FOF #1007 – Friends With Benefits

Jun 18, 2009 · 1985 views

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President Obama’s signed memo extending some federal employees same-sex partner benefits causes woes. Why? Blogger Michael Lehet joins to examine Obama’s sluggish support for equality.


  1. Michael says:

    Hey Boys – Thank you for inviting me on the show – I ALWAYS have such a great time with you guys, after listening to the show it seems as though all I do is giggle when I’m around you!

    And wow, I look butch in that picture – too bad I have to open my mouth : -)

  2. Jon-paul says:

    Per President Obama’s Memo: At another time in the past this may have seemed impressive, now it just seems like a weak effort to try appease the LGBT community. President Obama has been verbally friendly towards the LGBT community. His Administration has been more opened and supportive, but it certainly has not been enough. He has been a proponent of DOMA ( marriage defined in government as only between a man and a woman) which only confirms his own homophobic bias and consequently shows us that the LGBT community will truly never be equal in his eyes. Ultimately, we must endeavor to either change his mind or put in politicians like Gavin Newsom or others who have stood up and been the kind of leaders in the 21st Century who truly believe in civil rights for all.

  3. Jos says:

    A survival guide for living in a world of morons:

  4. Hey guys thanks for the love!

  5. Hey boys great show – love the pic Michael 😡
    Fausto – you can get yr iPhone to sound to 2 minutes even when it’s on silent using MobileMe

  6. Juantana says:

    Hey Guys – great show as always – if you guys come to Washington you should definitely set up a meet-n-greet at Nellies Sports bar its where Eric Himan and Tom Goss perform whenever they are intown and a great space on happening U Street – have you heard for sure that the March would be over Columbus Day? I remember the 1993(?) one was incredible and if Obama doesn’t fulfill at least some of his campaign promises, I say we go to the White House and let him hear us! Hope to get to meet y’all!

    John in DC

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