FOF #1014 – GoatherderEd Takes His Shirt Off

Jun 30, 2009 · 1985 views

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On the 40th Anniversary of Stonewall, video blogger Ed Hayes reflects on the Chicago Gay Pride Parade and the sexy trouble he got into. Who knew that Michael Jackson’s music would rule the gay parade?


  1. HatM says:

    When I first read your joke on Twitter I thought it would rather come from Marc Insults. And It made me smile.
    Now I still think it is funny.
    I understand how people are thinking it is rude, but people are not actually responsible for MJ’s mistakes. As a Pop Idol – and he was in the business long before many others, so he should have known – he brought up a huge contreversy between the genious musician and the bizarre personnality that he is.
    When You say “MJ”, not all remember him for his songs! Why should ^we^ apologize when he is the one getting himself in that mess. Or I would say he was a naive grown up child and the people around him totally wrongly adviced him, totally used the paparazzi and gossip system. Where’nt they supposed to protect him against crude untolerant society?
    Yes, all jokes about dead people are a little bit nasty (because of the sacred definition of death, not because of the person dead). Fans don’t even really know the guy. And even if they did (like his family – playing the same game he was) what have they done to stop contreversy? Nothing.

    • HatM says:

      Thanks Fausto for reading it, and Marc for correcting it:
      Sorry, it should be:
      “…Or would I say he was a naive grown up child and the people around him totally advised him in a wrong way and totally used the paparazzi and gossip system….”

      Yes, the controversy when he was alive not after his dead.

      (Fausto, you can spell me as You wish :P, until you don’t spell it “Hate’m (as in “hate them”)”. It is by the way Hatem (“Hat” like in “Aretha Franklin’s hat” and “em” like in m&m’s).)

  2. Ed says:

    Fausto, that picture of us is TOO FUNNY!!! You and that flag! LOL; I love it! And Marc, are you looking at me or the camera?? 馃槢

    Thanks for having me on the show!

  3. Nidocamen says:

    Ed is totally cute and HOT! Really fun and great show today! Sounds like your Pride was awesome 馃檪

  4. CT says:

    Michael was the first black artist to be played on MTV. It was a big deal.

    • Yeah- remember when MTV started playing rap music? Yo MTV raps! MJ was a BIG deal when I was a teenager. We all were dancing, but there was a part of us that was also giggling at the over-the-top insanity of the performer.

      But there was no doubt- “Thriller” thrilled us.

  5. Andy says:

    Good show with a hot guest! Bring Ed on again, I am hungry for more. 馃檪

    About MJ…at least his death gave him the comeback he supposedly always wanted to achieve the last years. Finally people remember what a great artist and genius he really was.

  6. Since Ed has so much time on his hands he should watch the PBS Frontline special Is Walmart Good for America.

    I recently was talked into buying underclothes from Walmart. The shirts are all pilling and the undergarments will be threadbare very shortly 馃檨

  7. Rhea says:

    I bought some skivvies from Wal-Mart, too! The cotton may as well have been tissue paper. But I did buy “Nell” (starring lesbian icon Jodie Foster) on DVD for $3.97!

  8. Katers says:

    lol @ Fausto’s face in the picture associated with this show 馃槢 reminds me of Kermit the Frog! 馃槢 with his eyes all big and no lips..

  9. poof says:

    i was just gonna say, both ed and fausto look like muppets…sexy muppets

  10. Xavi says:

    you ingrates! (re: politicians) 馃槢

    would you rather have Sally Kern representing you? Let’s ask Oklahoma City about how exciting their pride parade was this year.

  11. Xavi says:

    Mark , you just challenged me to get informed and will make a donation to an Oklahoma organization.

    I’ll be the first to admit that seeing politicians in the parade is a bit of a buzz kill. However, when i see Phil Ting (SF assessor) or Judy Chu (board of equalization chair for state of CA) in the parade i’m reminded that we have (and need) allies everywhere. As a result of Phil and Judy’s work we now taxation/inheritance equality in California. Boring stuff, but elderly LGBTs in CA do not lose their homes anymore when their partner dies and their house is reassessed (something was was occurring way too often).

    They march because they need your vote. They march to thank you for voting for them.

    Remember that when you vote. We need Harvey Milks, Mark Leno’s and Phil Tings, not Sally Kerns.

    OK…back to your regularly scheduled comment: pride in SF was magical this year! We had hot sunny weather with no fog or wind all weekend…unheard of this time of year. the gods were smiling on us all weekend.


  12. Pretty people who are indifferent to the suffering of others. Joy.
    I’m beginning to wonder if there are any hot guys out there who don’t speak in interrogatives.

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