FOF #976 – Flexing Your Gay Movie Muscle

Apr 27, 2009 · 1985 views

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Summer’s just around the corner, and this year’s movies promise to be the gayest, hottest and most fabulous yet. Today, writer and film critic Gregg Shapiro joins us to talk about Queer Cinema 101, a […]


  1. Cliff Dix says:

    YAY! I love Greg. Let him out of his cage more often please. His thoughts on Bea Arthur were so nice. Bea was a great lady. Its funny I saw her here a few years ago and she was barefooted. I just assumed she was eccentric and liked performing barefoot. Now I know.
    The Queer Cinema 101 is such a great idea. There are so many of those older films that most of us only saw on video or DVD. There truly is nothing like seeing a movie in a theater with a truly appreciative audience who loves and adores these films.

  2. Alfonzo says:

    I’m so glad someone is doing this, especially when you consider movies like Stonewall, which gives a picture of what it was like to be gay before the gay rights movement.

  3. Greg!!! its been a while since he’s been on the show! it was nice to hear from him again!

  4. Rhea says:

    Mr Shapiro! I’ve missed your sweet, dulcet tones and your take on movies, music and pop culture. Welcome back, and I hope all went well on your extensive book tour!

    And I agree wholeheartedly with Cliff on watching a queer movie with fellow queers– the inside jokes, the jeers, the catcalls… I remember watching Another Gay Movie during a Queer Film fest years ago, and the collective groan of squeamishness we let out as we saw Richard Hatch’s dangly bits projected on the big screen– it was too funny.

  5. Richard says:

    input your comment here…Great show guys…thanks for promoting the series. Hope you can make one of the screenings.

  6. Nice to hear Greg again. Every time anyone talks about ground breaking movies with gay plots I await the mention of Victim. It was a 1961 film starring Dirk Bogarde and Sylvia Syms, Bogarde plays a prominent lawyer who goes after a blackmailer who threatens gay men with exposure (homosexual acts still being illegal). But he’s gay himself… ( lots of tension. Also the terrible but somehow enthralling 1969 film Staircase with Richard Burton and Rex Harrison and a couple of old queens running a mens barber shop.

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