FOF #1021 – The Dumpster Diving Drag Queen

Jul 10, 2009 · 1985 views

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When Victoria Lamarr isn’t rollerblading on the Chicago lakefront, she loves to dumpster dive outside of celebrities’ homes. What did she find in ousted Gov. Blagojevich’s dumpster?


  1. Patricia Fernós says:

    I remember a woman when I was living as a child in Monterrey, Mexico, who had VITILIGO [] Her skin was very splotchy. (check the website image).. and MJ’s skin was not splotchy… so I heard he used ‘whitening’ cream, which is most likely he was so white. (Were his hands white too? Why did she use just one glove?) Another thing – “shine” for African Americans? It probably comes from the fact that most shoe-shine boys/men were black… maybe?

  2. input your comment here…hay guy i made a new video check it out it on my facebook and utube

  3. CharlesVer33 says:

    V-Marr is the vest! You gotta love those crazy but loveable drag queens.

  4. First of all like to say Lady V Parker got what she deserved, that dumpy queen was always truely a mess. HAY what a great drag name for her now Truely A. Mess LOL. also i feel for victoria with being tall and a drag queen. gurl you think being 6 foot and puytting heels on is tiresome try being like 6’8 and putting heels on LOL!

    • Truely as a first name? Trudy Inamess might be a better name!

      I love drag queen name puns. Marc’s is Maya Inez. (Mayonaise) we have an Asian friend named Jason Lee who’s new drag name is Egg Yolk Ono.

  5. Well- she’s back at it!

  6. “Get up on the office chair so I can reach your butt,” had me rolling. And, that parrot voice omg, LOL. Another great show with Vmar. Love it!

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