FOF #1016 – Summer Fashion and Skin-Care

Jul 1, 2009 · 1985 views

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Eric Schwers from Baskit Underwear shares his secrets for picking the best swimsuit and underwear and Enrique Ramirez from Face to Face NYC Day Spa offers some inexpensive ideas for summer skin care. Plus a photo of Fausto as a Star Stek character.


  1. Here’s another photo from that night!

    Fausto and Marc dressing up as Andorians in 2004. (Our friend David Andora is in the center of the photo.)

  2. Those folks over on Cracked are witty! I read the first dozen or so submitted captions for the Adorian potty pic and they were all funny!

  3. I use the y-front exclusively (American Apparel briefs).

  4. Xavi says:

    Am I the only one disappointed at 36:13 (ish). We don’t always appreciate what goes on behind the scenes and how you determine how long a segment can be, but I would have enjoyed hearing him finish the story on why he bought the company. you pulled it off though! 30 seconds later i was once again engaged.

  5. dinodude says:

    It takes pretty big (blue) balls to pose like that, dressed like… especially in front of tile like that.

  6. Here’s a view of the Ledge-

    • Alfonzo says:

      Ok, watching that Sears Tower video made me anxious. Guess I’m really afraid of heights.

      I also, agree with you guys on the captioning contest. “Beam me up, potty.” SERIOUSLY? They thought that was the best. No pun intended, but they’re full of crap.

  7. HatM says:

    About one of the photo caption of Fausto in the closet, they were thinking (Laloser) about this:
    “I gotta pee da ba dee da ba dye” sang is the rythm of Eiffel 65′ “I’m blue” (, and eventually mistaken with the Blue Man Group (

  8. HatM says:

    Just looking at that video of the Sears Tower building edge standing makes my hands sweat.

  9. Drake Patton says:

    The Somalis gay-bashing Americans comes as no surprise. We open our country to these people and they bring their ugly, Third World culture with them. That’s gratitude for ya.

    Where’s the Somali ‘Al Sharpton’ speaking out against this violence?

    love the show M and F! Drake

  10. Nidocamen says:

    “Can I get the answer please?” I caught Marc’s ‘frustration’ during the discussion with the Baskit CEO. I’m surprised you guys didn’t edit that out haha 🙂 But I love the ‘reality’ of the show 🙂

    And yeah, I own a whole bunch of hot underwear and swimwear 🙂

  11. Drake Patton says:

    Very good ‘gay small business’ podcast! I only wish I could get more on funding and ‘small business’ angels to get us off the ground.

    So hard to make people see your vision for a gay, small business. I am bummed that HX went outta business.


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