FOF #1010 – Phish Food for Bill Cruz

Jun 23, 2009 · 1985 views

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Comedian Bill Cruz shares his sexy story of going to a Phish concertn where thousands of shirtless hunks grooved to extended jam sessions. Plus Perez Hilton gets punched in the face by the Black Eye Pea’s manager. Where is the love?


  1. corey says:

    Perez doesn’t look like he got punched, he looks like he popped a zit.

    And doesn’t he realize that verbal abuse may be just as bad as physical abuse in some instances?

    I’m sure somewhere, DLB is laughing.

  2. Rob King says:

    For any “Phag” fans of Phish out there ( Hey Now! Bill 😉 ) there is a group on Facebook called ‘BrianRobert’. Check it out here: The first leg of the summer tour may be over, but there is another tour starting in late July. Come out and see what phunky, phaggotty, phun your missing! See ya at Merriweather!!

  3. Cliff Dix says:

    Always fun to hear Bill Cruuuuuuuuuuuz on the show. If I ever meet him, I am going to say, “OMG! It’s Bill Cruuuuuuuuuuuuuz!” I am sure he will love that. Why can’t Perez and DLB and Will. I . Am. just take a page out of Bill’s book and feel the love (and a nipple or two) at a Phish concert. Why can’t we all get along?

    But man what a bummer Debbie Downer that puppy story was making me sad.

    • Why can’t they get along right!? It’s probably because of the money— and that Perez doesn’t make a living by kissing celebrities butts like those entertainment news channels do.

      Thats part of the success of that blog, is he’s not controlled by anyone. I personally think most celebrity news are terribly boring no matter where they are coming from, but I appreciate any gay person who speaks their mind and voice, even when it’s unpopular. Even when it offends me personally.

  4. I love Bill for going to a Phish show! I saw the Dead play last month and we spent quite a bit of time in the lot before and after. I cannot tell you how many smoking hot fit shirtless young men I met. I had lots and lots of beer in my cooler and extra chairs and they were more than happy to kick it.

  5. MaxMiami says:

    As always it is hilarious when Bill Cruz comes to the show! Perez Hilton got hit instead of hits this time. I don’t condone violence (bad is bad.) Perez puts himself out there but he was bound to cross the wrong idiot eventually. As an idiot among idiots (i.e. “celebrities”) I guess he (Perez) can finally close his Manhunt account since he finally found his soulmate.

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