FOF #974 – Japhy Grant Tells It Like It Is

Apr 23, 2009 · 1985 views

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Four years ago Japhy Grant moved to Los Angeles with the hopes of becoming a screenwriter. He turned to blogging as way to find his voice and network in the entertainment industry. Today, he’s the […]


  1. Nomad says:

    I don’t understand why Perez Hilton is taken so seriously — he’s a self-proclaimed media clown; he dances around in front of people hoping to get their attention

  2. Charlesver33 says:

    Clown or not, bloggers like Japhy or Perez words have ramifications. It’s interesting that they both use pen names.

    I think they do a great job of covering some of the news, but I’d like to see more gay news blogs do local coverage.

    It’s great to see the person behind the pen, thanks for another great interview.

  3. Alfonzo says:

    This is an other great show. Working for a gay media publication, it’s helpful to hear what he thinks about why publications are failing.

    Also, kudos on Japhy’s opinion on gays and their spiritual beliefs.

  4. OK, I’m going to need some links to the “non-caucasion” men sites.

    ; )

  5. Jonas says:

    Japhy is so cute! He’s got a puppy face, like a certain sadness to it, and pretty blue eyes. Oh no, did I just out him as a caucasian? 😛 Anyway, I like his laughter and personality. Wonderful show, as always.

    On another note: Isn’t America still predominantly white? I would assume the largest demographics at least in marketing terms would be caucasian and hence one would use the caucasian type to draw attention. Also, the Western European beauty ideals historically have had time to ravage cultures all around the world, and its ripple effect is behind the grip we still feel today.

  6. Matty says:

    What a great question during todays show on why does most gay media portray hot white men over equally as attractive black, latin, and asian men etc? In my opinion the culture that surrounds the caucasian male is predominantly more excepting of a man as gay. When traditionally in my experience black, latin, asian and other cultures view gay men much more harshly. And overall from what I have seen and experienced its much easier for me to be gay in society as a white man where as, I can say personally b/c I have only ever dated blacks or latins that from being with them and sharing their cultures and family structures while with them, that it is much more hard for them to be who they are and still be excepted by their culture and family/friends. So I don’t think it is so much as a race preference sexually that influences our idolization of the white gay man as much as it is the idolization of the culture and family structure that white gay men live in. As a result it appears that we as a community only celebrate the white gay male, when in all reality, we celebrate all our brothers of every race, but it is the culture and social structure of the white gay man that we all idolize. Ultimately I believe alls any of us want is a life that is filled with more acceptance from our friends, family, and the culture in which we were raised and wish to live in. Well, thats just my idea on the subject. Loved the show and now I am a fan of Queerty I had never heard of it until today! 😀 Thanks boyz!
    Love, Matty

  7. Dave in Charleston says:

    I admire Japhy Grant’s name, he’s really cute, smart and funny.

  8. Drew says:

    Probably the reason why caucasian men dominate male beauty sites is because people are still in a way racist. Talking about it is a good place to start.

    I wonder what the racial percentage is on people who submit content like this? Are black men posting images of white guys, are white men running the sites dedicated to black male beauty, or are we just trying to pick fault with looking at sexy men because we’re not used to feeling good about our sexuality?

  9. CT says:

    I love how this show incited such great questions and debates. I am queer latino and to tell you the truth I haven’t noticed that gay white males were the norm in these ads because I’m attracted mostly to the gay white males. I loved the show–I think Japhy is great, so cute and love his voice and overall his contrubution to the gay community at large. Keep up the great work guys!!!

  10. I can’t believe you got Japhy on the show. What a delightful surprise. I love his blog so much it’s on my dashboard of stuff I view daily. Tthe dialog of comments are one of the best and worst things about reading Queerty. I really appreciate your conversation on race and sexuality. It’s nice to be informed and engaged in the mind while laughing.

  11. Jon-paul says:

    I really liked this podcast episode. Substantive discussion and also filled with the usual humor I love. Thank you for introducing me to Japhy and Queerty. I am a new fan.

  12. According to Japhy’s twitter, he is no longer the editor of Queerty. Awaiting word of his future.

  13. According to Japhy’s twitter, he is no longer the editor of Queerty – we’re awaiting word of his future.

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