FOF #987 – Esteban Cruz and the Benefits of Being a Homo

May 15, 2009 · 1985 views

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Sexy, crazy and exhilarating –that’s Esteban Andres Cruz. His one-man show “Stuffed” is a collection of hilarious songs and stories about growing up gay in a macho super jock Hispanic household in Cicero, that’s on […]


  1. Nidocamen says:

    Esteban is _really_ funny and pretty queeny!! haha!! I can relate to him as I was born with cataracts in both eyes…..and also have one lazy eye. Luckily there were some major advances in surgery back in the day so that they could take care of it and now I see great. Anyways, great show guys…….it would be great to see his show in person.

  2. Wonderful! Esteban is such a lovely bloke; I’m stoked you gents had him on the show. And furthermore, the boy looks good in a Wonder Woman costume.

  3. OMG Nido- Esteban was a hoot! Just got back from seeing his show, REALLY good stuff.

  4. Curtis says:

    “it’s hard to find true love like its hard to find your keys” – too funny and too true

  5. Curtis says:

    why isn’t there a link in the show notes to the beesteban video? I know I’m having some trouble locating it. Please post the link.

  6. Curtis says:

    so you have to do beesteban & flower not Beesteban and flower. here’s the link

  7. Thanks everyone! Cameron and Fausto, you are a wet dream to me. Nico…queeny? Yeah, I guess I can be. I can play a thug as well though. AC-TING! Curtis, you’re a helpful platinum pumpkin! thanks.

    I gots one more show…JUNE 1ST RAVEN THEATRE 6157 N CLARK, it’s a benefit for the school at Steppenwolf. It’s $29.99 but that includes a beer & wine reception following the show, raffle & door prizes! TIX:


  8. here it is, sorry about that!

  9. Alfonzo says:

    Estaban-ny. That’s pretty damn funny.

    And that song at the end was so wrong…in a good way. I think….

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