FOF #1012 – Sanford and Sex

Jun 25, 2009 · 1985 views

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Anti-gay S.C. Governor Mark Sanford admits to secretly flying to Argentina to meet a woman with whom he was having an affair. Burpless cows, stolen lesbian reliquaries and a mother in China boils a human head for soup in hopes it would cure her daughter’s mental illness.


  1. davmorgan says:

    I don’t agree with violence of any kind. But Perez needs to quit playing the victim and take responsibility for his actions. Words have consequences.

    Mark, I’m not sure I’m following where you’re coming from re: people who dislike Perez being more likely to be single.

  2. Alfonzo says:

    Mine would be Sister Lubonda Sheets. I have to admit Sister Reyna Terror has always been my favorite name. Maybe, Sister Nita Fatwun, Sister Lucinda Snatch, Sister Bernie Discharge, Sister Papilloma Virus, Sister Chlamidia Blowout, Sister Holinda Chonies (hole in the chonies, mexican slang for underwear)…..I got a bunch of ’em.

  3. I would be Sister Onmi Neise

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