- comedian Adam Guerino brings his gal pal, Beth Stelling over to talk about their hilarious upcoming shows in Chicago. Beth has Daddy issues she still hasn’t resolved, and we’re trying […]


  1. Amazing show, guys. I came twice.

  2. Adam and Beth were a lot of fun! another great show! but yeah normally I find Perez really annoying but he was right about what he said about Miss California…she really answered that question in a really stupid way..what an idiot..

    and BAWWWWWWWW they took down the site with the hot guys and their iPhones? that is too bad. 🙁

  3. Greg Haus says:

    I’m really looking forward to working with Adam & Beth on Friday night at Berlin. I think it’ll be the perfect pre-party to my after-party.

    Also, I think Miss California will be responsible for introducing a new term into the vernacular… “Opposite Marriage”. I’ll have to remember to congratulate my parents on their 40+ years of “Opposite Marriage” next time their anniversary rolls around.

    Great show as always, guys…

  4. I think Miss California should see how little I have in common with people I’ve dated before thinking you can only be “opposite” genders.

  5. Ali says:

    CNN ragged on Perez for calling Miss Cali a “dumb bitch.” They played the Perez vid up to that point, but don’t show when he goes on to point out why he thinks she is a dumb bitch. They then tried to tie it into a story on racism and misogyny proliferating on the uncensored internet, but it just came off as the trashy pop culture item it was.

  6. CharlesVer33 says:

    Perez usually makes a lot of dumb decisions, so it was really great so see him take this “dumb bitch” to task for her divisive comment on marriage equality. Still, I wish he would have just called her dumb. Are there non-sexist words that one can use to describe this asshole?

    I’m also sad that her dumb answer is getting more press than the winner, Miss North Carolina USA, Kristen Dalton.

  7. GossipCrunch says:

    Miss California had expressed her views and what she believes in and this should be taken sportingly by Perez Hilton. Instead he went overboard and created all this controversy. Read more here

  8. @Gossipcruch- the civil rights of millions of gay Americans is not a sport. Please take your bigotry somewhere else. It won’t do you any good here,

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