FOF #1018 – Run, Lady Vera Parker, Run!

Jul 6, 2009 · 1985 views

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Teri Yaki explains to the best of his knowledge the sordid details of Lady Vera Parker the Chicago drag queen who was arrested for check fraud and stealing a U-Haul truck from Kentucky. Why is Michael Jackson’s death hitting the public especially hard and Sarah Palin’s abrupt resignation leaves the country befuddled.


  1. This really is ‘Desperate Living”. I picture her riding the backwoods of Kentucky trying to escape, while her sequined gowns lay piled in a U-Haul. Thank You Teri Yaki for an update on this tragic outlaw ! If more comedy tragedy ensues I’m sure the boys at FOF will be there to let us know.

  2. HatM says:

    What makes You now better than Perez Hilton? The giggly good jokes?

  3. Monique Marquette says:

    Thank you boys for the shout out! I love hearing my name on air! =)

    And I hate to say this, but all Lady Vera Parker wanted was to be famous…..and now…..she is! Or is it infamous?

  4. Michael says:

    I’m listening to the show now, but I wonder if Lady Vera’s foray into Drag was only to cover up her seedy background. Maybe it was a real life version of Connie & Carla only she’s a guy, not running from the mob and stealing money from people….perhaps she was trying to be a modern day gay Robin Hood!!!!

  5. RyanK says:

    Great episode, guys!

  6. According to facebook today is Lady Vera Parker’s B-day. Maybe we should send her a cake with a nail file baked into it !

  7. Monique Marquette says:

    I bet she’s getting her birthday spanking today!

  8. HatM says:

    I don’t think she’s shouting out in jail “It’s my B-day people! Where’s my free shag present?”
    Or maybe he’s getting it.

  9. HatM says:

    I think Madonna didn’t sing on her concert Michael Jackson song because she didn’t have the time to rehearse and doesn’t know the words.

  10. Monique Marquette says:

    It’s hard to shout its your birthday with Bubba’s cock in your mouth!

  11. Teri Yaki is so much fun. :3

    and as for Lady Vera Parker well she broke the law and stole from people so she got what was coming to her.

  12. Sir Jake says:

    Can you tweet responses to older shows?

  13. RcktMan says:

    I listened to the show last night but it was SO late when it was done that I didn’t comment. I didn’t know LVP personally, but saw her show at Spin once or twice and saw her out a few times. Her persona always struck me as nicer than most. I didn’t realize she had only been on the Chicago scene for a couple of years– I don’t exactly keep up with the drag world of Chicago.

    Anyway, Teri Yaki is hilarious, and is certainly entitled to her opinion, but one thing I think the world learned from the Michael Jackson service today is that, in these United States, one is innocent until proven guilty. And Teri’s commentary sure reeked of “guilty before proven innocent” to me. Of course, I know, this is all “allegedly” being said, but I don’t find any joy in someone’s downfall. If she’s convicted, have at her… but kicking a person when she’s down is kinda cruel in my eyes.

    Let the backlash ensue! Great show, regardless!

    • Yes, you are right, part of this story is very sad. I’m sure there are mental health issues here. But I couldn’t resist the U haul aspect.

      But you’re also giving sympathy to someone who has shown very little regard for others.

      Also, is it really correct to call it a “downfall” when you’re caught thieving or swindling? The term “Lady” is something she called herself, she wasn’t a real “lady.”

      • RcktMan says:

        Marc, you are right about the U-Haul thing. That truly is crazy, and something that the best of Hollywood writers would have loved to have written. Totally worth the laughter.

        I don’t know if I’m exactly giving her sympathy… if what she did is true (and as I read more about this, it’s looking like she cut a MASSIVE swath across the country), she will get what she has coming to her, for sure. Whatever happens, this doesn’t paint the Chicago drag community in any better light, and it was in a pretty dim light already as it was.

  14. dave73 says:

    I made the trip to Spin on Thursday, and was surprised to not see a show. I didn’t think to ask anyone why there was no show. I assumed that the 4th of July weekend was why there wasn’t a show. I didn’t stay very long at Spin.

    When I learned about this; I was surprised to hear about it. I was always hearing good things that I wanted to see Fierce Cabaret. In the begining, I worked evenings, and couldn’t see any drag shows. Now I work days, but still get stuck working evenings on top of my regular shift once in a while. LVP sent me messages on a couple of occasions to see the show. My one chance was this past Thursday, just to find out no show. Now I’m glad I didn’t see more of LVP, other than one time at Encompass in June, 2008. All LVP got from me was $1.

    Like many people on here; I don’t feel sorry for Thomas (LVP). Why should we? He fooled many people, including myself with his persona. At least I never got conned out of my big bucks, like other people did for his various scams. We should feel sorry for the victims for being conned out of their money.

    I do hope that the shows continue at Spin, as I’d like to see that show, if it continues. I don’t know what other bars have shows, other than Hydrate on Wednesdays. I however show no interest in that show. Nothing against those who see the shows at Hydrate, or the people who perform there, but I don’t feel I fit in with the crowd there. Same with Roscoes.

  15. Monique Marquette says:

    What amazes me is that everyone seems to be saying the same thing over and over and over…..she seemed so nice. Have you ever heard the phrase “looks can be deceiving?” Thats what she was….deceiving. She conned everyone into thinking she was just the nicest person around but really wasn’t. Down below, behind the scenes she was vindictive, manipulative, insulting, rude, lying, deceptive, and hurtful. She got pleasure out of seeing other people in pain. She got off on talking behind peoples backs. She was not who she portrayed herself to be in the clubs.

    I saw it. I called her out on it. I got villanized for it. And in the end, I’m glad I did…..because ultimately, I was right for it!

  16. Alfonzo says:

    This story totally belongs on trashheaven. I went told the editor where I work about this (we appreciate this kind of disturbing behavior because one man’s tragedy is an other man’s entertainment), he hadn’t heard about it and had the same reaction I did. I did’t know whether to laugh or be shocked, I was both.

    I’m totally with you guys on the this. It reeks of a John Waters movie, it can be called Uhaul’er Away.

  17. Ed says:

    I LOVE UHauls! SO much fun to drive! I am jealous of Lady Parker for getting to drive one for so long! I wonder what size it was…

  18. Monique Marquette says:

    Obviously it was big enough to carry all her baggage!

  19. UPDATE:

    Just got the police report-

    She is being charged with two counts of theft by deception. She allegedly collected money from one person for $780 and $324 from another and gave them keys to apartments that didn’t exist or weren’t available.

    The police report states that this is not the first time she was arrested.

    The report made no mention of a stolen U Haul truck.

  20. hello every one i did the podcast with fausto and mark and we laught are ass off
    hay guy twitter me

  21. Drake Patton says:

    I LOVE Teriyaki!!! Straight shooter and has the crime experience to say ‘Fuck HER!’. PLEASE have her on again!! Crazy stories!

    I can’t stop laughing when Teriyaki rips Vera Parker to shreds. Fake Ice Cream Uhaul Truck!!

    Great show! OMG Silver Shoes Crime was too much!

    More Teriyaki! Drake NYC

  22. tj says:

    input your comment here…this guy ripped a friend of mine off who wanted to rent an apartment while visiting from Tokyo..Thomas Flanagan posted on Craigslist.My friend should have known better.ANyway the guy created all sorts of stories.such as his family members had died in a car accident etc.He is borderline personality, parasitic and arrogant. Regardless of what people in his/her community think, the guy is a grifter , a scammer and it is real money..he deserves whatever he gets. glad to hear that he got cuffed.

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